Rapture Palooza?

CaptureHollywood loves to poke fun at Christians. This movie trailer, “Rapture Palooza,” was created to mock not only those who love Christ, but Christ Himself.

If you can stomach watching to the end, you’ll see the character of “Satan” shooting Jesus out of the sky when He returns:

You may be asking, how is this any different than those in the crowds at the crucifixion who giggled and guffawed at our naked and scourged Savior, hanging on a cross and dying for their sins? It is easy to get angry at antics like this, until you remember that those who take part in acts like this are still in darkness; still shaking their fists and a holy and righteous God. Just as we did once. Knowing that He loved us while we still hated Him ought to spur us on to share the hope we have, even with those who do not see Him with spiritual eyes.

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14 Responses to Rapture Palooza?

  1. Larry says:

    Yes share the gospel, but stop giving money to Hollywood. Did you know that the Battle of Armageddon is stated to be an attempt by the Antichrist and his followers to resist Christ's coming? Talk about your mission impossible.


  2. Larry says:

    I wasn't going to watch it and then I did. That's 1:43 I'll never get back. And of course they have to add in a woman trying to seduce the Antichrist so humanity can rid itself of both Jesus and Satan in the same foolish film.


  3. Richard Lopez says:

    Wow!!!! Sickening to say the least, but your last paragraph really brings it into perspective. Thanks for the post, really.


  4. Jared Meier says:

    Your last paragraph does give us the proper perspective, thank you.


  5. dar gat says:

    wow!!! poking fun and making light of the holy bible .. i probably will not be seeing these people through the real thing , i will be in a higher elevation .


  6. Tammy Monks says:

    Ridiculous. This is so offensive.


  7. Kerry says:

    I'm glad that I read the comments first; then I didn't waste my time watching the trailer trash. Thanks for the adjoining comment that reminds me that "we wrestle not with flesh and blood……." and to also keep in mind where we came from before Christ.
    "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do". LORD, we pray that you open their minds and hearts to Your awesome love and amazing grace; and continue to remind Your children how much we need it too. Help us to share it to all we meet.


  8. Jessica Godsey says:

    I just saw this trailer over the weekend and am outraged at the unfair favor given to movie makers who make fun of christians! If it had been about something the Muslims or Buddhists believed it would be outlawed and there would be angry mobs in the streets! Your right tho all sin is equal in the sight of God and we have all done our fair share of things to displease Him. I'm sharing this on Facebook to spread awareness and I just hope we can all come together as the church and pray for these sad individuals that they might see the reality of where they are headed.
    God bless you!


  9. Phil says:

    Makes me sad and pissed.


  10. Ronda says:

    So sad as soon enough those making fun and taking this so lightly one day won't be.
    If they don't find their way to the Lord soon it may be too late. I cannot help but think it won't be much longer before we are going home!


  11. Anon says:

    Just watched this movie. I can't even explain the different range of emotions running through me, and none of them ate positive. How can they do this? Have they no shame? God forgive them!


  12. Richard says:

    I agree this film is making fun of Christians, however if people had not concocted the myth of a rapture there would not be a film like this. A pre-tribulation rapture is not in the Bible and it is a shame that some people still believe in it.


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