Saying “No” to promoting blasphemous “The Bible” docudrama

SunnyShell1As we head into the Easter weekend and Resurrection Sunday, we are talking today about the resurrection of Jesus from the grave, and what the “old rugged cross” means to the Bride of Christ and to the world who does not know Him.

We’re going to begin with what is becoming a controversial topic these past few weeks. Many of you are watching the History Channel’s docudrama, “The Bible,” produced by actress Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett. Overseeing the content and promoting this show are celebrity pastors Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Jim Wallis and many others.

theBible_poster_v31When a public relations group from the History Channel contacted our guest to help promote the show, she was able to preview the docudrama and gave them a surprising answer: No!  We first told you about Sunny Shell last week when we shared her blog article about how she came to that decision. You can read about it on our site, in a link titled, Something HUGE is missing from the Last Supper!

We have Sunny with us in our first segment. She is a wife, mom and writer and founder of a ministry called Abandoned to Christ over at You can also find her writings at My Second Love: A Proverbs 31 Study.  Sunny is a former columnist for with two columns: Christian Worldview  and Christian Marriage.

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3 Responses to Saying “No” to promoting blasphemous “The Bible” docudrama

  1. flint walker says:

    There is so much more to the true resurrection of Messiah Yahusha HaMoshiach ! Do not cheat yourself out of truly knowing Him. How? You ask ! That's is IT! You ask! You seek ! You knock ! He answers ! He reveals ! He opens up His Word and by His very breath ! His Ruach HaKodesh He speaks to us His everlasting WORD ! True ! Faithful ! He is for He is always with us ! To instruct, to correct , to teach us all that we need to know. To put into practice all that He has spoken!


  2. Caleb Dale Olson says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have to say. Mark and Amy you are are doing an excellent job at Stand up for the Truth. But one thing I think it is going a little bit far by calling mini series "The Bible" blasphemous. I think it will help open doors and cause people to open up a bible and find out the real truth. And help a Christian help a non christian read a bible. it may also help soften the heart for the bible. I do not think it should be used as absolute truth and not replace the bible. But you are doing a great job and warning us on a lot of topics with the US and the World.


    • Sunny Shell says:

      Hi Caleb,

      I wrote a little article a while back re: what blasphemy and heresy really mean as defined by God.

      While it's not an exhaustive explanation, it should suffice to help us all understand what God calls blasphemous so we too, as His children can define things as He defines things and view this world and everything in it according to His word, rather than according to our finite understanding,

      If you're interested here's the link:


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