Paul Washer did NOT visit the Third Heaven!

After suffering a heart attack and undergoing surgery this week, his family and friends report that Paul Washer is on the mend. His Twitter account posts updates, and today word comes of his improved condition.

The news of Washer’s condition Monday evening prompted prayers from around the world. Washer, 55, is the HeartCry Missionary Society founder who is known around the world for his hard-hitting Gospel presentations.    Perhaps one of his most viral video presentations is his “shocking youth message.

We thought we’d share this lighter moment:

We proclaim his sense of humor: Healed!

Please continue to pray for his recovery.

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3 Responses to Paul Washer did NOT visit the Third Heaven!

  1. JM says:

    Ahhhh! Something appropriate and worth a smile in the middle of so many things that are not so much. Thank you, Berean Research! Thank you God for Paul’s recovery. 🙂


  2. Jamie says:

    At least I would know the book real if he wrote it! Praying in Illinois for you Paul!!


  3. Steve Dennis says:

    Br. Paul,
    Our love and “prayers are with you” – from the Edmonton folks in Canada. We have not forgotten the trips you made to visit our area. Glad you are still around to preach Jesus Christ and His glory

    Steve Dennis


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