Convergent Churches and planting tares


Today we talked about the Emergent church and how it is now Converging. If you missed that interview with Herescope’s Sarah Leslie, you will want to download it and listen. If you listen to just ONE podcast on Stand Up For The Truth, this is it.

With that in mind, you’ll be able to understand better what I am about to share from today’s CONVERGE Church Planting Monthly Newsletter. CONVERGE’s Pastor Ed Stetzer is one of the big names in the Leadership Network system put together by Bob Buford and his mentor, Peter Drucker.  (Drucker also mentored Rick Warren and Bill Hybels, among many others, in order to create a transforming church system.)

Stetzer is keynoting this year’s EXPONENTIAL conference at Saddleback Church, and a key “Church Planter,” responsible for planting the kind of church that will lead us into a globalized system like lambs to the slaughter.

It’s THAT serious.

I am sharing today the newsletter I received. Please understand the language used in this newsletter sounds very enticing and innocent – the good of which will help people with their felt needs. These churches are planted for goats, not sheep. You’ll almost never hear the full Gospel preached or repentance for sins mentioned in these churches.  If you don’t know the dangerous deception that invented the words “Missional,” Transformational,” “Spiritual Formation” and the unbiblical Church Growth model, you will definitely want to start your research with the podcast and articles in that link I shared above. The related articles at the bottom of this post (after the newsletter) will also help.

Why I Am a Church Planter

Last Fall Joy B. Rudolph of the Converge Church Planting office interviewed Amy Verlennich of eXperience church. Read on to find out why Amy is a church planter.  You moved to Detroit Lakes, Minn., to plant a church. What were the special circumstances surrounding the move?  After attending the Church Planters Assessment Center, my …

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Upcoming Events

Church Planter Assessment Center When: August 19-22, 2013   The First Steps Experience When: September 20-23, 2013   Church Planter Assessment Center When: November 5-8, 2013   Ignite 2014 When: March 25-27, 2014 For more information on these and all church planting events please visit

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Ed Stetzer’s Ignite Keynote (A Video)

Ed-Stetzer from Converge Worldwide on Vimeo. Did you miss any of the other Ignite 2013 keynotes? View them all at

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Exponential West Announced

The Exponential folks have announced they’ll be taking the annual Exponential church planting conference held each April in Orlando to the West Coast. It’s the first time Exponential has reproduced beyond Orlando. If you’re a church planter on the West Coast or someone who came to Orlando and wished you had brought your spouse, staff, …

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3 Responses to Convergent Churches and planting tares

  1. Thomas Stevens says:

    I would like to thank you all for pointing out that everything in my local Christian store isn't Christian. I will assume that if a local radio personality's book is featured in their bestseller section that he and his book must not be "Christian", as well.

    I will now make sure I buy ALL my books at Amazon because that is where only the most truthful and biblically accurate books are sold (according to your guest who said her's was available there). I assume that you have used due diligence in researching Amazon and the initiatives they support when you promote and endorse their marketplace.


    • Amy Spreeman says:

      If your comment is going to accurately reflect what we said yesterday, may I suggest adding the word "not" between the "that" and the "everything" in the first sentence?

      No one ever said that everything is problematic. However, when you have Joel Osteen's YOUR BEST LIFE NOW along with other books like The Circle Maker and any number of other Signs and Wonders & prosperity Word of Faith books on the front aisles (and the Bibles relegated to the back of the store), I just don't know how we would not have a problem.


    • Rose Vosburgh says:


      Amazon does not claim to be 'Christian' so I cannot hold them to the same standand I would expect of Christian bookstores. If those stores want to operate like Amazon… fine. Then they should drop the name 'Christian' and sell whatever they want to sell. But it is disingenuous and even dishonest to advertize themselves as 'Christian' bookstores and then promote books that are heretical and even anti-Christian. It is all about money…what sells…not about serving the Lord.


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