Pope Francis: ‘When We Encounter the Cross, We Turn to Mary’

From the Do Not Be Surprised blog:

Though it is used in perhaps more materialistic marketing endeavors than any other symbol, the cross is far more than a piece of silver or gold hanging around a person’s neck. It is more than a sign splattered across the back of a t-shirt. It is even more than a piece of wood hanging in a church sanctuary.

The cross, in spite of the world’s overuse and abuse of it and its symbolism, lies at the very heart of Christianity, for it was upon a blood-spattered cross that the sinless One, the perfect Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ, died for sinners. It is where the wrath of God for the sins of men was satisfied. It is where one man, the God-man, who had lived a life of perfect obedience to God, gave His life so that many may live.



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