When world governments collide

Church destroyed

A Syrian Orthodox Church destroyed by extremists

Today we’re catching up on the latest news headlines that everyone – no matter what your faith background – is talking about. Here’s the thing though: Often times the news you and I talk about isn’t the same as what the news media is reporting. In fact sometimes the mainline news outlets are silent on some of the big issues of the day. For example: Did you know that Your tax dollars fund ethnic cleansing of Christians? That report from the Religious Freedom Coalition. The chairman of that organization joins us today from Washington D.C.

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William J. Murray is a strong advocate for persecuted Christians in America and around the world. The Religious Freedom Coalition is a non-profit organization that takes on on issues related to aiding Christians in Islamic and Communist nations. William founded ShariaFreeUSA.org. His mother was the founder of American Atheists was Madeline Murray O’Hair. You may remember that she also won the landmark lawsuit on behalf of her son William that effectively banned prayer in public schools. Thankfully William did not follow her path, and works to fight religious persecution around the world. (Check out his Capitol Hill Updates blog.)

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