3 is the Number: The Circle Maker and Wiccan magic

What does drawing three circles have to do with “black magic”? The Circle Maker book by Mark Batterson was written a few years back (which continues to shipwreck the faith of the flock today), contains some disturbing parallels with the kind of pagan sorcery used by modern-day witches.

Batterson says we are to draw these circles around our biggest dreams:

“Drawing inspiration from his own experiences as a circle maker, Batterson will teach you how to pray in a new way by drawing prayer circles around your dreams, your family, your problems, and, most importantly, God’s promises. In the process, you’ll discover this simple yet life-changing truth: God Honors Bold Prayers and Bold Prayers Honor God.”  (Publisher’s Note)

A few years ago a friend shared an excellent 15-minute documentary that exposes The Circle Maker’s pagan practices. I highly recommend you watch it, and share it with those in your circles (sorry!), who are caught up in Christian mysticism.

You’ll be fascinated to hear from those who call themselves witches who are excited about this book, recognizing their practice of “casting a circle,” three times, around an object, person or desire.  Be sure to notice at about eight minutes in the similarities between the Circle Maker, the Narnia-Prince Caspian scene and Oprah’s promotion of the book, The Secret.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to the words the author himself uses to describe the purpose of prayer and what his desire his for you in the pages of his book.


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