How Christians phrases have “evolved”



Thanks to postmodernity, we now have a whole new vocabulary with double meanings, just so we can muddy the waters of truth.   Check out the phrases below. What do you think?

Do not judge” often means “I desire no accountability, and would like to continue sinning with impunity..”

“You should be more loving” often means “lay aside discernment and allow us to worship in flesh and error, not spirit and truth.”

“Only the Lord can see the heart,” often means “I desire for people to think highly of my silence, because silence and compromise means ‘humility’. It is a pretense for lack of evangelism and ashamedness.

We should be humble” often means “We should be as those who shift with the wind and join the enemies of Christ, speak softly, and not make any definitive absolute statements..”

“The Gospel” often means “The manufactured musings of men to lay aside the offense of the cross, so that mankind is won to their pragmatism.” Although it is the ‘power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes’ (Romans 1:16)

“Discipleship” often means “the gathering of those surrounding you who will never grow beyond you so the world may esteem you as having disciples.”

“Thank God” from the lips of those who reject Christ often means, “to presume upon God’s common grace, while remaining sin, and rendering thanks to Him for that which makes us ‘feel good’.

“Missional” often means, “To play with the world Monday-Saturday, and come clothed in wickedness before Him on the Lord’s Day.”

“Tolerance” often means “To give credibility to immorality and malign those who follow after Yahweh, the Moral Lawgiver.”

“Prosperity” often means ‘To put down the cross upon which the flesh must be crucified, to follow after the lust of materialism.”

“Jesus” often means “A buzzword, a password, the means by which people are warehoused only to swear allegiance to systems which fight against Him..Although He is the undisputed Lord of Glory and Head of the church.”

~Doron Gladden   (Hat Tip: Surph’s Side blog)

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2 Responses to How Christians phrases have “evolved”

  1. MackQuigley says:

    "Bible" means rejecting what the King James Bible says in English so you can monkey around with Greek lexicons, defining words to suit yourself and those that think like you.

    "Scripture" means original manuscripts that don't exist any more, but this won't stop you from making disingenuous assertions about you reading the scriptures or saying "the scriptures say" and then reading words in English that you actually don't believe are scripture.


  2. Joelle says:

    So true… so true…


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