Youth, Schools and Church

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Today we’re talking about youth, faith and education. In our first segment we’re talking with someone who has been sounding the alarm about national Common Core standards and curriculum. Kyle Olson is publisher and founder of dedicated to education reform. Kyle is a contributor to TownHall.Com and has written a book titled, Indoctrination: How Useful Idiots Are Using Our Schools To Subvert American Exceptionalism.

EAGNews’ new film exposes radical teacher training program called “CREATE Wisconsin,” a federally-funded program costing taxpayers millions, with racist propaganda. His organization has released a new film: “RE-CREATING AMERICA: Cultural Sensitivity in Wisconsin Schools.”

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Here is a segment of the film:

We’re also asking, Should We Be Using “Climate Change” to Reengage Our Youth?

The Christian Post is actually promoting earth worship as a way to get engage teens and keep them from leaving the Church. We’ll cover an article titled, Reversing the Trend of Teens Leaving the Church: Using Climate Change to Reengage Our Youth.


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One Response to Youth, Schools and Church

  1. ali says:

    Man' attempt to fix spiritual problems with worldly solutions – doing anything but allowing God to be God.

    The Bible – The Word of God – the Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin, changes lives and gives hope and peace to the lost and dying of this world.

    We are on dangerous ground when we trust in ourselves, money, pride, our
    position or our own wisdom and not on God Who is our Solid Rock, our Firm Foundation.

    …all other ground is sinking sand.!!.


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