“Where are my comments?”

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 11.21.10 AMIf you’ve been commenting on our posts but can’t see your comments, or if you receive a message telling you that your comments are being instantly deleted, I promise it’s not me doing it. Yes, sometimes it takes me a few hours to get to the moderation queue, but I do my best to find your comment and get it published.

The problem:  We’ve been having some issues with our moderation program called “Intense Debate.” It has been instantly deleting good comments from established community members, and a lot of folks like you are getting alarmed. We do not delete comments unless they are profane- or insane (spam).

Here’s the deal: Intense Debate is a very nice program, but it doesn’t seem to like Facebook comments and certain others.  The good news is that after hours of trying to find solutions, I have learned that we can “white-list” users if they post from their Intense Debate OR WordPress account.  The long-term solution is to create one of these login accounts so I can white-list you, and you never have to wait for your comments to be moderated.

I hope this is a good solution for you, and apologize for the inconvenience.
In Christ,

Amy Spreeman

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11 Responses to “Where are my comments?”

  1. okae23 says:

    okie dokie


  2. Watchman says:

    I posted a very good reply ,I don't "see it," and I used my email address as I am "subscribed" to your website. I am very disappointed not seeing it, as I am a Theology /Apologetics major, and do not use "profanity, " and know how to reply with kindness. Having said that, maybe as you stated here, maybe my comment "awaits moderation? " If not, I'm sorry, but I will not open a new account to WordPress, and you'll have lost a good contributor, who I know could add a lot of good comments to your site.


    • standupwi says:

      Yes, your comment got stuck in the moderation queue, and another one of yours was instantly deleted (but not by me!). Again, the only way I've found around this mess is by creating either WordPress or Intense Debate profile and then letting me know via comment so that I can get you whitelisted. The system only allows me to whitelist users from these two options. Let me know what your username ends up being.


  3. Watchman says:

    As yesterday, I see "comment posted," but ALSO, "this comment has been deleted by the administrator. I don't have "time for this, as my time is extremely tight. "


    • rosinavoz says:

      Watchman…Don't give up. I have been an Intense Debate poster for several years and my comments sometimes go right through, but other times, I do still get the 'deleted by administrator message'. Yet I most always find the comment did make it through later when I check back. It only takes a minute to join Intense Debate and you will also have a record of all your comments that way.


  4. standupwi says:

    I was able to use both lyn and unworthy1 in the whitelist area. Some of the others here are not using those accounts to comment, and so they'll have to wait for their comments to be approved.


  5. Manny1962 says:

    I just opened intense debate account, hopefully I can post without issues…………..


  6. Manny1962 says:

    Yay! Lol!


  7. 0nesimus says:

    Glad to hear the issue is being addressed. I hope my username is able to be white-listed. 0nesimus is my WordPress username.


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