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Understand that many will tell you the Emergent Church has all but died out. But as we’ve seen over and over again, it has re-emerged with newly-coached leaders and strong support from the secular liberal progressives leveraging the Emergent Church to help strengthen their own agenda. And the Church is helping them do it.  Well-known Emergent leaders like Tony Campolo are reaching a whole new generation of our kids. We’re going to share news of the biggest Christian music festival in America bringing Tony Campolo in as a main speaker this summer.

You’ll also want to know about some news from the Christian Left: An article being published and applauded widely among the Emergent leaders titled, “The Bible is NOT the WORD OF GOD: a polemic against Christendom.”  Yes, you heard that right. These Emergent leaders are now officially denying the Word of God as Truth, in what  described what is the most vile affront to our Holy God that we have seen yet.

With all of these very concerning events ramping up, how should pastors and ministry leaders equip themselves and their churches to keep from becoming a part of the great falling away?

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10 Responses to Not in my church

  1. Mr Davis says:

    His word His way, I don't know if it lines up but in Leviticus God made it very plain we do not get to determine for ourselves how we are to worship God. In the new covenant the rule is ever stricter, for now to worship God you must worship in Truth and Spirit.

    What we miss: worship in Truth (who is the way the truth and the life? but the one who said No one can come unto the Father but by me that is: Christ Jesus. Very God of Very God, found in every way a man perfect in obedience, perfected in what He suffered even unto death that He would purge Himself of our sins in His death. Our sins which He willingly bore to redeem sinfull man through the shedding of His blood, through which we have been granted peace with God and have been brought near who were once estranged. The same being resurrected from the dead according to His own word which was His sign to them that He was speaking under the authority of God almighty. The same is now seated at the right hand of the Father awaiting the faithful day when He will come again to judge the quick and the dead for He will sit as KING over all creation)

    We worship in Spirit: That is we worship in the Holy Spirit, that is we must be born again and that by the Spirit of the Living God, who Is God and is worshiped as God. It is by this Power by the Holy Spirit we are made sons and daughters of the Most High John 1:12-13 But as many as received Him, to them gave He Power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

    and only by this Power working in us are we able to walk as Christ Himself walked in submission and love in complete utter obedience laying down our lives for the sake of one another, because we delight in the Fear of the LORD. Isaiah 11:2-3, 8:12-14, 1 John 1:7, 2:6


  2. Mr Davis says:

    Without the Holy Spirit working in us convicting us of our sin against the Most High, our faith rests in men and we establish our own standard for righteousness which we ernestly strive after if we are religious or if we understand the futility inherent in this pursuit we may give up entirly.

    Christ Jesus saves those that are His by Sealing those with the Holy Spirit. There is no other way we can come to God. We do not desire Him for ourselves. We do not boast as believers that we loved Him but rather that He first loved us and has ransomed us by His own blood.

    May God bless


  3. Larry says:

    Seiko's insistence that you be part of a local church is not completely grounded in Scripture. Certainly it is possible in many places to find and ok church, but if you understand that the mode of church now practiced universally in America is neo-pagan by biblical standards, right put of the box you are attending a church that is off. American evangelicalism is a daughter of English and European Protestantism, which only really attempted to reform Catholicism in certain key ways but did not move to the point of becoming pre-Constantinian. One of the major flaws is the lack of true body ministry and growth in discipleship. This is obvious when you see one trained professional endlessly lecturing a flock of spiritual babies. According to Paul in 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14, when you meet everyone has something to contribute in the way of spiritual gifts distributed severally as the Spirit wills. Most churches today ignore this fundamental tenet of the Apostolic churches.

    So then again, if we must plug in, why did Paul not plug in at the synagogues? He certainly made many attempts just as Jesus did, but all failed. In America today we have pseudo-Christianity on every corner and we may have to admit eventually that in order to plug in we need to first admit that the Lord intends to wire a new outlet.

    So rather than trying to force those seeking truly grounded Christian life back into a flawed largely man-made system, I believe the Bible says we are free to go to a church but make sure that in all your goings your feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace and the ministry of reconciliation with God through the gospel is in your right hand. If The Lord says go, go, and if The Lord says stay, stay. To God alone will be the glory through the true church age without end.

    True peace and joy, only in Him.


