The Red Flags of Idolatry

Red flags

What are the red flags of idolatry? Idolatry happens when we fail to test all things in light of the Word, and the ease with which we fall into idolatry when we are not daily grounded in the Word.

But if you’re going to be grounded in the Holy Spirit’s breathed-out word, you need to believe first that the Bible is, indeed, inerrant.  A little later on we are going to play a soundbite for you from a very popular pastor who has now admitted that he does not believe the Scriptures in the Old Testament are necessarily true, and that he teaches tens upon tens of thousands of Christians that you don’t need to believe in myths, either. “Just believe in Jesus.” Unfortunately this is becoming common, as evidenced by the visible Church’s ever-rapid descent.

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In this first segment, we are checking in with author  Scott Alan Buss. His many books include,Fire Breathing Christians: The Common Believer’s Call to Reformation, Revival, and Revolution and “Apathetic Christianity: The Zombie Religion of American Churchianity.” He has two new projects soon to be released: “The America Idol – How Christ-less Patriotism Destroys a Nation,” and, “Suprahero – Jesus as the Source of Superheroes.” Check out Scott’s blog here.

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One Response to The Red Flags of Idolatry

  1. Marie says:

    American idolatry is rampant….listen to the conversations around you in church, then you will know what consumes the minds and hearts of those who profess to know Christ and Him crucified and resurrected. So what are people talking about in church….Jesus or the world. Here are some examples of what people are saying….

    1. Who got drunk at the bar last night?
    2. Who is sleeping with who?
    3. I bought this cool pair of $98 jeans at the mall and I was so blessed.
    4. God gave me the camera I always wanted.
    5. You are really having another baby, don't you have enough?
    6. We have alot of money and are really rich. (Yes, this statement was actually said.)
    7. So and so is a horrible mother because she doesn't believe in the breakfast program at school…can you imagine? (The horrible mother being gossipped about literally gets up early in the morning to MAKE her children breakfast HERSELF….she trusts God's Word in that a parent should bring up a child.)
    8. That girl over there is too skinny and is wearing the wrong color for her.
    9. So what are your new neighbors like.
    10. I think we should have the children make their own costumes for the program…(because secretly I am jealous of that new ladies' talents and don't want her getting any acolades.)
    11. The church choir sounded really off today.
    12. So how drunk was the organist last night at the wedding dance? No wonder why she's playing a few sour notes.
    13. The pastor is having an affair with whom? Again?
    14. We need to put them on the church building committee because they have money and this office will make them feel good about themselves so they will give more to build our (really the pastor's) new church. (After all, if he manipulates those poor sheep into building him a church, then he will receive extra special treatment and praises from men, ie., the synod, the bishop, or whoever lord's over these people at their annual meeting, convention, or buildings of white washed tombs.)
    15. So and so is gay, so let's shun him at the door…(meanwhile, the woman who demanded this was divorced 2 times.)
    16. Did you see who won the big football game last week…….boy, I am sure glad the pastor said he would get us out of here today in time for the big game….I'm sure glad he loves football too.
    17. How many beers did you have last night? Did you know so and so's kid got picked up for DUI last night?
    18. I can't stand Mary over there, she thinks she's so great… Mary approaches…."Oh Hi, Mary! I just love your new earrings, they are soooooo cute!
    19. So and so is pregnant and having a hard time, so I hear. (And not a card, phone call, persaonl visit to encourage this poor soul in her faith….but it's fun to gossip about her because we so popular!)
    20. How many facebook friends do you have….I have 500.
    21. You should do yoga for your mind, body, and soul because you need it. Kathy over there doesn't think we should be doing yoga, she says it's demonic. Have you ever heard such a thing? Isn't she just, like, stupid, or what?
    22., 23., 24., 25……….the list of blah, blah, blah, blah goes on and on and on………

    So how then are we built up in our faith in Jesus Christ if no one reads, studies, or understands the very Word of God?

    What does Jesus living in us look like to the average church goer?

    Do they really understand what it means to be "born again" in the Spirit of God, the Father?

    Perhaps the heart of idolatry llies in the midst of the church system and the blind are leading the blind. And no, that picture nailed on our church wall of that good looking man, is NOT Jesus…..thank-you very much.


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