Pastor Voddie Baucham responds to Moody’s Lectio Divina

Last week a listener tipped us off to the mystical contemplative practice of Lectio Divina being taught in a breakout session at Moody’s annual Pastor’s Conference. (See Moody’s Pastors’ Conference Features Lectio Divina)

That story inspired a lot of people to contact the well-respected keynote speakers who, as we surmised, probably knew nothing of the breakout sessions. That assumption was correct, as one of the speakers, Voddie Baucham Jr., said in a message he tweeted out this morning:

voddie tweet


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10 Responses to Pastor Voddie Baucham responds to Moody’s Lectio Divina

  1. Hester says:

    Must say I am relieved. Love Voddie and if he had known, I would have been devastated as I love listening to him.


    • Pastor Jonathan says:

      Why be relieved?

      He was there.

      Breaking bread. Praying. In fellowship.

      He is now linked to it. He supported it. He is stained with it.

      It's a really good thing that D.L. Moody is dead and gone – he would not have "had many ?'s". He would have ENDED it and preached against it and warned about it.

      But today's ear ithchers have to worry about their schedules and book deals . . .


      • Hester says:

        Ok now I am confused. I thought Voddie said it happened during a breakout session and he had no idea it was included?? What am I missing here? Are you saying he sat in and listened and did nothing? If that is the case then today is a very very sad day for me. So he is now wanting to please men rather than God? So sad.


      • Rose Vosburgh says:

        This stuff is becoming so wide spread now…creeping in everywhere. So pastors who agree to speak at conferences can't just go by the past reputations of churches and Christian organizations (like Moody). In the past, Moody was a well respected, trusted Biblical ministry. Can't go on assumptions matter whose ministry it is. Potential speakers/pastors need to check out each and every conference…what is being taught in all the sessions and by whom …before committing themselves. If something is being taught that they are not familiar with, then it is their responsibility to check it out prior. If they end up speaking at a conference like the one above, then their name will be associated with the false practice and that can lead to confusion. Is he caving into these heretical teachings or just made a mistake? Conference speakers have to be much more cautious today. Hopefully, Voddie now realizes this.


      • Good grief, Pastor Jonathan, in his own words he said he had no idea and does NOT support it. That is the best clarification anyone could hope for.

        The only person now linking him to this movement is YOU. What a shame. May you never be on the same campus with any member of any false movement ever, or you will be doomed, right?

        And by the way, the keynote speakers were booked long before the breakout sessions were published.


      • Sharon says:

        Good grief?….Thanks SUFTT! I haven't heard that in awhile and I needed an encouraging "chuckle"….life has been firing some serious arrows as of late.


      • Sharon says:

        I believe Voddie was sincere and speaking true when he tweeted.


      • Rose Vosburgh says:

        What ARE 'break-out 'sessions exactly? Are they open discussion sessions in between the various speakers? I am not familiar with this term…which probably dates me, I'm afraid.


      • Pastor Jonathan says:

        Being on the same campus . . . vs. attending, paying, supporting, and claiming the name. Do you see a difference?

        He was not passing by . . . walking near . . . innocently observing.

        He was participating. So he is linked. That's just a sad fact.

        And here's something to think about: did he since repudiate it? Warn about it?


        There is too much money at stake. "I have to speak here, and be friendly with him, and not rock that boat . . . and be on good terms with that person".

        Because I want to be popular and broadly accepted and invited.

        It's like the famous scene in Casablanca . . . "I am shocked, shocked to see Lecto Divinia going on in here".

        It's about a long lost and forgotten Bible doctrine called "separation".

        You should study it.

        And it does not mean being separate from the world – otherwise you would have to leave the world. It means putting distance and theological space between yourself and disobedient and disorderly believers.

        The last time I was at Moody it was not to participate and it was not to be yoked with them – it was to observe how far they had fallen and to weep over their compromise.

        If you are speaking at a conference that just happens to accidentally book mystics and bible deniers for parts of the conference . . . . maybe, perhaps, just thinking here . . . maybe you should not go in the first place.


      • Yes, he repudiated it. Did you not even read the story? And yes, we know how dangerous LD is.


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