  4. Mr Davis says:

    Larry you are right in that protestantism was a febble attempt to reform Catholism and that was because they had the wrong target from the start. They made it an argument about the law, instead of obedience to it, all of it. Titus 3:9 and we are still confused on this today. We falsely believe the reform was successful. What was reformed exactly?
    Even today in the so called protestant houses Christ who is LORD is reduced to a crust of bread!

    It is impossible to be part of a body you refuse to associate with so I do agree with Seiko also that we must knit together with other believers. We cannot forsake the gathering together as some are in the habit of doing, Hebrews 10:22-25 Our admonishion if we find we are not in a position to effect change and bring practice or behavior back into compliance with God's word we for our part are still to obey for our part even if the majority do not. Philippians 3:15 We do need one another Hebrews 3:12-14 because we will convince ourselves we are right when in fact we are not right. So our business should be about carefull examination of one another looking for fruits meet with repentance or the other fruits of rebellion against God. It takes interaction between believers to accomplish this not a lecture.

    At some point if the Holy Spirit is really not among them, one who is striving to follow Christ will be driven out but until that happens: Be Salt and Light and keep proclaiming the Gospel in which we call all men everywhere to be reconcilled to God through faith in Christ Jesus and to repent of our rebellion which is sin utterly forsaking it.

    Keep plugging in, keep knitting, keep seeking obedience to the Truth of His word and continue to admonish all believers you meet to repent and believe that you may truly come to a knowledge of why Christ saved you.

    This is truly what the Lord Supper is all about. You have joined in a covenant with Christ and His Body (the Church) through His own Body and His own Blood, that you will do as He Himself did, and walk as He Himself walked, and lay down your life for one anothers sake and stop living for your own sake and self gratification. This is your Bread, this is your Life! to do the will of Him who sent you and finish it! To Love one another as Christ has loved us.

    May the Lord bless us all! Amen!


  5. Jason says:

    I am terribly disappointed to see Saiko Woods on your show as an example of a pastor who has discernment. I have seen Woods all over the web peddling his interview with Fred Price Jr. saying how in spite of the fact that Price is Word of Faith that Fred Price Jr. is truly a saved brother in the Lord. Woods goes all out to defend Price Jr. that it makes me wonder what Woods has to gain from it. It seems that Saiko Woods totally overlooks the heresy Price Jr. continues to insert into his teachings just because a time or two Price Jr. says something Biblically correct (Osteen does this too). Just the fact that Price Jr. took over his father's pulpit (Self proclaimed Apostle Fred Price Sr.), the fact that he supports his parents' heretical ministry, that he continues ministering along side his parents on the same stage and that he has never called out his father's heretical teachings is truly enough to discredit Price Jr. as someone we should steer clear of without our even having to dissect his doctrine. However Fred Price Jr. teaches prosperity gospel, he even calls his father an apostle and he says that he's proud of his father and his father's ministry. Seriously? You know this is the prosperity gospel where they say, "God needs you healthy and rich" and stuff like that but if you aren't then you don't have enough faith. Saiko Woods talks about the heresy of Joel Osteen but then Fred Price Jr. teaches the same Word of Faith heretical gospel as Osteen. I am totally at a loss as to why Saiko Woods gives Price Jr. a free pass here. I pray for you Mr. Woods that you might see the truth and no longer be a spoke person For Fred Price Jr. and his family's ministry but would instead call them to repentance by preaching the true gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Here are some links


  6. Sharon W. says:

    For the past year plus, I have made many, many, many attempts to "plug in" with fellow believers, whether it be meeting in one of those buildings that most refer to as a church, or a home group, or a ladies luncheon, coffee shop, etc.
    One of the major things I find lacking wherever I go, [besides the pre-eminence of Christ (Colossians 1:18) and pursuance of true discipleship as one body], is the power & the moving of the Holy Spirit. Finding a group to assemble with that at least understands these things, (let alone living it out), is by far the "Exception to the rule & Not the rule".

    I agree very much with many things stated by Larry, Seiko Woods, & Mr. Davis. But, I also believe that way too many are underestimating the poor condition and state of the church-body of Christ here in the U.S.

