Yoga is anything but “harmless stretching”



Did you know every Yoga pose is a worship position to a Hindu god?

Think Yoga is just harmless stretching? More and more Christians are scoffing at warnings that Yoga is a dangerous spiritual practice.

But make no mistake; Yoga is a Hindu religious practice that has nothing to do with Christianity. And yet we have many high-profile Christian leaders allowing Yoga into their church programs.

Now we have “Christian Yoga” programs telling believers that as long as you focus on Jesus, Yoga is okay.

Our guest today knows better. Meet a former Yoga Master who is now a born-again Christian. Mario Brisson, who personally experienced the highest Kundalini effect through Yoga, now warns other Christians to stay clear.

Check out his educational video on Yoga here:

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30 Responses to Yoga is anything but “harmless stretching”

  1. How Can We Play With The Devil And His Games I Have Done This And I Got Very Sick Do Your Lives. Stop It Now Repent Of Your Sins And Come To The Lord Jesus Christ


  2. Fred Grigg says:

    So true! Get my booklet "The Deception of Martial Arts & Yoga" from Koorong Books, Australia


  3. Judy White says:

    For more information on why Christians should never practice yoga go to or find us on facebook The Heart of Yoga Revealed.


  4. Marie says:

    Thank-You for posting the video featuring a young man's personal testimony. It was very informing in common language making it easy to understand. Yoga is promoted in our public schools systems by health teachers all over America as a form of calming the mind through pagan medition as well as getting in shape through the motions to our young people….my own children included. Recently, our high school age community Christian singing group has adopted performing yoga on their retreats. Our children were required to begin each morning with yoga BEFORE devotions to our LORD.

    We are mixing the holy with the profrane and my heart breaks for our people as yoga is highly accepted within every denomination contrived by man. Having done extensive research on this topic, I asked God to give me the courage to approach one of the deaconesses in church expressing my concerns of the acceptance of this pagan practice. She told me that is is acceptable to do the exercises without the meditation added. So I asked her if she has done any research on this topic and she responded by saying "No." A woman in our congregation was the local community yoga instructor with many attending her classes and evangelizing (promoting) her classes openly. I tried to reason with this deaconess, however, it is impossible to reason with spiritual pride and church hierarchy as "they know it all" and "they know what is best for you."

    It is a slow fade… now we have pagan practices accepted in our church systems; we expect this in the secular humanist public school system as concerting as it is: however, when the demonic is accepted amongst those who profess to follow Jesus Christ, then it is time to come out from amongst the harlot church system. May God forgive us for mixing the holy with the profane and loving it so.

    And sadly, those who are trying to sound the alarm are the ones that are persecuted/ hated for Jesus' name's sake, and the wicked are embraced and favored by the clergy system. Oh, how can this be?


  5. Melissa says:

    I am disappointed with the recommendation for pilates. When I asked an experienced deliverance pastor about it he cautioned me against. He said he had done deliverance for a women who was in to the health movement and pilates and this particular manifested quite a bit when "pilates" was called out.


  6. Linda says:

    This was a very informative program and I have posted it to my fb page. I am also cautious about Pilates because the practice is closely associated with Yoga. Most of my "Christian" friends practice some form of both Yoga and Pilates.
    So called Christian Yoga is being practiced in conferences as a way to take a
    stand-up-break between teachings. They use the breathing and stretching.
    Whenever I have tried to explain the dangers of this practice I am met with "loving" tolerance. My words go in one ear and out the other.
    I was heavily involved in both a cult and the occult before becoming a Christian 22 years ago. I have written a book and have a blog trying to expose the devils wiles.
    Sadly, most of my Christian friends and acquaintances are both deaf and blind, including pastors and teachers.


  7. Fiona says:

    I too am disappointed that he recommended pilates, still has that spiritual link too! but with new Age. It's clearly part of the occult too! This is not Ok for us to do! we should just stick to plain walking plain stretching.


  8. Beans says:

    The things we do only have the meaning that we give them. No practice is "Satanic" or "Pagan" unless they are done with Satanic or Pagan intentions. A man who crosses himself with a rosary or says hail Mary's is not a Christian for doing so if he does them without Christian intent. If one gets a runner's high from the release of endorphin we do not call them a junkie. Yoga can and often is an EXCERCISE method. If you practice yoga and have feelings of paganism or satanism, those come from you, not the practice. Take some responsibility.


