Where is IHOP Going? An interview with Sarah Leslie (Part 1)

IHOP 2012

IHOP 2012

There has been a lot of you asking us about the International House of Prayer, also known as IHOP. It’s an organization that started in 1999 in Kansas City by a preacher named Mike Bickle, and they are known for intercessory prayer 24/7.  The organization has grown explosively, and IHOP has satellite groups in other cities. In the past 15 years, IHOP has become a movement in itself.

But here’s why so many of you have questions: There have been some unusual practices, some strange manifestations and some teachings that don’t seem to line up with the Bible. It has adopted practices of the contemplative prayer movement, with much more focus on mysticism and contemplative spirituality than on worshipping the Lord in prayer and interceding for others through prayer. Some elements of the IHOP employ prayer in a Word-Faith manner, claiming things from God rather than submitting to God’s will in humility. There is now even a “raising the dead” ministry in which you can learn to physically bring loved ones back to life, and the ministry has now claimed 8 resurrections at hospitals and funeral homes. And they’re teaching it around the country to all age grous, even teens.


IHOP members and followers are fiercely loyal, to the point of attacking anyone who tries to compare the teachings to Scripture or question its leaders. And now it looks like a new direction in the IHOP movement is forming global partnerships and mainstreaming some very bizarre theology and eschatology in Christendom – but note it has nothing to do with biblical Christianity.

For the next two days here on Stand Up For The Truth we will be discussing the IHOP movement with Herescope’s Sarah Leslie, we are sharing some very important research she and her team at Discernment Research Group has posted on the strange “presence” teachings Sarah is the founder of an online journal called Herescope, published by Discernment Ministries Inc. It’s one of the many resources you’ll find on our website, and many of the guests you hear on our program tell us they couldn’t do what they do without her.  Today we referenced her articles, IHOP’s scary “Presence” doctrine: Part I  Part II and Part III.


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