Skittles and iced tea: A “holy” communion to honor Trayvon Martin?

Skittles.1 Corinthians 11:24-27 – And when he had given thanks, he brake [it], and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.

Nothing quite says the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ quite like Skittles candy and a sip of iced tea. But if you’re doing a church service to honor Trayvon Martin rather than Jesus, it makes sense in a strange sort of way. Shortly after the now-famous incident last year, this pastor made sure to mention that the blood of Martin was “crying out from the ground.”

Listen as Pastor Roderick Belin answers his Kairos Community AME Church congregation’s confused questions about mixing Skittles into their partaking of the blood and body symbolizing Christ’s atonement:

But wait, this story gets even more bizarre. Yesterday it was reported by several sources that a mixture of Skittles and grape cough syrup may have been consumed by Martin to produce a drug-induced high on the eve of his death:

We know that Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his system on the night he tried to kill George Zimmerman, and had been suspended from school for using marijuana. Some believe he was a drug dealer. You might assume his famous mission to acquire Skittles candies and Arizona iced tea (actually watermelon juice, but the media is only good at narratives, not factual details) was a classic example of a pothead with the munchies. Here’s another theory: accuses Martin of admitting on his Facebook account as early as June 27, 2011 of being an abuser of a codeine, soft drink and candy beverage popularly known as “Purple Drank” or “Lean.” …

Purple Drank is commonly used by Southern Rappers and “wannabe suburban teenagers” according to Urban Dictionary.

By mixing some cough syrup with the juice and Skittles, Martin could have produced some Purple Drank.

The Last Refuge backs up the theory with extensive documentation.

Purple Drank has been referred to as the “poor man’s PCP” due to its potential effect of turning users into psychotic maniacs. A habit of indulging in such drugs might explain why the media’s little darling attacked a neighborhood watch captain and attempted to dash out his brains against the pavement.


(Hat tip: Jason B)

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9 Responses to Skittles and iced tea: A “holy” communion to honor Trayvon Martin?

  1. Ima Believer says:

    In some "churches", communion is nothing more than "drive-thru" experience offering grape juice and a crumb. No scripture is spoken. A quiet song may be played in the background. It may happen every week, once a month, or whenever the group gets around to it.

    In other Sunday social clubs, communion has been replaced with coffee and a doughnut. Skittles and tea doesn't seem much different to me.

    Jesus asked to remember him through the breaking of the bread and the drinking of wine. If we can't honor this simple request, why should we bother to call ourselves christians?


  2. Claris says:

    It appears, at least from the video, this pastor neglected the serious warnings concerning taking communion: "Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord" (1 Corinthians 11:27). An unworthy manner is viewed as taking communion in an irreverent, self-centered or self-serving manner. One must examine themselves before partaking in the Lord's Supper (not that they are perfect enough to partake, but that they recognize what it represents–vs. 28-32).

    I don't know which Jesus this pastor believes in, but to add skittles and Iced tea to, in essence, represent the body and blood of Trayvon, for me, is a desecration of the Lord's Supper. Did this pastor know, or even consider what Trayvon believed concerning Jesus Christ? Didn't it matter that he had tried to kill someone before he was fatally shot? Either this pastor is totally unaware of the importance and meaning of this sacrament, or he doesn't care. However well intentioned he may have been in doing this, it appears he was using communion for his own purposes–to make a political/racial statement.

    Only God knows what was in this pastor's heart as he led communion. What a shame that so many lay members just blindly follow their pastor without really thinking things through and testing what they say and do.


  3. Ima Believer says:

    We are living in a time in America, where some people want to be deceived. They are putting their own personal agendas and worldly identifies above the truth. They seek out 'prophets' to sooth their itching ears… to tell them the things they want to hear, not the truth.


  4. Kess says:

    I guess "Purple Drank" is becoming the official drug of some churches? do they get a tax-exemption if they buy Codeine in certain bulk amounts?

    Make sure your church has got all their ocommiecare documentation up to date, cause that stuff destroys your liver eventually, just like trayvons was showing signs of even after only a few years.


  5. PJ says:

    I guess if they want to have communion in honor of that god they will get whatever that god can offer them.


  6. Steve O says:

    Trayvon, in fact, had become a devotee of the druggy concoction known as “Lean,” also known in southern hip-hop culture as “Sizzurp” and “Purple Drank.” Lean consists of three basic ingredients — codeine, a soft drink, and candy. If his Facebook postings are to be believed, Trayvon had been using Lean since at least June 2011.


    • Steve O says:

      He had the Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Drink (not iced tea) which was 2/3 of what he needed to secure this high.


  7. Steve O says:

    This is why these morons can't assimilate into society


  8. concerned says:

    It isn't just the AME church,

    And now- please see the connection to what is called "Robtripping" and the craze that I think started with willow creek , to influence other christian youth groups to do the Robotripping craze- "the Harlem Shake.", which is really a simulation of people tripping out on cough syrup.

    Do you see the urbanization of our youth? Programs like Dr. John Perkins and his government sponsored "faith ministry" who perpetuate lies about police violence against blacks, and who talk about the social justice of Christians moving into impoverished areas as it is their duty to reform these areas… and you will see the bigger plan to urbanize our Godly, civil society into the South side of Chicago.

    And Emergent Mega churches lap it up and pass it on to the congregation like babies to candy.

    Skittles, cough syrup and white liberal guilt.


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