Trash, or not trash?

One of the saddest things that has happened since I decided to separate from my former employer is the discovery of so many of my research articles taken offline, and the denial that any stories were trashed at all.  I took this screen capture of the back-end of the site:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.39.52 AM

Screen Capture taken September 16, SUFTT. There were no articles in the Trash in August.

Why were so many stories deleted? Which ones were they?  When I left in August, there were no stories in the trash.  For a short time after my departure, I had been given temporary access as an administrator of the SUFTT website to assist if asked in a transition. I wasn’t asked.

After about a week, my access role and ability on the SUFTT site was reduced to a lesser status, so that I could see only my own stories but could not publish any additional articles.  In mid-September I was dismayed to see that nearly 200 of my articles – some of what I thought was my very best work in 5 years – was sitting in the “Trash” bin.

Over the years these had been shared and reposted by other bloggers. Now the links from ministries back to the original work no longer exist. One of those stories was Warren Smith’s blog, Changing “Jesus Calling”—Damage Control for a False Christ, which was shared and read so many times that Google Search placed it right beneath Sarah Young’s author site – and her fans got to see the warning! Now that is gone, too (along with The New Age Implications of Jesus Calling.)

I tried taking the articles out of the Trash, but my limited access/ability prevented me from restoring them. All I could do is take note of which stories were in the Trash. That alone took me hours. I decided to “tag” them on this archive site, and those trashed stories now appear on the menu tab of this site, safe and sound for anyone who might find them helpful.

When I expressed my concern to the new site administrator that my stories had been thrown away, I was immediately rewarded with being removed completely from any access to the site, “as a security precaution.”

From the “Wayback Machine” website, captured in January 2013. These pages no longer exist.

(NOTE: Back in January, I was ordered to completely remove a section on the SUFTT website called “Leaders We Track,” because of fear of potential lawsuits from these wolves. This demand caused me extreme stress, as I had put hours of research into formatting these pages. I had to obey, and so with great sorrow, I was forced to delete the entire archive.  This event inspired me to launch the website, Berean Research. After than many of my articles were watered down. I began saving original copies of all my work. Just in case.)

You can scroll through the trashed stories on that tab, or view the gallery of screen shots of stories you’ll no longer find – for whatever reason – on SUFTT.

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3 Responses to Trash, or not trash?

  1. terriergal says:

    clearly Mike has been bought. Stand up for the Evangelical Industrial Complex. Is Mike becoming a Driscoll-wannabe?

    Amy you didn’t save that “Leaders we track” section of the website for your own records?


  2. terriergal says:

    My husband was sitting here looking at articles on the site, and he was almost certain that one said Mike’s name and when he navigated toward it again, it now has your name back on it. Very strange.


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