Spiritual Formation vs. Biblical Sanctifiction

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Today we’re covering several interesting stories about Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer. A little later on, a story from Chicago about the Moody Pastor’s Conference in which the ancient contemplative prayer practice of Lectio Divina is being taught. What is it, and why is it a dangerous spiritual practice?

We’re also going to discuss the difference between the whole Spiritual Formation/transformation movement that many mainline churches are embracing, verses biblical sanctification. You’ll want to read Spiritual Formation or Biblical Sanctification? over on the CRN blog.

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In our first segment, we’re going to spend some time looking at the latest trends in public education with our guest, Kyle Olson. Kyle has his finger on the pulse of what’s coming down the pike, and his organization helps parents and teachers take a stand against some of the progressive mandates impacting our children. Kyle is the publisher and founder of EAGnews.org dedicated to education reform. Kyle is a contributor to TownHall.Com and has written a book titled, Indoctrination: How Useful Idiots Are Using Our Schools To Subvert American Exceptionalism.

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3 Responses to Spiritual Formation vs. Biblical Sanctifiction

  1. John says:

    I am a bi-vocational pastor and I teach at a high school in a rural town in Oklahoma. I do not agree with C3 but I will not leave the school because of it. As long as I can teach a more classical style of education and teach about freedom and liberty I will continue to do so. They will have to fire me before I quit! There a lots of good Christians in public education that feel the same way. Please pray for our biblical minded Christian educators to keep standing firm. Thank you.


  2. Spiritual Formation vs. Biblical Sanctifiction | Stand Up for the Truth


  3. Greeting from pakistan in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ my frist times in your service


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