  9. Julie Parr says:

    I appreciate the video on yoga but can't say I understand things any better. Visions through yoga are from Satan, but God also speaks to us through visions. If I go for a run and stretch it out accidentally using a yoga pose, am I worshipping a Hindu god? I have literally bowed to pray before my God….as have many Christians, but prostration is a common pose in many religions..does this mean I'm praying wrong or not praying to my God of the Holy Bible? I have heard people experiencing the Holy Spirit in church. I have been prayed over and have had hands laid on me during that prayer…something the video said is also part of yoga practices. Hitler required people to raise a hand in recognition of his authority…when I raise my hand to praise God does this mean I am inherently praising Hitler? We are created with a spiritual side and there are ways to communicate and express that spirituality. Is it not about who we choose to love and devote ourselves to? We have been created as spiritual, emotional, and physical beings. It does not seem odd to me that these are intricately connected and that Christians are not the only people who understand this. We do need to be diligent in capturing our every thought for Christ and in dedicating our actions to Him! We also need to be hyper aware of how Satan moves among us and always ask for the Holy Spirit's interpretation of what we encounter. I will stretch my bum with a downward dog after too many minutes on that crazy Stair Climber at the gym…and while I do it I will relieve muscle tightness and thank my Savior that I am healthy and physically able. Jesus Christ is the centre of my life. I have asked Him to be there and He has proven that He is the Master over all that is evil and over all that is man-made. I will be diligent and He will help me.


  10. Marie says:

    We must remember the foundation of yoga…where did it originate? With Jesus Christ or hinudism. The two cannot be combined into one belief system into a form of universalism. Poses or asanas as they are called in yoga have names…the cobra asana, the dog asana, etc…..why would anyone try to emulate the position of a cobra or a dog or any other thing in nature? Because they are specifically designed to worship the gods of the environment….it is said hindus have miillions of gods, we have one God who will not share His worship with another god. Also, these specially designed asanas have another purpose, to stir up that serpent power they believe lies and lives at the base of the spinal cord. This spiritual power moves its way up to the brain/mind as yoga is performed and the ultimate experience is the divine power in the person (that serpent power) becomes one with the hindu god shiva, the god of death. The word "yoga" in and of itself literally means "union." So we must carefully and thoughfully ask ourselves, "union with what?" It is the union of the human spirit with the union of hindu gods which are pagan. As you enter the yoga parlor, in most cases, the individual is greeted with the word "namaste" which literally means "the divine in me greets the divine in you."

    We know in part what our Holy Scriptures say about the human heart…."the heart is deceitfully wicked, who can know it?" We know apart from Jesus Christ we are wicked, not divine, for there is no good in any of us….we are sinners. So to say we are divine is a lie from the enemy.

    Many times, while this union of the human spirit and the hindu god takes place, uncontrolable manifestations occur….falling down on the floor, laughing uncontrolably, twitching, howling or barking, hearing audible voices, seeing visions, mock birthing experiences, among other inappropriate actions unworthy to even mention. For you see, another spirit literally takes over the human body and the person is no longer in control. One of the gifts of God, the Holy Spirit is "self control" therefore we know in part that the spirits surrounding yoga are of the enemy.

    In today's religious community, you will not hear a sermon concerning yoga in the institiutional church, for most clergy do not understand what yoga really is. Also, many within the church system are gurus, instructors, and participants, so to acknowlege the true source of yoga would offend many with the truth. Preachers would rather beat the drums of homosexuality and abortion for the amens are a plenty and the coffers are filled on such a Sunday. But to confront the spiritual matters of life here on earth would offend and perhaps send the preacher a packing…….as it should be. Did not Jesus offend the religiou of His day?

    Please, brethren, earnestly contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints. All of yoga is in oppostition to our faith in our LORD Jesus Christ.


    • Martin says:

      Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?


    • Mariel says:

      Good point of view! We are wicked not divine! The bible says so! Greetings!


      • Rose V. says:

        we make a DIVINE EXCHANGE when we put our trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior….John 14, 15, 16 tells us the Holy Spirit comes to make His home in our hearts….THAT IS DIVINE….we become God's children John 1:14….THAT IS DIVINE….and we are forgiven for our past, present and future sins….the Word of God teaches us that………….

        By His grace, we begin to train in His Ways, learn to think God's thoughts, and speak His Words as we are students of His Word (disciples)………….amen amen amen Titus 2:11….what Love God has for us!


