Dr. Oz wants to know if you follow Jesus and eat like Him

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the man who helped design and launch Saddleback church’s Daniel Plan with Rick Warren, wants to know if the Bible is the “holy grail” of health. While he, himself is not a professed Christian, yesterday’s March 27 2013 of the Dr. Oz program asked a lot of interesting questions. From his website:

Have you ever wondered what Jesus ate and if He was healthy? If you know, would it change the way you live your own life?

Do you read the Bible? Do you follow the teachings of Jesus? Have you ever wondered what He ate and if He was healthy? If you knew He was healthy would you want to be more like Him? If you have wondered about any of this the next episode of Dr. Oz is for you! “What Do We Know About Jesus’ Health” will answer all of your questions and you might learn more than you expected. Maybe some of what you hear will surprise you and maybe it will make a lot of sense, but one thing is for sure – Dr. Oz has the answers you have been waiting for! Could the Bible actually be the Holy Grail for living a healthy life? Come back soon to find out! It might just change the way you live your own life.
Dr Oz: What Did Jesus Eat?Millions of people follow the teachings of Jesus, but what do we really know about how He lived, and more importantly, what do we really know about His health? If you knew what Jesus ate would you change your own diet so you could be more like Him? Dr. Oz is revealing the fascinating truth about what Jesus ate and how He lived his life, and you can bet it did not involve a microwave oven. Dr. Oz is going to share the staple foods that Jesus ate on a regular basis! Could those foods and the Holy Bible be the Holy Grail to help you live a longer life? Dr. Oz is not sure how they knew the secret to longevity 2,000 years ago, but he says we are figuring it out again today and he is going to share it with you on the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show!


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9 Responses to Dr. Oz wants to know if you follow Jesus and eat like Him

  1. Last I heard, Oz was a Sufi Muslim mystic. I left Saddleback after this Daniel Plan was announced. It was the last straw.


  2. Mare says:

    Yeah, that's what the Last Supper was all about. The Mediterranean Diet. Talk about missing the point of nearly everything in the bible. Brilliant. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…."


    • Christine says:

      Spot on comment my friend. The whole truth of the bible missed completely. Using the bible in such a carnal way is just Utter foolishness. So so sad.


  3. Pauline Neterval says:

    We could not eat like Jesus did, or anyone else in the bible for that matter. The reason is this: their food was "good"; their livestock, "pure". They did not have hormone injections, chemicals in their fertilizers, homogenized, processed, scientifically, genetically MANIPULATED garbage that we have today. They didn't have the FDA trying to hide things from labels, they didn't have acid rain, they didn't have chem trails or any other things being dumped by planes to poison the land.
    What they had was the REAL thing, while we have almost every industry trying to
    change and manipulate the ground, the vegetation, and the animals to make the buck. So, my answer is no – we cannot eat or drink like Jesus or anyone in His day did.


  4. James says:

    I also was under the understanding that Oz was a muslim also. Maybe he doesn't have a clue what he is. Congratulations Nick on leaving Saddleback. It has gotten so out of whack Rick Warren should be embarrassed trying to say he is a pastor and allow other cults, religions and so forth to come and do seminars to teach on how they should run the church and ect. If it is Christian, then let it be Christian, if not go join the Oz. It bothers me to know how these ones use Christianity for their selfish motives, yet will put it down in their own ways.


  5. Marie says:

    This "Jesus" culture is becoming quite popular…mention any topic and add the precious name of Jesus to it and it seems as though people's heads turn and they are willing to spend their money on methods and books to accomplish fleshly goals.
    Could this be tied in with "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD your God in vain." ?? I was taught that taking the LORD'S Name in vain was using it a a cursatory word, but how about profiting off of the Name of the LORD for gain; could that not be using His Holy Name for less than pure motives? By embracing Mr. Oz and his pagan beliefs and ways, we clearly see ecumenism in action and the one world religion coming together before our very eyes. God's prophecies are so true and it is exciting to us believers to know that our Scriptures are correct.

    I recently had a woman in the church system tell me that we are not to eat pork either as we are commanded not to partake in any food coming from split hooved animals. Are we still under the law of the Old Testament, or has Jesus Christ become a complete fulfillment of any law in the Old Covenant. We should be warned of the Judiazers as well amongst us that deny the fulfillment of Christ and put us back into bondage under laws that no longer exist for born again believers who trust in the finished work of Jesus.

    I too, am in agreement with James in praising God for calling Nick out of the purpose driven life system. I drove many miles and paid a fee at the gate(door) to hear Mr. Warren tell us ignorant sheep about our true purpose according to the systems of man. I thought the Gospel of Jesus Christ was free and paying at the church door was the first sign of heresy. May God forgive us for "charging money" for His Word.


  6. Liss Askew says:

    Seems kind of comical to me..He is not sure how they knew the secret to longevity..First of all, Dr Oz telling me anything about my Saviour, Jesus Christ, I can't help but resent the whole notion. I would like to share a few things about Jesus Christ with him. Back to the secret of longevity. It's called Eternal Life only through Jesus Christ, who is God. When it comes to earthly living, peoples' life spans were just longer in those days. People have differing ideas on why that was. But even if we could eat what the people in Bible times ate, I still don't think we would live to be 400 and 500 years old. But we can't compare now and then as far as our food and eating behaviors. It probably would be great to eat like they did, but it is not possible. We live in a whole different world now. I feel that Dr Oz is just getting in on the "Jesus" thing because he thinks he will score a larger audience. ANd I personally don't appreciate that. He needs to learn more about Jesus' teachings, and those teachings concern much more than our physical bodies. Dr Oz seems to be into everything that is about "self": Hindu/Buddhist practices, meditation, etc. If he really wants to know about well-being and teaching others well-being, he would do well to study all of Jesus' teachings. True well-being for self begins with looking beyond self, not delving more deeply into self.


  7. David says:

    Are these Christian comments? Most certainly they are!! Such discernment! Such unity! Oh Lord I love the way your people see and hear. A beautiful reflection of your light!! Your Word shall not pass away..Praise God!


  8. Sheila Davis says:

    Doesn't Paul talk about not letting people condemn you over food? And didn't Jesus say it wasn't what you put into you body that defiles you but what comes out of the heart?


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