Even Bill Maher knows what the Bible says, Jim Wallis.


In a recent broadcast of the talk show Real Time on HBO, leftist political commentator and host Bill Maher and his panel of guests – including liberal “minister” Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners Magazine and adviser to Barack Obama – debated their thoughts about the Bible, asserting that God is a “pro-slavery,” “homophobic,” “psychotic mass murderer.”

During the discussion, Wallis contended that the Bible mostly focuses on taking care of the poor and disadvantaged, and is not against homosexuality.

“Too many people thump their Bible and not read it,” he asserted. “I want to be a follower of Jesus and not a defender of religion.”

Even Maher was stumped at that one, knowing that at the very least the Bible does not condone homosexuality.

“But Jesus is in the Bible, and let’s not beat around the burning bush, the Bible hates [homosexuality],” Maher replied. “That’s clear. I mean, I could read you the passages…”

Christian News Network picks it up from here:

“I always wonder when I talk to religious people, how do you reconcile this idea that it all comes from the Bible, but the Bible is so flawed,” he continued. “It’s either full of nonsense or viciousness.”

Wallis then began to discuss a recent evangelical rally that he participated in that focused on immigration reform, and asserted that the Bible is more interested in kindness to strangers than sexual activity between those of the same gender.

“As you treat the stranger is the way you treat Jesus,” he said. “We told Republicans who count evangelicals as their constituency [that] how they treat 11 million undocumented people is the way they treat Jesus.”

“But you’re cherry picking the good parts,” Maher replied. “Explain to me how a book that is written by God, who is perfect, there’s so much–it’s pro-slavery, pro-polygamy, it’s homophobic, God in the Old Testament is a psychotic mass murderer–I mean, there’s so many things in it. I always say to my religious friends, you know, if a pool had even one turd in it, would you jump in?”

The audience then began laughing and clapping.

“But Dr. [Martin Luther] King used that same Bible, [and] he evoked it to overcome discrimination,” Wallis said. “Jesus didn’t talk about homosexuality at all; the Bible talks about the poor again and again and again.”

“Most of my life, I have been fighting the fundamentalism in Christianity,” the author of On God’s Side continued. “Fundamentalism is bad.”

“Fundamentalism is just reading what’s there and taking it literally,” Maher contended.

During the discussion, former New York State Governor Elliott Spitzer, who resigned from his post in 2008 after the discovery of his involvement in a prostitution ring, stated that “fundamentalism” needs to be kept out of politics.

“We’ve got to embrace those voices from the religious community who find in the Bible a progressive argument,” he said. “What’s happened in our politics is that we’ve let fundamentalist religion dictate our political discourse…”

However, some have strongly disagreed with Maher and the panel.

“Here’s another human thinking he can judge God. Such arrogance,” one commenter stated. “Atheists want all the answers to His ways and God doesn’t allow that, so they’re off to pouting about it and taking others down with them.”

“Actually the God of the OT is the same as the God of the NT, and in all instances of the Bible God gave everyone several chances to turn from their wicked ways before he allowed them to be destroyed,” another said. “The Bible is not pro-slavery. The ‘slavery’ back then was more like servitude to pay off debt. Once your debt was paid off you were set free. In fact there is only one instance of race-based slavery and that is when Pharaoh enslaved the Hebrews and God destroyed Egypt for it.”

“In truth, [God is] a righteous judge who gave people a chance repent and they refused. Nowhere in the OT did God send judgment without sending a prophet preaching repentance before hand. And the people ignored it,” a third explained. “Remember, Noah preached for 120 years. And everybody ignored him. The door of the ark stayed open and anybody who wanted to enter could. When God closed the door, the door was closed. Period. Our door is Jesus. And that door won’t stay open forever either.”

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7 Responses to Even Bill Maher knows what the Bible says, Jim Wallis.

  1. D says:

    And now you can see how the wolves have so damaged the church, both in their demonic doctrines, and in their causing the Word of God to be blasphemed.


  2. Sharon says:

    *Sigh*….more "fodder" for the unbelieving;
    whether saved- [Hebrews 3:12] or unsaved.

    A shortage of pure grain these days.


  3. Richard says:

    we need to pray for jim wallis and even scoffers like bill maher. remember they are deceived and/or lost just like all of us were at one time before the Lord in his great mercy called us onto himself. prayer is the most powerful weapon we have at our disposal and we need to start using it to bring more people to Christ in this quickly degenerating world.


  4. julie says:

    We have so elevated and sanitized the human race that we cannot conceive of a tribe of people who never had the gospel and the depths of depravity that they could sink to. (although we here in america are seeing it right before our eyes) Imagine a scenario where everyone in the tribe, from the oldest to the youngest have lived out their days in absolute unrelenting evil. Do they not deserve God's wrath? Even a very young child can learn evil very quickly. We are all born in sin, we are born with evil in our hearts. Even a child who did not participate in evil would have seen it played out all around him every day. He likely would have grown up to be a perpetrator himself. These evil tribes are put to death by God's grace or the evil spreads like cancer, infecting everyone else on the planet and we would have all died out long ago. Do we not see, do we still not understand?

    Ariel Castro was recently indicted on 977 counts (he pled guilty to 937). For ten years he held three women and a child in bondage in his basement and subjected them to abuse, rape and murder of their unborn children. For ten years. Thankfully, by God's grace we still have a justice system in this country that will prosecute such people. But folks we have to come to terms with this truth: this is the state of the human heart. This man is not a one time case, there are innumerable other cases that are similar. Imagine a whole tribe of this kind of thing? Just imagine the depths of sin, cruelty, filth that could be part of life each and every day. even those who do not carry out this kind of sin have it lurking in their hearts! If God did not in His mercy restrain, judge and yes at times even destroy such evil this is what we would have, folks. Unrelenting evil. Christians, read your bibles. Believe your bibles. Read about the depravity, the absolute evil of the human heart and believe it. Believe what the Lord Jesus Christ told us in Matthew 15:17-19. Then flee to Jesus Christ for forgiveness and cleansing. He is the only one who can cleanse our hearts and give us a new heart that loves God and others. Only Christ can set captives free. Apart from Christ we are dead in sin, slaves to satan, and enemies of God. This is what the scripture teaches about the human race. we have so sanitized the truth that we are left scratching our heads about the idea that people are evil and God can and does judge. If even a fallen human justice system can see, understand and judge evil then how much more a Holy, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent God? He sees and knows everything, even the human heart. He knows the end from the beginning. Read Revelation 20:11-15. Repent!


    • Rose Vosburgh says:

      Excellent insights, Julie. Thank you for sharing.

      Today is the day of salvation. God has been so patient to extend His free gift of forgiveness to mankind even as they mock and reject Him. But soon the day of judgment will come. God's patience will run out…the cup of wrath will be full to overflowing. It must be almost to the brim right now. If ever there was a time for people to repent and seek safety in Christ, today is the day. If you are reading this and have never repented and trusted in the Savior, please, I urge you, don't put it off another day. You are running our of time. What will you chose? Peace and safety in the Savior's care or the terror of the full wrath of God upon you for a lifetime of sins that have been mounting up as a stench to a Holy God?


  5. SLIMJIM says:

    Wouldn't even know who to cheer for…on the one hand you have Wallis with his denial of what the Bible teaches on sin, then on the other hand you have a blasphemer like Maher…
    Praying they all bend in repentance and trust in the Christ of the Bible and the Gospel!


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