MSNBC host: newborns “don’t count as alive” — unless parents decide they do?

Melissa Harris Perry

Melissa Harris Perry


(NaturalNews) Today Natural News denounces Melissa Harris-Perry, the latest talking head “death worshipper” to publicly imply that she supports the murder of living, breathing newborn children. According to Harris-Perry, life begins when the parents feel like life begins. And together with some twisted new “ethics” arguments from the radical left, this can include months or years after a child is born.

That’s why I need to premise this article with a disclaimer: This article is not about abortion. It’s about the murder of children after they are born. Because once a child is born alive, terminating that life is no longer a “choice” … it’s murder by every legal and moral standard. Because while abortion friends and foes can argue about when life begins in the womb, no one disagrees that a child born alive is, well, ALIVE… do they?

Indeed, they do. MSNBC talking head Melissa Harris-Perry insists that life only begins when the parents have a “feeling” that it begins. “When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling — but not science,” Harris-Perry said to nationwide astonishment on her July 21 MSNBC show.

And in one stroke, she simultaneously condones the murder of newborn infants (i.e. “post-birth abortion”) while attacking the science of biology which unambiguously states that a living, breathing infant with a heartbeat and brain function is alive, not dead.

But don’t tell that to the radical abortion whackos. Far beyond arguing for the “right” to abort a baby in the first or second trimester, many abortion advocates who run in the same circles as Melissa Harris-Perry are now publicly arguing that it is okay for parents to kill their children up to age three. This is now being promoted as a “post-birth abortion.”

It was also called a “fourth trimester abortion” by a clever pollster who recently took to the streets of George Mason University to find out if summertime college students would sign a petition legalizing fourth-trimester abortions. Nearly all who were asked to sign the petition did so! One of the college students even asked whether the procedure would “cause harm to the child.”

“Well the child wouldn’t be there anymore,” responded the pollster, after which the college student then proceeded to sign the petition.

Rest of the article is here

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13 Responses to MSNBC host: newborns “don’t count as alive” — unless parents decide they do?

  1. Ronda says:

    Aren't you delighted then, Melissa Harris Perry that your parents did not feel that way; otherwise, perhaps you would not be around to spew this nonsense into a confused mind and create more confusion!
    A baby is a baby is a baby…life as a baby begins when God graciously allows an egg and a sperm to "meet." That baby is a human being, whether malformed, whether a result of rape, whether that baby fits the timing of the parent or not…God, the only legitimate giver and taker of life, is the only One who has the right to take a child born of such tragedy as rape! A baby born that is not "perfect" physically is still a precious gift of God and He will place that child with the parent or parents suited to the task to follow! It is the "selfishness" of the individual that destroys such a perfect and timely human being, a living, breathing soul!


    • Steve says:

      "Aren’t you delighted then, Melissa Harris Perry that your parents did not feel that way; otherwise, perhaps you would not be around to spew this nonsense into a confused mind and create more confusion!"
      Maybe, but I think these people have a subconscious wish that they had been aborted. In Melissa's case, it is probably due to the heartbreak of hair loss.


  2. Wendy says:

    There are no words that can convey the utter sadness this causes!! 😦 😦 😦


  3. Andy Gibson says:

    So if this is now normal and its ok to kill an infant because it not a real person, does that mean that you can shake or beat a baby and its all of a sudden OK?


  4. evelyn says:

    She never said what your title claims in that video. This article is misleading.


    • Rose Vosburgh says:

      Ms. Perry said: "When does life begin? I submit that it depends awfully lot on the feelings of the parents…not on science."

      Seems pretty clear to me to what she meant in the video. Even if she didn't come right out and say the exact word 'infanticide', it was most definitely inferred in her comments. She said nothing to qualify her statement..nothing to suggest limiting it just to babies in the womb. She said it is the parents 'feelings' that determines 'when life begins'. Science is thrown out. (How convenient when science is thrown up in our faces all the time: evolution vs creation, gays are born that way …though there is no real evidence to prove that.) But to determine when a baby is a life, a human being, science is no help, huh? Amazing. And certainly Bible is mocked today as any means to determining when life begins.

