Dear Joel Osteen: About that “hoax…”

Dear Pastor Osteen,

osteenIt is very unfortunate that someone would target you for a scandalous internet hoax, making up fake websites and convincing the world that you had decided to resign over your “lack of faith.”  Anyone who would put up bogus news sites to look like CNN, Drudge Report, Yahoo and the Christian News Network, not to mention the fake YouTube video  and bogus Twitter page in your name is a criminal in my book, and should be brought to justice.

You? Resign from your position because you no longer believe the Bible is true? A lot of people believed it. Heck, even I was taken for a few minutes.  Certainly no one could blame you, your family and your church for being upset by this elaborate lie that was obviously designed to harm you.

Here’s the thing though. There are two hoax crimes that have been committed here.

Let me explain:

Amidst the outrage you must be feeling toward this person, he or she appears to have been quite correct in several statements in your now-famous fake quote:

I have been accused of altering the ‘message’ to fit my own doctrine and dogma. Others have accused me of preaching ‘feel good Christianity’. I have also been accused of profiting greatly from my ministry, with my books and television deals.

Pastor, it seems to the world that you have done all of those things. In fact the “jesus” that you preach and write about isn’t the real Jesus of the Bible at all. Just a genie-jesus whom we can control with our spoken words, as though he is just waiting to bless us richly if we would only make the right and positive proclamations.

So my question to you about the hoaxer is this:  Inasmuch as this criminal has made up a fake “Joel Osteen” at a great harm to you and your family, haven’t you been doing the same thing to our Lord Jesus and His family? In making up a fake Jesus, haven’t you greatly and eternally harmed those who would follow this false creation of yours?

And finally, have you considered that the real Jesus might actually be outraged enough to bring you to justice?

Please consider repenting, pastor. And if your repentance results in you resigning your position for real and apologizing to those who’ve been deceived by you, it would go a long way toward healing and restoration.

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12 Responses to Dear Joel Osteen: About that “hoax…”

  1. jane says:

    I agree completely! Thank you for your honesty and applying truth to this situation!


  2. TRUTH says:

    Prosperity preaching Joel ?
    a man of God or a hoax?

    have you become a watch man to protect wolves?


  3. jen says:

    Completely thinking this same thing: "Please consider repenting, pastor. And if your repentance results in you resigning your position for real and apologizing to those who’ve been deceived by you, it would go a long way toward healing and restoration".. .I was hoping he had actually resigned so that all those who are being duped into thinking they are at "church" might have their eyes opened…


  4. Kent says:

    Here is the problem with your calling him to repentance because he is not mean enough. You must now call all those to repentance whose preaching has no grace.

    I guess you need to call all preachers to repentance except those that are perfect.

    Besides accusing him of not being mean enough–because he preaches grace instead of law, you also accuse him of profiting from his ministry. Now, you need to find the Bible verse that says preachers should not be allowed to eat the grain they grind, and the verse that says a person who can run a huge organization and bless so many discouraged people should not be paid according to his skills and abilities.

    So, so, so many people have been hurt by the church and discouraged that it is nice to find a gospel believing preacher that spends 98% of his time on the positive things.


    • Amy Spreeman says:

      Kent, "mean enough?" I don't know what that means. Just to be clear, he preaches a different gospel, a different jesus and a different faith. Jesus Himself warned against such men.


      • Howard says:

        For sure Osteen is preaching a false Jesus. The Jesus he is preaching is another Jesus. Apostle Paul, Jesus Christ and all the disciples never preached such a tired message.


    • Kevin Kleint says:

      It's amazing how we divide up our faith into "positive" and "negative". To the Jesus, the Disciples, John the Baptist and Paul …. the Gospel always starts with "REPENT".

      Unfortunately nowadays, "REPENT" is a "negative thing" to those who call themselves "the church". As a result, 99% of the people are fooled into thinking that they are "saved" just because they said the sinner's prayer.

      "The Way is Narrow" ….. Believe it.


    • Allen says:

      Hi Kent. You cannot arrive at God's grace without facing the law, because the law will point out that we are sinners, and unless we understand that, we will not develop Godly sorrow that will lead us to true genuine repentance. There is a reason why the Old Testament is in the first half of the Bible. People tend to pick the verses that will best suit their situation. We don't conform the Bible to our life, we should conform our life to the Bible. Its not an issue of legalism versus grace. Its an issue of preaching and teaching the truth of the written Word, unadulterated, never sugarcoated. I guess that's the reason why our Lord Jesus himself said that only few will find and trek the narrow road. If the leader is lost, then the flock is lost. Let us pray for these people. To God alone be the glory.


  5. Joecool says:

    Don't follow men follow Jesus and guys like Joel won't even be an issue. Read your Bible and you won't get fooled by those who masquerade as teachers of the truth.


  6. Christine says:

    I agree completely. Forgive me, I actually was hoping it to be true so that his followers' eyes could be open to the real truth…shame lol. But, seriously, my heart breaks for the thousands of people who believe his 'gospel'. May God have mercy on him and them all, and if it is His will, bring about true repentance.


  7. LJ says:

    WORD-FAITH PANDEMIC. Here in cosmopolitan Singapore we have our fair share of a different gospel running the gamut of local churches (Galatians 1:6-10; 2 Corinthians 11:4). As a matter of fact I’ve even attended New Creation Church for two and a half years as part of an ecclesiastical study apart from serving. Whilst in the pews of a hyper grace seeker-sensitive church, I’ve heard the sounds of perversity from the horse’s mouth–Joseph Prince himself–and his minions twisting scripture that is sadly regurgitated by mindless shepherds to their sheep at home cell units. With the likes of Word-Faith proponents such as Matt Crouch, Richard Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Judah Smith, Darlene Z etc. gracing the stage, imagine that after JP’s debut at Osteen’s Lakewood Church in 2011, a home cell leader could actually ask us, “Do you think its ok to adore Ps Prince?” No, that’s not the straw that broke the camel’s back. Imagine the superstitious embrace of the Eucharist and the anointing oil for the miraculous if not grotesque–should one heed their promptings that ply the crude and silly. Furthermore, should one duly discern, JP’s focus on the bane of the Law is all but a distraction and a cop-out from a sincere exegesis of the Gospel and Pauline epistles in its entirety. Just as conjured parallels between Judaism and Islam seem amazing, amazing yet is one who preaches Jesus with a different gospel and misses Him entirely! What more then when the nation boasts of yet another heretic that has some 36,000 sheep under his watchful gaze–Kong Hee of City Harvest Church. Cho Yonggi, Benny Hinn and Phil Pringle are but the few that have hitched this wagon to only God knows where. Isn’t it amazing that God had vouchsafe for the worthless even though all nations before Him are as nothing, and they are counted by Him less than nothing and worthless (Isaiah 40:17)? Should USA be judged, she’s better off alphabetically. Should the scales fall from the eyes of the deluded, they will vomit the filth fed by these hireling shepherds that have crept in unawares to pollute every nook and cranny of the body of Christ. For that matter, Beyonce’s performance at Super Bowl 2013 can hardly differ depicting the deluded, be it the masses or a select few, that are ushered in rank and file, week in and week out to unwittingly channel in their alter ego plying the pulpit and yet be harnessed by deceit for merchandise. Madness. Or better yet the caption that says ‘Think–while its still legal!’ Never mind the gainsayers, should it baffle us when some make a defense of their pet heretic if only to confirm their delusion? Know that for every gainsayer, there are dozens more who are unbending in the pure Word of God. I can put up signs to warn you but no further than the fiery Pit. Just get the full Monty out folks–before its way too late! ~ Larry James, Singapore.


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