Here’s your Willow Creek/Global Leadership Summit research


I’ve been getting a lot of emails regarding my hard stance against the Willow Creek Association and the Global Leadership Summit spearheaded by Pastor Bill Hybels. Many church leaders are wondering why their congregants are knocking on the pastor’s door, wanting to know why their church is involved in such agenda-driven carnality. If that sounds harsh, then consider the following research links, articles and podcasts discussing the concerning problems associated with this movement:

NEW: 2016 Global Leadership 2016 continues its carnal slide

If after doing your own research (and comparing all of it to the light of Scripture), what conclusions do you reach?

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit Bus

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10 Responses to Here’s your Willow Creek/Global Leadership Summit research

  1. Michael says:

    I have been the GLS the past 4 years, which was hosted at my former church. It has always been an exciting, thought provoking, and motivating event. There have been a few talks over the years that have been very influential and helpful for me as a leader.
    However I will not be attending this year. I find the invitation to Mormon, Roman Catholic, Prosperity Gospel speakers sad. Also in the field of leadership, I don't think there is really anything new under the sun. Many talks can be boiled down to positive self esteem, behavior modification or just copying the latest trend that successful company X did. Each speaker may try to dress them up in new ways, but the core message is the same.
    I have a hard time reading 1 Corinthians 1-3 and being able to see how the church should be involved in something like this.


    • Dick says:

      I have a hard time reading Matthew 25:31-46 and being able to see how the church shouldn't be involved in something like this.


      • Because false teaching is promoted and endorsed! The bible says to avoid them!
        Ephesians 5; 11. It is not a social gospel, it is not just about helping the poor. Other religions do that, people can go there if that is all they like. Helping the poor is great, but our calling is to share the gospel. It is a spiritual issue. The truth is paramount. That is why we don't unite with others just because they 'do some good things.' Works won't save you. The truth of God's Word will. And all of it is clear on why the church shouldn't be involved in something like this.


      • Deborah Pembleton says:

        AMEN Evangelina! We must remember to take the WHOLE counsel of God's word. God says much on deception and not associating with darkness/lies.


      • Matthew 25 is not directed to us, it concerns the nations at the time of the Second Coming; unless you believe we're unknowingly saved by works. It fails on many levels as a gospel message. In short, what do those in prison do to be saved? Who are "the least of his brethren?" More false doctrine is taught from the parables than from just about anywhere. Parables are meant to have a hidden meaning. They are meant to be difficult to understand. The Lord said so (Matt 13:10-15, Luke 8:10). Parables are given as a judgment.


      • dorothy higgins says:

        sir, you need to re-read this and then do it again………..Maybe this is why so many are falling away……so called leaders are teaching what they want the bible to say …….no what it says.


  2. Beverly Alfonso says:

    Jim Wallis is supreme in the false teacher and wolf in sheep's clothing category. He is the worst of the worst. Research will show those wondering about what he believes, his background, associations, etc. Research is what is needed by so many today who fall for false teaching and those teaching it. Google his name and read away! He is not someone who shares the truth of Scripture. Why don't church "leaders" know this? The sheep are in harm's way wherever JW is endorsed and promoted!


  3. Manny P. says:

    When the world likes and approves of something, run the other way…….weather it's called "Christian" or not. When you see cults and false Christianity holding hands, run as fast as you can the other way.


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