Staggering Numbers of Women Converting to Islam

Staggering Numbers of Women Converting to Islam - April 8The numbers are astounding. Each year tens of thousands of young, insecure females, seeking structure and an identity are being seduced to convert by an intentional movement. It’s a system that has put easy tools and methods into the hands of recruiters, radicals who are programmatically targeting women and girls in the United States and around the world. The Clarion Project has the story:

The first thing the Dutch girl did once she’d converted to Islam was change her name – to Soumaya, she says, because “she was the first martyr. She was prepared to die for Allah.”

Soumaya, née Aphrodite, is one of a wave of tens of thousands of Westerners who convert to Islam every year, more than 75 percent of whom, astonishingly, are women.

Equally surprising is the fact that most of these women gravitate to conservative Islamic groups – the more misogynistic and oppressive ones – insisting all the while that they feel “liberated” and “free.”

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4 Responses to Staggering Numbers of Women Converting to Islam

  1. Rose Vosburgh says:

    This is absolutely bizarre. How can a woman feel liberated and free wearing a full black burka covering her from head to toe… and having no real rights in the Islamic world….she is basically the property of her husband. He can beat her, divorce her, take another wife besides her. Most Arab men look down on women… view them as second class citizens. I guess it must come down to many people, women mostly, searching for more meaning in life than the shallowness they see in our American culture and sadly what they also see in the Christian Church at large. Just another indication that we are failing as Christians to evangelize the lost around us. It is also more proof that the seeker sensitive way of doing church is a terrible failure. People are looking for something with meat…and perhaps they think Muslims are more committed to their beliefs and stand out from the rest of society (rather than blending in) and that is attractive to them. Just surmising here. This was truly a surprise to me…that so many women are converting to a religion that devalues their worth. So sad. I think most of these women will end up very disillusioned and even enslaved later on.


  2. Mr Davis says:

    In a way she is free from the burdon of responsibility regarding the daily use of her rights, but it is a false freedom. And there still is responsibiliy. Christ will judge all. Though hand join in hand they will not go unpunished.

    Here is where our western culture through feminism left women exposed and vulnerable to the wolves of society. For it is not socially acceptable for a women to yield her rights herself to her father and then her husband to operate under their authority and protection. In our culture, if she doesn't support herself and put herself on the line, if she doesn't make a name for herself, she is less than a women. This idea permiates our whole culture! Heck men today are disappointed if a wife wants to stay home with the kids. Get out there and make some money so we can blow it on our every earthly desire and our kids we will leave to the instruction of the state.

    So finding this protection in Islam, why would women not seek it out, if for no other reason than to take away the pressure our culture puts on women. Even if it means they put themselves under wolves of men to do it.

    I find this a very logical progression for women who are seeking an out from feminism. They used to find it in the Church. Not anymore, even the Church hates women and doesn't want to protect them.


  3. Rose Vosburgh says:

    Very insightful comments. I never made the connection to feminism. I think you hit the nail on the head. Biblical Christianity offered protection to women in the past, but the Biblical model has been thrown out and is foreign to our society now… the wife being under the husband's authority while the husband loves his wife just as Christ loves the church, sacrificing himself for her. It is a rare thing for a man to even open a door for a woman these days. The Feminists wanted to create a world where there was no distinction between men and women and they have pretty much succeeded. We even have women in combat now. The church has bought into this mentality. We have the answer for these women in the Bible, but sadly it is not being preached today.


  4. Mark says:

    The reality here is that Christians as a group are horrific at ACTS 1:8. Christians need to build relationship not spread their Godsmackery. The failure here is that women are emotional beings capable of love. Islam though is an easy trap and when given the choice between "a loving religion" and a bunch of "baptist haters." the choice is to take the path of least resistance. Even Jesus said the path to him was narrow; so, are people going to take the easy or hard path? Christians, I wish you all would just wake up. Unfortunately, the view is God or else. Jesus built relationship and that is how people were saved.


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