Serving two gods?

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We’re covering news headlines today including several lawsuits targeting Christians. We’re also going to share the results of an unofficial survey we took of our listeners earlier this week: How often does your church celebrate Communion? How frequently should we do this? There’s still time to weigh in on our Facebook Page or on our website today, and we’ll have that discussion in the next segment.

But first we turn our attention to money.  Matthew 6:24 says that no one can serve two masters. We cannot serve both God and money. The world both serves and worships the almighty dollar, and many Christians struggle with how to put money matters in perspective. We know we are completely dependent on the grace and mercy of God. But how do we balance our need to pay our bills and feed our families without making money our god?

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It’s an interesting discussion, and today in our first segment we are joined by a pastor who has spent considerable time exploring this question, and helps Christians understand that perspective. He is pastor Chad Hovind, lead pastor at Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati and creator of a Fast Track Bible DVD series called Godonomics.

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3 Responses to Serving two gods?

  1. Geno says:

    Jesus told us to seek first His kingdom and righteousness… and all these "things"… basic needs and necessities… would be added unto us.

    He asked that if the Father takes care of the sparrows… how much more would he provide for us… His beloved and purchased people?

    It's rather simple, but we seem to have a need to complicate things. Maybe that's why he said that if we didn't have the simple trust of a child, we would not enter the kingdom.


  2. Richard says:

    its important to remember when Jesus told us the Father would take care of us, he was talking about believers. If you are a born again Christian the Lord will provide for you in terms of basic needs and necessities.


    • Geno says:

      Of course He was talking about believers.

      I don't think we can take the promise of God's provision as an automatic, blanket promise. I'll give an example to illustrate.

      Let's say I'm a born-again believer who, for whatever reason, is pursuing my own wants and agenda in life rather than truly seeking His kingdom & righteousness.

      I believe the Lord might allow me to suffer lack or deprivation to get me onto a good and right path.

      Now, many Christians would respond to that idea with some kind of cliche or quote a scripture out of context, like Phil 4: 19…

      "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

      … not seeing that Paul was writing to sacrificial givers, not to all believers in all circumstances at all times.


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