How we’ve blotted out God

blotFor the Christian, talking about the “culture wars” can be a tricky thing. On the one hand, we don’t want to be accused of being one of those “dominionist” Christians who want to take control of government, schools, the media and so on, as a way to build the Kingdom here on earth. So we stand down, and we do the politically-correct thing and say nothing. Because we want to be like Jesus and love people well, right?

Coeradicate_book_cover_med_rgbuld it be that perhaps, because the Gospel has been blotted out, that we in the visible Church bear some of the responsibility for the culture getting progressively worse? In His Truth, can  we  do a better job at taking a stand for what’s right, and to stand firm against some of the outrageous things happening without compromising the message the world so desperately needs to hear?  Joining me today is someone who is standing up and encouraging others do boldly do the same. Author David Fiorazo has written a book called Eradicate: Blotting Out God In America.  Dave is also the host of our own Q90 Fm Radio’s Afternoon Traffic Jam, as well as a brand new program on Sunday mornings called Powered By Praise.

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2 Responses to How we’ve blotted out God

  1. I am one of those "dominionist" Christians and I do not mind being called such. However, I do take issue with the strawmen built up around it. Christian Reconstructionists do not want to "take over." We want to build from the ground up, applying the Scriptures to all of life. It is not a top down philosophy. It begins with self-government, and extends to the family, churches, and local community. Without changed lives living out a consistent biblical worldview, "dominionism" means absolutley squat.


    • Amy Spreeman says:

      Thanks for posting, Cheryl. I see nothing dominionist about what you've shared. True dominionism the way the "Reclaim 7 Mandates" movement lays it out is to take dominion over these areas SO THAT Jesus can come back, as if we have some power to bring His kingdom with our actions. The other thing they say is that we need to have the Kingdom Now on this earth through moralism, which the Bible says isn't going to happen.


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