Faith and Fear

Fear - free imageDid you know that the opposite of faith is not disbelief; it is fear. It’s looking down at the waves when we should be fixing our gaze on Jesus. It’s worrying about the storms and forgetting that Jesus is right there in the boat, resting. Today we’re going to talk about fear and what the Bible says about it.

We’re also going to read some emails and posts from you today including a question about what we do here at Stand Up For The Truth and how we navigate these confusing times in Christendom in our own personal lives.

But first we’re going to check in with our friend Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action, a fierce advocate for marriage, family, life and liberty. The education arm of this organization is Wisconsin Family Council, and here Julaine works to forward Judeo-Christian principles and values by informing citizens, churches and policymakers about important pro-family legislative and cultural issues so they will be inspired to get involved in preserving and strengthening marriage and family.

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2 Responses to Faith and Fear

  1. Great article…with one caveat. Even The Faith once delivered to the saints possesses Fear of the Lord. It if fear of punishment that the lost have and saved do not have.
    Perfect love does cast out the fear of punishment, but it does NOT cast out the fear of the Lord…that is everlasting.


  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks for your program today. I still live in fear. Not sure why. God saw me through with my employment issues form 2008 until 2012. If he saw me through then he will see me through today.
    Pray that God will deliver me from my fear. Thank you.


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