Biblical discipleship vs. Rightnow Media

launchAre you ready for the next big state-of-the-art discipleship tool for every member of your church, including staff?  It’s called RightNow Media, a slick new video streaming program that compares itself to the Netflix of Christianity, and you don’t even need to lift a finger to sell it to your membership: Its marketers have provided an out-of-the-box promotional launch package with videos, banners, enthusiastic emails (“our church has unlimited access to three awesome libraries: Bible Study, Customizable Training, and Leadership Events,” says the form letter), and a powerful announcement kit for your pulpit on the big unveiling day.

Best of all, church leaders no longer need to disciple Christians; they simply let these guys do it for you:

Who is it for? Every person and every ministry area of your church:


rightnow4“There’s powerful video content for small groups, youth ministry and kids content moms can use at home. Watch any of these videos instantly from your computer, mobile device or TV.”

Bonus: If you can persuade 30 percent of your church to create a RightNow Media account online, they will send you a free Apple TV. No kidding.

Is this biblical discipleship? Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all nations, and in Titus 2 urges us to “Teach Sound Doctrine,” with older men training the younger, and older women teaching younger women. What do we use to teach sound doctrine?  Paul told Pastor Timothy that it is the Bible. “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” That’s what churches are supposed to do.

rightnow 3

Rick Warren and Andy Stanley’s training video from RightNow Media

So why would we abscond that great responsibility to men like Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, John Ortberg, Christine Caine and other highly problematic teachers, many of whom are not sound biblical teachers and whom have introduced apostate teachings that have dealt severe blows to the Body of Christ?

Why would your church want to proudly advertise content from the biggest Emergent training conference (Catalyst) and one of the grand-daddy organizations of the Business-Driven model (Leadership Network)?

I will ask again, is this biblical discipleship or another wolfish indoctrination tool into leftist, emergent, Purpose-driven agenda? Do you know that many of these teachers and books should send red flags to your mind and chills up your spine?

For instance, one of the first books/videos you will see in the “library” is The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. This book teaches you to draw chalk circles around what you want to pray for and demand that God answer your prayer,  just the way “Honi the Circlemaker” did it thousands of years ago. (No, Honi was not a child of Israel.)


Click to see the launch plan

Other videos promise to help you “unleash your church” and “change the world.”
More than 4,000 churches have signed on to this agenda, with help from a Launch coach. the video teaching library contains 2,000 teaching videos:

“…from a host of great pastors and teachers on almost every subject that impacts your daily life.”

You can always tell where discipleship goes off the tracks when we emphasize life application tips rather than sound biblical doctrine about Jesus, the Gospel, the Bible, Heaven, Hell…stuff like that.

If you are wondering what is so problematic with the teachings of some of these “well respected” leaders and materials, I encourage you to begin investigating immediately. In these confusing days, there is no shortage of humble-sounding, delicious poison waiting to devour the sheep in your church. And if you don’t warn them, who will?

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30 Responses to Biblical discipleship vs. Rightnow Media

  1. Sharon says:

    In regards to the Circle Maker video….

    Here's an idea:
    "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.
    Your kingdom come, YOUR WILL BE DONE"…
    [emphasis His and no need for a book/video]
    Matthew 6:9-13


  2. Roxanne says:

    Follow the trail it leads back to "whole systems theory" based on the occult "gaia hypothesis" and the use of hegelian dialectic and diaprax on the church. This is Marilyn Ferguson and her Aquarian Conspiracy new age networking applied to the church. Two important videos to watch to understand some of this is Church of Tares

    and The Real Roots of the Emerging Church

    and a few others like Wide Is The Gate and the Submerging Church by Good Fight Ministries. this movement is occultic to the core and is leading the church into the New Age and One World Religion


  3. Randy says:

    Just another mass marketing megachurch media blitz. Makes me sad. One of the greatest failures in the modern day church of the USA is discipleship. We are not creating true disciples. We are creating a consumer driven culture in our churches about entertainment and felt needs. We are turning Christianity into a spectator sport. God did not intend for anybody to warm the bench. It's funny, just taught on this tonight and it was sort of ironic to come and read this here. This sort of thing should never substitute for discipleship. Discipleship is a deep, intense personal process that is not done in a cookie cutter fashion. Shame on these leaders, they should know better.


  4. cynde says:

    This is discusting..when are true Christians gonna wake up??


