Scoffers: It’s getting worse

Only the serious know how to truly laughAs we get closer to the end, the scoffers will come. We’re told that those who hate God will be hardened and given over to their sinful nature. Does it look like that’s where we are right now?

As previously reported, two movies are captivating audiences and tickling their funnybones: Rapture Palooza and This is the end. I’ve embedded the disgusting trailers of these movies into the following article from Olive Tree Ministries:

Scoffers Waxing Worse and Worse
By Jan Markell

Scoffing has hit a whole new level but be of good cheer, it means the hour is very late.

If you have perused headlines recently, or watched a TV news hour, you are stunned at what’s going on. I am every morning as I post headlines here. I let them sink in and I shake my head. When has the world been in this much chaos? When have people been this unhappy, confused, addicted, pagan, angry and tuned out?

So Hollywood is making the apocalypse a joke in two movies: This is the End and Rapture Palooza. The latter features a scene where Jesus is blown out of the sky as He returns in His Second Coming. It doesn’t get any more outrageous. (What if a movie shot Mohammed or Allah out of the sky?!) And one movie critic states, “Satan, God, and Jesus are ultimately killed, leaving non-believers to live in peace.”

Well, not quite because that’s not the way it will happen. And if “the end” plays out sooner rather than later, the producers of such nonsense will not be laughing for long.

Sadly, it’s not just the pagans doing the mocking and scoffing, however. Many Christians, churches, and even entire denominations have similar attitudes. And while they are hardly as offensive, the end result is similar.When Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life came in years ago, I was turned off by his scoffing at the Lord’s return and the topic of prophecy. On pages 285-286, he suggested that Jesus said His return was none of our business.

Excuse me. It’s almost one-third of the Bible! Warren suggests that considering it might get in the way of our purpose.

Two things define eschatology in the church today: Ignorance or apathy. People will tell you it will all play out as it is predicted but in the meantime, enjoy life. Or church leaders will tell you it is divisive and controversial.  This is just another manner of scoffing. It’s nowhere near as offensive as the above-referenced Hollywood movies, but the result is the same. There is a giant turn-off.


We scoff at eschatology (Bible prophecy) by ignoring the warnings that are a part of it. Haven’t you heard: All of the previous warnings have been false alarms so why should we pay attention to any of them now? Jesus will get here when He gets here. Settle down. What’s there to get so excited about? You end-time people are so negative! The sky is always falling for you people. Come on. Beasts coming out of the sea, plagues, famines, hail and an evil man called the Antichrist.  Can we move on to good news? The stock market is doing super well!  Don’t talk to me about bad times and rough sailing ahead!  My 401K has never done better.

We scoff with our apathy. Our unbelief. Our doubt. Our skepticism. Our boredom of the topic. Our disgust.  Our prophecy fatigue.  We’ve heard this story over and over since Hal Lindsey made the complicated plain over 40 years ago. No, we aren’t radicals like the producers of the sickening films mentioned who literally glorify the Antichrist and assassinate Jesus Christ in their productions.

But we are still scoffers. And we are oh so busy. We are running to and fro and we are trying to keep our ducks in a row and some day when they are all lined up perfectly, we’ll sit down and ponder His return. Maybe happy days will be here again this side of Heaven!

We go to marriage seminars, financial seminars, how to manage kids’ seminars but please spare us from an end-time focus. Boring. Depressing. Scary. We want to go to Heaven some day but maybe not right now!

One reviewer says about the This is The End flick, “When the apocalypse literally sets the world on fire, and the good people ascend to heaven while the not-so-good people are destroyed in gruesome fashion, one young star is stunned to learn there really is an afterlife, and a God, and all that.” The movie actually has an “aha moment.” It resonates with some truth although it was likely unintended.

But that comment says it all. Some day wicked mankind will realize that what the Bible predicted actually will happen and there will be consequences. There is a surprise ending for the unsuspecting.

Life on earth during the very end-of-days won’t be a series of silly escapades as portrayed in the Rapture Palooza and This is The End movies.

In one of them, the Rapture happened and millions are left to cope with plagues of trash-talking locusts, foul-mouthed crows, rains of blood, and fiery rocks from the sky, all preparations for the return of Jesus. The cast can relish in the fact that the world is a lot less crowded but the fact is, when this day actually transpires, no one left behind will even have a smile on their face.

