Adam, Eve and Andy

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 3.24.17 PMVia Do Not Be Surprised:

“Andy Stanley has demonstrated the inevitable confusion that results from pragmatic compromise. In his efforts to please even the critics, he has undermined his own argument and his own professed faith. Andy Stanley does not believe that Adam and Eve were historical because the Bible says they were, but because Jesus, as recorded in the Bible, says they were historical figures. This does not make sense. Either the Bible is reliable as a source of trustworthy information or it is not. Yes, Jesus affirmed the historicity of Adam and Eve, but how does one know that He did? By reading it in the Bible.

The only true and authoritative record of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and of His life, death and resurrection, exists within the pages of Scripture. The only way to convey these truths, then, is to do so under the power and authority of the Word of God. One cannot toss aside Scriptural infallibility and authority, but then argue that something is true because Jesus said it is true, for it would not be known that Jesus said a thing at all if it was not recorded in Scripture.”

Read the full story and see the video here:

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One Response to Adam, Eve and Andy

  1. Julia says:

    This appears (at least as face value) to be the kind of thinking that I've seen before where only the parts of the O.T. that are affirmed in the N.T. are accepted. Actually when I was reading Jay Bakker's book I came across that sort of argumentation (he was saying that Jesus stopped in the middle of a passage in Isaiah so clearly the part he didn't read should be rejected). I will never understand the pick and choosers. In my view it is either authoritative and trustworthy or it isn't. And clearly I believe the former.


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