Todd Bentley’s false teachings coming back to S. Africa


The Signs and Wonders and the Word Faith prosperity heresy is sweeping through third-world nations, especially in Africa where many Christians need your prayers right now to stand strong against this heresy.

Todd Bentley is not the only false teacher preying on the lambs, but is certainly the most popular. And organizations like FreshFire (Which Todd founded) and GodTV, have no problem promoting him to ensure the highest audience numbers (and naturally, tithers and contributors).

Remember, this is the charlatan who was banned from Great Britain last year for his dangerous and philanderous teachings. Here is the most blasphemous teaching from a wolf you will ever hear, from Todd Bentley’s most recent visit to South Africa at the end of April:

Here is the excerpt from GodTV’s website:

This Healing Awakening is taking a short break this week while we re-locate the services to Cape Town. We will be back on air with Evangelist Todd Bentley and the GOD TV team next week.

Join us as revival spreads to Cape Town… Evening meetings will be held at the Lofdal World Prayer Centre, Bella Vista Road (off Old Paarl Road), Kraaifontein, Cape Town from Wednesday 5th June, starting at 7pm.

God wants to release an impartation of His anointing on your Life,” says Todd Bentley, who is the founder of Fresh Fire USA. This is in keeping with Romans 1:11 “For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established.”

Lord, may these precious sheep have spiritual eyes of discernment from your Holy Spirit that they would recognize false teachings, and be bold enough to call out, mark and avoid these wolves.

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4 Responses to Todd Bentley’s false teachings coming back to S. Africa

  1. Marie says:

    This man is a heretic and a great deceiver. He preaches a false spirit and a false fire and it grieves me that innocent people are being taken in by this charlatan.

    I know, because I was once involved in this "false fire" movement. It is marked by tremendous sin that marks the lives of these people in secret….until the truth of the fruit of their lives are revealed.

    Todd Bentley's message is demonic. Where is the Bible….and is he opening it up and preaching and teaching the full counsel of God…in context? No, he is not.

    Please pray for Todd Bentley…that he will repent and put his faith in our LORD Jesus Christ for there is hope for every man.


    • joanne Desrochers says:

      Thankyou .. I too was once apart of this … Thank God that He brought correction to me .. and true repentance .. and the truth of the Gospel … this stuff is deadly..and NOT GOD


  2. Andre says:

    I will be in trouble if I believe the nonsense you are writing. Do you not fear God for your habit of judging others unrighteously. There is more Christians in hell because they are religious freaks not doing the will of the Father. His works are forgiveness, mercy, being gracefull, loving others and also being righteouss and just. Your criticism blinds you.


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