The Bible contains detailed prophecies about the end times we are living in, and there is just no way to fully understand much of what is happening today apart from those prophecies.  From the meltdown in Egypt to the surveillance of Americans who thought they were safe and secure, only an end-of-days scenario can connect the dots and make things make perfect sense.

We can scoff at the scoffers and hold our heads high as we look up. We have the most marvelous news known to man. The King is coming and no cannon will shoot Him out of the sky!

He’ll be here right on time. It will be in God’s timing and not ours.
Parting thought: I wanted to put a different title for this article in the subject line: What if They Shot Allah Out of the Sky? I chose not to risk a Web site hacking for doing that as that has happened to this ministry numerous times. But I hear very little blow back from Hollywood blowing Jesus out of the sky with a quick clip of him lying next to his dead white horse in Rapture Palooza.

Interesting times.

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9 Responses to Scoffers: It’s getting worse

  1. vanessa says:

    GOD has the last laugh.


  2. Jason says:

    It's easy to mock and scoff at God when one is strong and healthy. It's all fun and games until these people are on their deathbeds or standing in line waiting for judgement. I can guarantee there won't be any laughing then.


    • Richard says:

      Jason sadly the way most people live is the way they die. They will be stiff-necked and hard-hearted to the end. Consciences being seared. Remember we read in Romans how God gave them up twice and then God gives them over to their debased mind.


  3. Mr Davis says:

    That is certainly the way Psalm 73 reads. What is hard to keep in mind is we was one of em. Our inability to live truly perfectly before our King proves we was one of em and still is sort of one of em still, though now there is conflict in us to continue in our old life for that is no longer our real desire. As much as we are not to envy the wicked for their end will come in a moment, even more still is our righteousness not of our own doing but God's doing. So where is the boasting then, since righteousness is something we have received.

    You know they mock because they are afraid of facing the truth of the coming judgement, but when then if we have the truth do we remain silent and not speak? Is it from fear of opposition from man? What is man when you consider the LORD?

    And when I think of His commands and how he lived even to the end when he would lay down His life that He may take it up again and I look at mine own apathy and disregard for those who are perishing because of there continued rebellion against the Lord I realize my heart is not right in me. Where is the Lord's compassion? Where is the Lord's grace? Where is the Love that cries out to a lost and dying world repent of your utter insolence against the Lord and be reconciled to God through Christ Jesus the Righteous, by Whose stripes we are healed, for He bore the wrath of God in our place and paid the price we all owed. The righteous LORD our Christ condemned by God as if He were us, ALL of us for He would redeem His creation by His own Blood. Amen!


  4. Wesley Woods says:

    i find it ironic that i get called a scoffer for believing that Christ judged the generation that crucified him just as he claimed he would in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. if these two movies can be watched for free on hulu i would watch them for it would be a breathe of fresh air compared to the other movies that take up the same subject matter for these two are up front with their mocking of Sacred Scripture while that "Christian" films that take up the same subject matter while leaving scripture in favor of sensationalistic interpretations while Christ declared his listeners generation would not pass away before you came in judgment of Jerusalem, the temple, and the Jews themselves. we can read accounts of these event from the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus who was an eyewitness to these events just like St. John the beloved was to the crucifixion of Christ. i find it ironic you can set dates for the rapture and still be considered a "prophecy expert" all while the date passing and nothing happening and still have people buying your books like they are going out of style.


  5. Juan says:

    In May 21, 2011 began the day of judgment. People worldwide mocked because according to them "nothing happened", but actually the judgment began, the door was closed, there is no salvation, gospel lights were turned off. God is pouring out His wrath on the world, possibly until October 7, 2015.

    Luke 13:25 When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:
    26 Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets.
    27 But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.
    28 There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out.


  6. krish says:

    When the world literally comes to its final end none of these jokers will be laughing then


  7. krish says:

    Bible says there will be scoffers at the latter days, and this proves that prophesy has come true.


  8. Lou Cipher says:

    The internet is the devil, is it evil, just like computers and TV. So maybe stay off the computer…don't watch movie trailers…and read the bible. Go spread the word of God…stop crying about movies that are COMEDIES. We're all sinners boys and girls. "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."


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