  11. Guest says:

    The thing I find surprizing in the arguments for being "ok" with the practice of yoga for Christians is that I have yet to see an argument for it–that is based on scripture. Does anyone know why? The only scripture I seem to get quoted has to do with not judging people. I honestly feel that what is being judged is the practice of yoga not the Christians practicing it. It is a sad thing that so many believers can find it so easy to accept a worldly practice without questioning it. I pray that this does not cause anyone to stumble or fall away from the truth because God's Word plainly tells us that it would be better for that person to have a millstone tied to their neck and to be cast into the sea.


      • rosinavoz says:

        Here is another link for you:

        Please take a few minutes, Turquoise, and read this well researched article by Chris Lawson. Has lots footnotes so you can check the resources he used. Then, honestly and prayerfully, compare it with the other article you cited.

        If you read the Old Testament and track the decline of the Israel as a nation, it all started to go bad when they didn't take God seriously about His command not to worship other gods or have idols. He was very explicit in warning them not follow after the practices of the pagan nations living around them.

        I can just imagine what the arguments for sacrificing on the high places or the use of Asherah poles…might have been. 'Oh, come on now… we can add this to our worship of the Lord. He is so loving… He won't mind. It 's no big deal. Everyone else is doing it. It feels good and more spiritual than just those plain old boring sacrifices in the tabernacle. It doesn't hurt anyone. God won't mind.'

        I see a comparison of those days to our modern day church. We think we can just ignore the clear teachings of God's word and He will just look the other way because He is love. As I read the Old Testament and how God dealt with Israel, I do see His great love, patience, forbearance, and perseverance with them. But, He warned them repeatedly through the prophets (whom they ignored) and finally His patience ran out. That nation suffered terribly, all because they did not fear and obey the Holy God who chose them.

        Is the Church also headed for the judgment of God soon? I think so. We focus so much on God's love today… His 'wonderful plan' for our lives. But it would do us well to go back and read about His holiness, jealously for His people, and His judgment. As Christians, we are not beyond the judgment of God.

        And, I think He cares more about our holiness than about our physical health and well being….don't you?


    • Martin says:

      Actually Jesus was speaking about children being harmed or misled, not adults who are supposed to be able to think for themselves. Jesus says to "take my yoke upon you". The word 'yoga' means to unite. It is an easy yoke as opposed to actually plowing. He also says, "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." I've heard many theologians try to explain this statement but the most obvious meaning is that Jesus is referring to Third Eye of Kundalini which seems to be related to the pineal gland. Rene Descarte, a Christian, referred to this gland as the 'seat of the soul'.


  12. Thanks for the great informative Article.


  13. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for having this informative post here. I like your idea to guide people about Yoga. Many people have different be left on it and I have seen the suspension yoga classes houston that people love to join.


  14. George says:

    I just curious. How can we do any stretch without it being a yoga pose? Can we still have our athletes stretch? Please clarify. I'm unclear if stretching is ok as long as its not called yoga?


    • rascott247 says:

      Yoga : a Hindu philosophy that teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling the body and mind(Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

      Don’t be silly George. Or should I say don't be so postmodern?

      Postmodern: of, relating to, or being a theory that involves a radical reappraisal of modern assumptions about culture, identity, history, or language (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).


    • rosinavoz says:

      This article, if you read it all the way through, will answer your questions.

      Yoga: More than Meets the Eyes?? By Rev. Dr. Ed Hird


  15. Jessica says:

    You have to make a choice: Do you want to follow Shiva (who taught the “science” of Hatha Yoga) who is also named the Destroyer – Or Christ, who came to heal and save, and who has proved by His life, death and resurrection that He is Lord and that He loves us without us having done anything to deserve it.

    Yoga is not just a harmless physical exercise, it opens the door to demonic control. On which side do you ultimately want to stand? The devil’s or Christ’s? The consequences are more serious than you might realize.


  16. Carolyn says:

    I am curious why my comments are deleted when other folks comment include links, sites, names of individuals, and so forth? I tried posting two calm, insightful comments and both were deleted. Like your site, love your ministry and wish you all the best!


    • standupwi says:

      We have a goofy system that sometimes deletes comments. All comments are held in moderation now, so that I can find them, read each one and approve them without a system automatically doing that. It's not perfect, but it's the best I can do at the moment.


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