  5. John says:

    I agree that this tool should not solely be used as THE means for church discipleship but believe it is a great resource to compliment what God is or wants to do through His church. God used the book Crazy Love to strengthen my relationship with Him. I have also watched it impact many people around me to not settle for knowing about God but to truly have a daily active relationship with our Lord and Savior. We should intentionally be looking for opportunities to personally connect but these video resources provide a great alternative to watching tv or other online video content and offer an opportunity for churches to attend larger conferences without the expense.


    • Denise says:

      What God wants to do through the churches & church is to accomplish the Great Commission as pilgrims & sojourning ambassadors; & His Spirit has authored & preserved THE book that strengthens our relationship with Him, as it is His revelation & ordained means & test of every spirit & teaching. It is through the Bible Gospel that the Spirit convicts men to repentance & faith, bringing them new life through the birth not of blood or human will but of God, & that then takes them on in sanctification as they relate in obedience & meet with Him in the Word & prayer. A discipline of Bible study & prayer, service in a local body of believers organized according to biblical guidelines, placing oneself under sound teaching & preaching of the Word, sharing that blessing with others & following God's leading, being ready always for His imminent return & seeking to be found ready & not ashamed at His appearing… Participation in a local assembly involves edification, exhortation & encouraging, discipling….While Christian living involves rearing children in the knowledge & admonition of the Lord, being a testimony of Christ & bringing the Word with us everywhere we go according to the circumstances the Lord permits in our lives. We're not change agents but sowers of God's Word—-it is God Who brings life & change, or judgment —-and He alone is sufficient for those things.


    • missru says:

      I agree


    • David Willems says:

      I’ll choose the Bible over the ‘great alternative’ Francis Chan.

      You have been misled. Repent.


  6. Lyn says:

    I read the Launch material and it states that if 30% of your congregation responds to our invites, we'll give you a free TV. So, you're getting bribed into letting them spam 100's, if not 1,000's, of your members? And this is supposed to be "Biblical"? In whose dictionary? Jesus Himself preached against this. This is so important, it was recorded in all 4 Gospels- Matthew 21:12-13, Mark 11:15-18, Luke 19:45-46, and John 2:13-17.


  7. Eliza says:

    The great apostasy is upon us, and we must stand for the truth at all costs. It is highly unpopular to do so, but our Lord demands that we contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Thank you for this warning. God bless you:)


  8. Chloe says:

    The studies are all over THE book. Does your pastor not study the word and share his interpretation to make it easier to understand? This is the same selection as what is at any christian bookstores. It is meant to fill in the gaps Monday-Sat when you are not at church. And they are a non-profit, so it is not some profit driven ministry. And the apple TV's are for pastors who want to put it up on a TV and don't have the technology or the money, so they have a chance to use this where they would like. And there may be certain studies or speakers you don't agree with, but you can actually block those from the view of your congregation if you would so please. However, if they attend your church, your members probably have the same basic theology as you, or they wouldn't listen to you preach on Sunday. The same as a christian bookstore, they will most likely watch studies geared toward them and their theology. The reason why 80% or people 12-20 don't consider themselves Christian is because of that mindset that anything that promotes progress is evil. The internet is just a tool for communication and you can use it for good or evil. I think it's about time it was used for ministerial purposes.


    • hugo fries says:

      well said, Chloe


      • Lee says:

        Simple and sweet…..I also agree with Chloe! Today's media is simply a tool of communication , one mind you , that even Stand up for truth uses.Jesus said "Feed my sheep". The bible is the source of the word that feeds and I have seen the joy of many coming to Christ and church (especially the youth of today) as a result of the tool of media. Please, as Christians let us not bicker!


  9. John says:

    I am launching this at my church. This review is dishonest and pathetic. Read the mission statement of rightnow on their website… – they specifically denounce emergent church doctrine. Also each church has editorial control and can remove any objectionable content from the site. Of course the Bible is the foundation and the only Necessary book for our faith. Why attack something you clearly haven't completely investigated yourself.