    This morning, I was reflecting over several events that I had attended this past week.
    When I thought about the Ladies' Luncheon and their topics of conversation and all their future plans and busy schedules, Rev. 3:17 really seemed to hit home in my mind. Especially, the words…"I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing".
    Alas, I did attend another gathering this past week, (with many people there I personally did not know), where I not only experienced elements of a true Book of Acts/1Cor. mtg., a visiting pastor who understood the pre-eminence of Christ and a real sensing of the Holy Spirit moving in this place. How refreshing! Where was this place? A funeral….Yes, a funeral service at a funeral home…go figure!


  7. Marie says:

    Man has put a label on a movement and called it "emergent." Man has labeled another movement and called it the "vineyard" movement. Another move of man is the "new apostolic reformation" that can be seen dominating many a religious folk here and there. Movements are labeled, man's (and definitely women's as well) pride is stroked as they invent "new ways" to hear, obey, and seek God. Many in the former church that God, the Holy Spirit, has called me out of practiced the fine art of reading a book written by men and women, then following the discipline layed out within the pages and forcing those doctrines on the rest of us.

    Herein lies the crutch of the matter. When a person, who has had a legitimate born again conversion, chooses to follow Jesus and His Word, instead of these false teachers and false prophets seeking lying signs and wonders, then look out because the true beast will reveal itself in a hurry. The "love" bombing that went on when you first visited the churches practicing any of the "movements" listed above, will turn on you, thus becoming explosions of "hatred." The true fruits of the spirits involved will rear their ugly heads and wagging tongues against you. Following Jesus will cost you, perhaps everything. And you will be a target for their arrows….accusations of "backsliding," "falling away," or "she was never really born again," will be the bullseye of their persecution towards you and they will try and destroy you. When a "church" follows other spirits instead of the leading of the Holy Spirit, bizarre teachings and practices are the fruits of their carnality.

    So exactly who is being worshipped in most western churches? Man. Man is exalting himself above the finished work of Jesus Christ in every area of the church. No longer is it the ministry of Jesus Christ, but the ministry of this one and the ministry of that one, telling "cute" little stories about their own lives and never coming to the full knowledge of our LORD Jesus Christ because we are not reading our Bibles in churches any longer in the context in which it has been given to us. Now, in churches across the most hedonistic nation on the face of the planet, The United States of America, we can fill our bellies full of ourselves and eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die, because that is all most churches are any more….the wells of human carnality. And when you mention sin, most people look at you funny and say, well, "I don't do anything wrong," and go about doing their "works" for a Jesus they do not even know believing what they do will "earn" them a trip to heaven.

    We all sin and fall short of the glory of God, none is sinless, and we are all so desperately in need of Jesus, more now than ever before. God, the Holy Spirit is still moving and doing a work in the hearts of His people, but it's not in the places we used to think.


    • Sharon W. says:

      How true Marie when you stated…"but it's not in places you used to think". These comment pages have also been a real blessing from God. The Holy Spirit has ministered to my spirit many of times here on these pages through my brothers & sisters in Christ.


    • Rose Vosburgh says:

      Wow! Great post, Marie. And I echo Sharon's comment.


  8. Trudy Buck says:

    I am sixty-four years young and this is my Very First time ever hearing of Pastor Woods and his church. I still from this article do not know the name of his church! Is it the Emergent Church from the first line I read or would someone please give me the correct name? Thank you. As I read on I have to agree with a lot of the things I read; such as the pastors today giving themselves titles, having false pride, misuserping the people for filthy lucre, misrepresenting the Gospel, being the sole and only one to speak instead of including their congregants in discussing the word of God. But I do have a question about one of the words I heard Pastor woods use and that word is "conviction." From my understanding of Romans 8:1 After a person received Christ and gives their complete heart and life over to His Will, then Christ doesn't condemn us, but He justifies us and leads us in His path of Righteousness. When one is Convicted, after their conviction comes a sentence of judgment and then punishment. But God does not judge us at that point when we Repent and turn away from our sins and have a made up mind to follow Him. Also after a "Conviction" we also get doled out to us the rewards for our conviction and God, Christ does not reward us with a consequence but instead He casts our sins into a sea of forgetfulness and then the Holy Spirit begins to teach us God's perfect way and will for our lives according to His purposr for our lives. Other than that I was fine with the other things, understandings, and insights that I read. Thank you very much Pastor Woods and all others who shared.


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