Students asked to argue “Jews are evil”

An education program from our government called Common CORE strikes again:  Students at Albany High School were asked to participate in the unthinkable this week as part of a persuasive writing assignment. The objective: Prove why Jews are evil and convince the teacher of their loyalty to the Third Reich in five paragraphs or less.

Here the the story from

Students Asked to ‘Argue That Jews Are Evil’ and Prove Nazi Loyalty in Assignment Linked to Common Core

 Students Asked to Argue That Jews Are Evil and Prove Nazi Loyalty in New Albany Common Core Assignment

A screenshot of the writing assignment asking students to argue the Nazi case.

“You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!” read the description on the assignment, which the school superintendent said reflects the kind of sophisticated writing expected of students under the new Common Core standards and was meant to hone students’ persuasive argument abilities.

The TimesUnion reports that students were asked to digest Nazi propaganda material, then imagine that their teacher was an SS officer who needed to be persuaded of their loyalty by arguing that Jews are the root of all the world’s ills.

“I would apologize to our families,” Albany Superintendent Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard said. “I don’t believe there was malice or intent to cause any insensitivities to our families of Jewish faith.”

The TimesUnion explains more of the reasoning behind the offensive assignment:

Vanden Wyngaard said the exercise reflects the type of writing expected of students under the new Common Core curriculum, the tough new academic standards that require more sophisticated writing. Such assignments attempt to connect English with history and social studies.

She said she understood the academic intent of the assignment — to make an argument based only on limited information at hand. Still, she acknowledged that it was worded in a very offensive manner. She did not identify the English teacher or discuss whether the educator faced any discipline.

Students were asked to draw on elements of the great philosopher Aristotle, and frame their arguments as either: “Logos” (persuasion by reasoning), “Pathos” (persuasion by emotional appeal) or “Ethos” (persuasion by the author’s character).

Nonetheless, a reported one-third of the Albany students refused to complete the assignment.

Whether school faculty chose this particular subject matter for the writing assignment, or if the subject matter came directly from Common Core remains unclear (it could have been the justification and not a direct lesson), but the amount of controversial lessons administered under curriculum system is indeed mounting.


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2 Responses to Students asked to argue “Jews are evil”

  1. Rose Vosburgh says:

    What if the assignment had been 'Argue that Muslims are Evil'? Can you just hear the uproar and the shrill voices of outrage? The school superintendent would have lost her job and other heads would have rolled (figuratively speaking of course…but also a possible reality).

    Superintendent: “I don’t believe there was malice or intent to cause any insensitivities to our families of Jewish faith.” It doesn't even matter what the intent was. Considering all that Jewish people went through during the Holocaust, how could they not be sensitive regarding such an outrageous assignment? And considering the state of affairs for Isreal in the world today…it is hard to believe, if she really cared about the sensitivity of Jewish families, that she would allow it, let alone hail it as being a 'sophisticated writing assignment'. Hats off the the 1/3 of the class who refused to complete the assignment. 'Tough new academic standards'…just code words for 'let's instill hatred for Jews so we can move our agenda forward.


  2. April says:

    Stop blaming the common core for everything! Educate yourself on what it really is. It's not Satan! I'm amazed at how it's been presented!!! If you were a teacher before CC and had a student coming in from another state, you wouldn't know what the child was responsible for knowing at his/her previous school. They might miss a whole unit because you'd already taught it when their old teacher was teaching something else. Or in one state multiplying fractions is taught in 6th grade, but the child moves to a state where it's taught in 5th, so they miss it. Math is very cumulative, and those foundational skills are so important. With CC, they won't miss that! I love Common Core!


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