The creepy white van of mysticism

FreephotoGreat article via the Aquila Report: “Creepy White Vans”

How does God meet us? Through the ordinary means of grace, not through mysticism

Mysticism is the belief that you can find God inside yourself through “feeling” or “emotion”. And that God has agreed to meet you “immediately”. (By immediate, I mean without a mediator; A direct, internal connection with God without the mediation of Christ or the means of grace.) God has not agreed to meet you as you jump around and work yourself into a frenzy. Sorry. I’ve done it, and frankly it’s fun, but God never agreed to meet you in your emotion. You can put yourself into an emotional state and be open to subconscious suggestion, but those “voices” you hear? Are they wrong? Even once? Then guess what, it might be a lot of things, but the Holy Spirit it is most certainly not.

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HT: Do Not Be Surprised

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4 Responses to The creepy white van of mysticism

  1. Gary Lee Fennimore says:

    The LORD has said in the Old and the New Testaments that HIS Word is the TRUTH. Why do humans seek any other truth guidance; from feelings to gurus and to even just their experiences? JESUS CHRIST our LORD repeatedly warned all of us not to be deceived and to know and love HIS TRUTH; the Holy Scriptures with nothing added except our intelligent discernment of that TRUTH. We would be wise to do so!!


  2. Sharon W. says:

    Yep, beware of those "creepy white vans"….both spiritual ones & material ones.

    A couple of weeks ago, while me and my dog were sharing my fast food meal, parked behind the restaurant, I had one of those "creepy white vans" park right next to my vehicle, almost blocking me in. The parking lot was full of many other empty places for that van to pull in and park….somewhat symbolic?

    I pray that more peoples eyes would be opened and be as "creeped out" by the creeping DARKNESS of those "creepy white vans of mysticism" as I was of the material one.
    Needless to say, I didn't hang around. I maneuvered my way out and ate the rest of my meal on the RUN!


  3. sowens says:

    So true….In my youth I thought this was possible. But thanks to God for giving me great Christian parents who taught me to read the Bible…I know the only way to God is threw Christ our savior.


  4. Mary says:

    love the analogy : )


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