Americans Moving Closer Toward Social Liberalism

Article via The Blaze:

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Bad News for Social Conservatives? Annual Survey Finds Americans Moving Closer Toward Social Liberalism

Americans have for the past 12 years moved closer to social liberalism and farther away from social conservatism, according to an annual survey released this month by Gallup.

The Values and Beliefs survey, dated 2001 to 2013, asked respondents to rank the morality of specific social issues.

“Their acceptance of gay and lesbian relations has increased the most, up 19 percentage points in the past 12 years — to a record high of 59% today,” the Gallup report notes. “Americans’ tolerance toward having a baby outside of marriage is also now much greater, up 15 points since 2001, to the current 60%.”

Acceptance of sex between unwed couples is up by 10 percent since 2001, divorce by nine, stem cell research by eight (question first asked in 2002), and acceptance of polygamy by seven percentage points:

Gallups Values and Beliefs Survey Shows More Americans Moving to the Left on Moral Issues

The most popular among the issues considered “morally acceptable” is birth control (with a 91 percent approval rating), while having an extramarital affair is the least “morally acceptable” (only six percent approve):

Gallups Values and Beliefs Survey Shows More Americans Moving to the Left on Moral Issues

“One of the interesting features of these trend data is Americans’ steady and overwhelming disapprobation of married men and women having an affair, with more than nine in 10 continuing to say this is morally unacceptable, within two points of where it was in 2001,” Gallup notes.

“Having an affair thus remains at the bottom of the list of morally acceptable behaviors measured, as it was in 2001,” the report adds.

Click here to read the full report and methodology.

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5 Responses to Americans Moving Closer Toward Social Liberalism

  1. D says:

    What this portrays is the waxing and waning of corrupt men who have come to accept and embrace immorality. I think it is a grievous error to associate this with "social liberalism vs. social conservatism". God does not call this "social liberalism"; God calls this immorality! And He condemns it by the sword of His mouth!

    Neither does God call the embracing of righteousness "social conservatism"; He calls it holiness! And He has called all His children to be Holy (2nd Thess. 4:1-8).

    The confusing and dumbfounding of these terms has aided apathy, confusion, and heresy in the Church for quite a long time!


    • Steve says:

      Yep. Keep it simple. It's called sin. "Bad News for Social Conservatives?" Politically, yes, but that ship sailed a long time ago. It's bad, but hardly news.


  2. Mark says:

    The thief in the night came while you were asleep. Surprise.


  3. John says:

    I am a public school teacher (Social Studies) as well as a small church pastor. In my Government class, I will often do informal polls of the students (10 graders) and I have found that the young people of today often have strongly held beliefs but they are from both political sides. The majority of the kids favor same sex marriage, oppose abortion, support the death penalty, support legalization of marijuana, oppose the legalization of "hard drugs", oppose smoking cigarettes, support environmental causes, support big government, oppose high taxes, oppose gun control, and support giving up some freedoms for safety. What a diverse set of values! It seems that most of their world view comes not from parents or a religious community but from media, whether social (peers) or the entertainment industry. I often tell them that they need to decide what they believe in because in two years they will be able to vote and therefore they will be able to pick who leads our schools, our county, our state, and our nation.


    • Rose Vosburgh says:

      Very insightful. It is sad that the majority of our youth are getting their value education from the media instead of from their parents and from the Church. Sadly, I'll bet even those young people who do attend church have the same values as your tenth graders since so many Christian churches have compromised with the world preaching a social gospel instead of the real one. There is often no clear Biblical teaching on issues such as homosexuality. Thank God for Christian teachers like yourself in the public schools. It is a real mission field, May God give you wisdom and opportunities to impact many lives. God bless you!


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