Secular CBS profiles evolving Christianity in changing times

cbsIf you are a Bible-believing Christian, the CBS documentary, Religion & Spirituality in a Changing Society paints a somewhat dismal picture of how the Church is changing as millennials are increasingly moving away from their parents’ and grandparents’ faith and into a new Post-modern mish-mash of feel-good beliefs. Armed with the latest Pew Forum results showing the increase in Post-modern beliefs, CBS tries to capture the reality of faith in America. As expected, conservative believers are portrayed negatively as narrow-minded, Bible “thumpers,” while progressive believers are warm-hearted and welcoming.

CBS interviewed Red-Letter Christian and Emergent leader Diana Butler Bass about what has happened in this shift, and I don’t disagree at all with her assessment, “Pretty much every quadrant of Christianity is suffering some sort of decline. The biggest surprise is that it is happening in the evangelical church, and no one had really seen that happen before.”

Butler-Bass seems to approve of where the next generation is going. But unfortunately, it is going away from Truth, and toward an experiential, New Age type of mystical spirituality. And there are an overwhelming number of visual examples in this documentary.

If you have time, the 26-minute program will be an eye-opener for some of you. Click below to watch:

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5 Responses to Secular CBS profiles evolving Christianity in changing times

  1. Larry says:

    And, the Bible believing Christians are further marginalized in public while all of our protests about how we are represented fall on deaf ears. Sounds like the theme of a book I read once, or twice, maybe a little more.


  2. Sharon W. says:

    Interesting video. This is just an opinion…..This video seems more like an agenda driven "infomercial" than a documentary. This is not an opinion…That we are to live peaceful lives in godliness because "God desires all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth." [1 Timothy 2:4]
    Sad to see the One True God was so misrepresented and sometimes mocked, but I'm not surprised and I know He isn't either. [Galatians 6:7]

    I guess I would fall into that group "on decline", but not because of the reasons they state in this documentary accept for that part about "organized religion". Sorry that it took me close to a half-century before my eyes were opened to that fiasco. Better late than not….I just know that God's ways are perfect. [Psalm 18:30]


  3. Darrel says:

    This is the result of decades of lost preachers, teachers, (priests of the rcc) standing before their "flock" and proclaiming the nonsense of their humanistic gospel. No wonder the world mocks us and the Lord when cartoon characters are the chief spokesmen for Our Lord's birth and His resurrection.


  4. J says:

    It's pretty sad that we all have religion in our lives but what about asking Jesus Christ into our hearts? We should be following Jesus Christ and not some religion. Religion isn't going to get us to heaven. We only get to Heaven by asking Jesus to come into our hearts and having Jesus save us from our sins.


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