      Babies that happen to be born alive after botched abortions are often just left to die on a table and then stuffed into a refuse bag like so much garbage. So it is already happening probably more than we even know. So it is not a far stretch at all, after listening to this woman's tirade, to assume she is talking about both a baby in the womb and one just born out of the womb. After all, her only determining factor is the 'feelings' of the 'parents'. (I really hate calling anyone 'parents' who want their baby killed.) Planned Parenthood is fighting hard for abortion to be legal and paid for by our tax dollars right up until the day of birth. So, no, it is not a far stretch at all for me to understand what this woman wants. If parents want a baby, then it is a baby…simple as that! If they don't want it, it is ok to kill it…before it is born or right after. The main thing is…get rid of it!

      As to her pathetic portrayal of babies that are going to be born deformed or disabled or the product of rape…. so that means those lives are worth less than hers? Not worth the effort? Too much trouble? As the adoptive parent of a develpmentally disabled child, I am grieved that she would use that argument to play on people's sympathies. God gives and sustains life. We have no right to take a life in the womb or outside of it. It is murder plain and simple. But it is now is protrayed as something good…even merciful. How sick is that?

      As my daughter-in-law shares how her baby is moving around in her belly…how it quiets when she rocks or pats her tummy, I am wondering how Ms. Harris can possibly be so puzzled about when life begins. We saw that little life on the sonogram last week. At only 20 weeks, he was moving all around, waving his little arms. That is when we learned he is a he. Not a life unless a mother wants it to be a life?! Only a bump?! Very sad world today. Children are a gift from the Lord…healthy ones and, yes, even disabled ones…even those who are the product of rape. When a society so devalues the worth children, refuses to protect them from murder in and out of the womb, legalizes/celebrates gay marriage, winks at pedophila…. that is a very sick society and headed for the trash heap of history.


  5. Ethan says:

    I wonder how consistent that philosophy is across life's board. If I believed in that philosophy, no one would exist at all! However, people do exist. That video is a disgrace to the human intellect, human race, and makes a joke of life.


  6. Joe says:

    Perry specifically states that she opposes "sweeping laws based on feelings."

    The Natural News hit piece that this article is based on is 100% distortion, as Perry said the exact opposite of what Mike Adams is claiming that she said.

    It is sad that you would mislead your followers and increase the cynicism and despair in the world by spreading these falsehoods.


  7. Dave says:

    Here is the link to what she said. Still disturbing and one could extrapolate from the "feelings" comment that a newborn baby may not be felt by the parents as life. Not sure if that is what she meant or not, but it is easy to see the logical conclusion of such moral relativism.


  8. Paula Brown says:

    I read the original article and Harris-Perry's philosophy – in essence the philosophy of all abortion supporters – is that a preborn child is only a child if the parents want it to be. Otherwise, it's property and owned by the mother. That's a stupid premise; not only illogical and unscientific, but also the epitome of emotion-based law-making. Have we not learned ANYTHING from the civil war? Blacks were considered less than human (property) not entitled to any rights or protections because a certain sect of society "felt' they were less than human. Abortion is another civil rights issue. I pray that America wakes up to that reality and bans this abominable practice.


  9. Dawn says:

    Utter disgust!!!! I hope she was fired and walks with her head down…. or at least looking over her shoulder. AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!


  10. Rick says:

    As a father this angers me because it has been already decided in law that should a woman want an abortion the father has no rights, her rights are above the fathers (in law) so her statement – it is when the parents decide it is a life – means nothing, it ought to say when the mother decides only. The law has, through its judgement, declared the father has no responsibility. A wrong judgement. I am tired of hearing women still claiming to be victims when it suits them, they can't have it both ways.


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