Tony Jones bakes rainbow communion bread for Jay Bakker


Tony Jones is sharing images of the rainbow communion bread he and his wife made to celebrate Sunday’s launch of Jay Bakker’s new  Minneapolis site of Revolution Church.  Bakker, who recently denied the substitutionary atonement for Jesus’ shed blood for our sins, delivered his inaugural sermon, “Vulgar Grace Throws the First Stone.

Says Jones on the Patheos Blog today,

When he broke the bread last night, Jay told us to remember not just the broken body of Jesus, but also the broken bodies and spirits of many GLBT persons who have been persecuted for their non-heterosexuality.

(By the way, Tony Jones also denies the atonement Jesus made for our sins.) The famous emergent pastors, their wives and a few friends were then going to a prayer vigil in St. Paul to ask our Holy and righteous God’s blessings for the Minnesota Senate debate and vote  on a bill opening marriage to same-gendered couples.

That vote was approved, and Minnesota becomes the 12th state to allow homosexual marriage. Same gendered couples will now legally be able to marry beginning August 1.

 14,646 145 Minneapolis Bridge Lit Up Like Rainbow After Marriage Equality Passes

For Jones, the celebration doesn’t end there. He has just published an e-book essay, There Are Two Marriages: A Manifesto on Marriage in which he pleads for the church to get out of the marriage business.

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2 Responses to Tony Jones bakes rainbow communion bread for Jay Bakker

  1. J says:

    I wonder what Jay's dad thinks of this? Has Jim Bakker said anything?


  2. Laura says:

    Wish we could take the rainbow back. Just another example of "the world" taking a symbol that God used to represent His promise to Noah and turn it into something vile and disgusting. We will be seeing many more of these false preachers – I just pray for Christians to have discerning eyes and ears, that they would allow the Holy Spirit to guide them away from lies and to seek out the Truth of His Word.


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