    • standupwi says:

      It's because I have investigated it that I can comment and warn others. I'm not doing it to be mean, but to help open the eyes of people who are being deceived. Yes, everyone has a great doctrinal statement of faith. By the way, so does Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn. Statements of faith on websites mean absolutely nothing. We need to be much, much more discerning than using a web statement as our litmus test to decide between truth and almost-truth, which is no truth at all. My question to you is this: Why do you need Right Now Media, which links hands with the very crap you should be protecting your flock FROM? The first thing congregants see on the video is Mark Batterson's Circle Maker. Really? That's what you want to be feeding the sheep?


    • Phil says:

      Hey John… I have been searching for a list of content that other churches have decided to block on Rightnow Media. There is some GREAT content on there… but there is also some really questionable stuff. We want to be discerning in what we filter out, but was wondering what other churches have found needed to be filtered out.

      If anyone else has a list of content they have filtered out, I would be interested in seeing that. There are ALOT of teachers on there.


    • David Willems says:

      RightNow may ‘specifically denounce Emergent Church doctrine’, yet the Catalyst Conferences and Leadership Network influences, advertising and agenda are still there. This is NOT a fountain that is a ‘good source’. I don’t care if it is ‘customizable’ or not or if the church is trying to ‘utilize the Internet for good’.
      ‘Pathetic’ summarizes only your lack of discernment. Go ahead, call me ‘divisive’. Nice buzzword that means nothing, except you don’t want to hear or see the Truth and you would gladly put out of your church anyone who disagrees with you.


  10. Cherie c. says:

    @John, I left a church back in 2010 for bringing in Rob Bell teachings. Really? You want to teach your congregants doctrines of demons? Why, do you hate them and yourself? You do know you will have to account for what you teach Jesus' flock, don't you?

    I don't know you, but I will see you stand before a Holy God and make an account for your part in someone's salvation and or death sentence. I will pray you repent and do things God's way, not man's before it is too late. Peace

    your sister in Christ Jesus,
    Cherie c.


  11. hugo fries says:

    Why such exaggerated response to rightnowmedia? We do not agree with everything stated in their studies. But we discern, I would expect our people to be discerning. Why curry such fear? Rightnowmedia is not the whole story on discipleship, just one tool. As for prayer circles…your description "demand God answer your prayers" was extreme. It highlites intentional praying, the promo even suggest God may say no. alarmist


  12. hugo says:

    It seems the crux of the argument has to do with allowing others to disciple your church – first off as long as it happens that is good – but even more to the point – if you think discipleship just happens in the class type session you are way off.
    There is some excellent stuff happening on rightnowmedia. Find a genuine attack on faith etc and take pot shots at that, or better yet be loud and clear on what you stand for rather than what you stand against. You are just making lots of noise over nothing here.


  13. Jim says:

    There is actually no Rob Bell, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, etc on RightNow Media, they tend to stay away from those types of teachers. If perhaps there is a speaker that's questionable(to you), again there is the ability to block content… On that note though Pastors can't look over someone's shoulder when they are at the Christian bookstore as they're looking for Biblical guidance. People need to be able to discern for themselves. Does the Pastor say "don't go to Christian bookstores because they may sell content we don't agree with"? That would be ridiculous right? RightNow Media is simply bringing a streaming CUSTOMIZABLE Christian bookstore to the people. Obviously if these people are looking for additional resources to deepen their walk with Christ, they are hungry, so why not make it easier to feed them. What if a struggling married couple can't afford counseling, can't even afford a $50-100 marriage resource? A Pastor has an opportunity to bring dozens of marriage resources to them and that couple doesn't have to pay a dime for it and could literally save their marriage. Look people, I could keep going on this for a while, but remember "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". No one is perfect and these people are trying to advance the Kingdom, not some weird conspiracy theory agenda. Pull the plank out of you own eye before removing the speck from others.


  14. scott says:

    you can hide any content you do not want your church to access. Problem solved and money saved on purchasing many of these resources individually. Like everything the church does, it needs pastoral oversight. Using technology in your methods is not "anti-biblical" as a discipleship strategy. Poorly researched article.


  15. Phil says:

    Does anyone have a list of the content they have chosen to block from Rightnow Media? Would love to see it


    • standupwi says:

      Phil, if you want to be discerning, you might want to make the effort to research each one of the teachers you do want to approve. That way you aren't simply parroting what some other pastor is doing – you are being a good Berean by comparing teachings to Scripture. If you hang out with us long enough, you'll know which teachers regularly mangle God's Word. In that sense most of the legwork has already been done for you… But again, we encourage you to take it all to Scripture.


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