Zombies in church this Easter

Capture11“Attractional” is once again the buzz word at many seeker-mergent churches this Easter weekend. All kinds of crazy stunts will once again be pulled to get people to come to church. We’ve seen everything from circus acts to superheroes to pirates in the past.  But instead of a beautiful Gospel message of Jesus’ death, resurrection and forgiveness, church attendees are treated to the latest and greatest movie trailers and whatever else tickles the fancy. And nothing says Easter like Zombies.

Over the last several weeks, CrossPoint Community Church has inserted the walking dead into its sermons, and this weekend promises to be epic. But is this culturally-relevant church taking coolness too far?

“We take familiar concepts and make it possible to look at them with fresh eyes,” said Frank Hart, Worship Arts and Creative Director at CrossPoint. “We want the look and feel of our message series to be provocative and attractional,” he said.

CrossPoint says it “feels it is tapping into something that is making the culture tick.”


It seems the people of CrossPoint are not alone in making connections between zombies and Jesus. There are entire websites devoted to the subject, like ZombieTheology.com, whose creator says, “there are many parallels between zombie lore and Christian theology. The first concept that a person must deal with is the fact that they are actually dead without God,” said Knox. “They are living, but they are dead.”

Okay, I get that. But it’s silly. And quite frankly, it borders on disrespectful. What ever happened to simply preaching God’s Word, without the tricks?




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7 Responses to Zombies in church this Easter

  1. kimbro says:

    Agreed. Can someone please tell me of a church that simply teaches the Word of God without all of the fancy dancy, frilly stuff or story themed sermons that somehow are supposed to relate to God's truth?
    I just want to understand what God's Word says and how it all fits together to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and fellowship with people that want the same thing.


    • Dennis Toyne says:

      We have Gospel messages and real heart -felt worship at Cornerstone Family Church by the NEW Zoo in Suamico.
      Try it out sometime.


  2. Mary says:

    It depends on where you live, there are some out there that keep it simple. Really!


  3. Marie says:

    Does God command us to even celebrate "Easter" as born again believers in Jesus Christ? No.

    The word zombie and easter go hand in hand for I used to be a zombie when I believed the lie of easter being the resurrection of our LORD Jesus Christ, which is blasphemy. Easter is a pagan goddess and I grieve that my church has lied to me all of these years.

    Many pastors learn in their schools of higher learning called seminaries that indeed, easter is not Christian, then turn around and preach it in their churches. Does not God say, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me?" We have like sheep, gone astray by pastors/hirelings who have forsaken God. Talk about assimilating into the culture! Why can't preachers preach the truth anymore?


  4. Mary says:

    Calvary Chapels just teach thru the Word, no fancies for the most part. They are all over the world and are known for that since the 70s.


  5. Liss Askew says:

    I love Zombies and Vampires, and having a creative mind, I have always tried to tie them to a Biblical mindset-being alive but dead, and the issue of blood. That being said…I am uncomfortable with the comment made by the Worship Arts Director (that title alone bothers me). They want to make their message series provocative and attractional. I think the Bible is provocative without any added influence. And is it all about our efforts, or is it about the Holy Spirit working to attract people? I don't have a problem with church being relevant, but the simple teaching of Bible principles and how they apply to our lives is all the relevance we really need. The church should be teaching this application to those already in CHrist, and developing depth in those who are in Christ. Then those in Christ can go out into the world and teach others. Those of us in Christ already, we don't need the antics. We should be there to learn more deeply and mature in Christ.


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