Matthew Vines Launches ‘Reformation Project’ to Make Churches Gay-Affirming

Matthew Vines

Matthew Vines

Is your church “reformed?” It soon will be, if Matthew Vines has his way.  In just a few weeks, Vines will reach thousands of people around the nation and train them to infiltrate Bible-believing churches like yours to attack the Truth.

Vines, a Harvard-educated gay Christian who sparked a great deal of controversy in the church community last year with his in-depth analysis on why the Bible does not condemn homosexuality, has launched a new leadership training conference aimed at teaching Christians how to lead LGBT-friendly churches and communities:

In a video announcing the project, Vines says The Reformation Project will “train, connect and empower gay Christians and their allies to reform church teaching on homosexuality from the ground up.”

Vines gained a wide recognition and stirred controversy last year with his hour-long YouTube video, which has gained over half a million views, where he presented a detailed argument on why he believes the Bible does not condemn gay people.

The young Christian also did an exclusive interview with The Christian Post where he detailed how he arrived at his argument, which caused a great deal of discussion and debate in the Christian community. A number of theologians, such as Dr. Evan Lenow, assistant professor of Ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dr. Robert Gagnon, associate professor of New Testament at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and the foremost expert on the Bible and homosexuality, offered counter-arguments, rejecting Vines’ reading of the Bible.

The Reformation Project, which will take place Sept. 18-21 at Asbury United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Kansas, is aimed at tackling homophobia in the church, Vines says.

“Right now there are thousands of churches across the world where gay Christians have no voice – where coming out means getting kicked out and losing all support from family and friends,” he states in the video.

“As the Bible tells us, the stone that the builders rejected has and will become the Cornerstone.”

According to the project website, regional offices are being launched “in places where LGBT people have the least support” in order to “reform the churches there from within.”

“Soon, gay kids in Jackson, Mississippi and Kingston, Jamaica won’t just have to hear on YouTube that it gets better-they will have the personal support of outspoken, influential Christian allies in their communities who can ensure that it does.”

Watch Matthew Vines’ video for The Reformation Project below:

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10 Responses to Matthew Vines Launches ‘Reformation Project’ to Make Churches Gay-Affirming

  1. Darrel says:

    The juggernaut of the gay agenda continues unabated. It is becoming a struggle to find the voice of opposition and reason especially in Christian circles. It seems that too many opt to burying their head in the sand in the hope that it will all go away. And yet it is not going away, but growing in size, strength, and proponents. The Word of God has been placed on the shelf or discarded altogether. Governments at all levels are submitting to the LGBT demands out of fear of reprisal, law suits or worse. Whole denominations have fallen prey to their wishes and soon enough it will come to your church. It will be decision time for your church and for you, individually. This will be a first for many, being persecuted for their faith. Will you stand on the truth of the Word of God or capitulate to the ungodliness of those who actually hate the God you claim to love? It would be best to decide before this whole mess is in your face for real.

    As the push for acceptance grows and is sucessful it will no longer be enough for them to have the world's approval. They will demand the approval of those of us who have spoken out against their ungodly deeds. We will likely be required to recant of our stance against this sin by saying that homosexuality is good and acceptable to God, and maybe even to declare that our God was wrong and unjust to ever say that homosexuality was a sin. Are you ready for that? Oh, you say, that will never happen in America. Maybe, but fifty years ago sodomy was against the law in many states and look how far we've come now! Perhaps now would be a good time to figure out where you stand on this issue.


  2. J says:

    God's word says that homosexuality is a sin it's a sin. We so called christians need to know what God's word says. The day is here when preachers will stop preaching the word of God for fear of losing money.
    I can only hope that we so called christians can encourage our pastors to stand behind the pulpit and call sin for what it is. Sin.


  3. Tom says:

    I suggest that recent decades have taught us that specialists within the church, and Christians in general, need to seek greater insight into the issue of homosexuality. The church needs to know what the Bible says on the topic. But also the church needs to avoid seeing homosexuals simply as "the enemy" or simply as sinners from the other side of town. Without disregarding Scripture, the church needs to recognise that it's genuinely a difficult topic, that there are same-sex attracted people inside churches who have been unable to purge that same-sex attraction, and that there are homosexuals outside the church, who truly think that conservative Christians hate them. That last factor is concerning too. How can the church honour Scripture and call a spade a spade, and still be loving? This is a multifaceted issue involving Scripture, compassion, and even science, and time needs to be given to all those elements in order to grasp it well. Lines like "dont do it, it's sin" simply sound unrealistic to those in the midst of it, and are too superficial.


    • Rose Vosburgh says:

      Tom, Just curious. How is science involved?


      • Tom says:

        Rose, Im not implying that science has all the answers that human beings need, and Im not implying that 'science' has no flaws and never reaches false conclusions. I just advocate including 'science' in the sense of studying something objectively, in-depth by specialists, from the point of view of angles that are biological and psychological etc. If we are informed solely by Scripture, it's easy to conclude that everyone is inherently and simply male or female and attracted to the opposite gender as per Adam & Eve. But gynaecologists and midwives will tell you that a surprisingly large percentage of babies are born with genitalia that are not distinctly male or female. Zoologists will confirm that homosexual behaviour is not entirely uncommon amongst animals. Psychologists will confirm that there have been many homosexuals who have tried very hard to turn straight, but found that they cant eradicate their same-sex attractions, even with prayer, and even with fasting and exorcisms. Im not suggesting that these facts are excuse sin. Even for an alcoholic, drinking is still a wilful act. But we do need to recognise that if you tell a non-christian that homosexuality is 'unnatural' or a 'choice', without reflecting on what the science says, they will interpret you to be simply uninformed. But if you tell a non-christian that you know what the science says, and that gay sex is simply a behaviour that Christians choose not to engage in, then you sound more reasonable.


  4. Rob says:

    It is unfortunate that gays who called themselves "Christians" are unable to refrain themselves in giving into lust and sin by engaging in homosexual activities, whether privately or openly, and hypocritically profess to follow the Bible faithfully. The whole point of homosexuality is to have sex with anyone – male or female of the same sex – without shame or thought of consequences for oneself and for other persons. It is all about reducing people to animalistic behaviors, no intelligent, romantic, or moral consideration for others, solely to penetrate and/or sodomize others for self-fulfilment. The key point is self-fulfilment in homosexuality – one seeking to sate own desires and thoughts by having sex with willing or unwilling persons of the same sex, regardless of risks. Gays and lesbians are putting their own sexual self-fulfilment ahead of their supposed faith with God and disregarding the Scriptural teachings, especially the one issue they do not accept as God's truth: the sin of homosexuality.

    Gays and lesbians should try learning to ABSTAIN. Abstain from engaging in sexual activities with other people and consider the consequences for the glory of God and His love for all. Man and woman are meant for each other romantically, sexually, faithfully and lovingly, the future of mankind hinge on that. That mean gays giving up all personal desires and fulfillment in the services of the Lord, if they're willing. Or at least personally refrain from engaging in homosexual acts and re-orient oneself toward God through Jesus Christ. That being said, gay and lesbian Christians should disregard and reject the gay agenda, which is all secular, atheistic and unChristian to the core. Many leading and well-known activists of the gay agenda openly hate Christians and the Bible, and they lied a lot about being "nice" and "open-minded" to Christians in general. If these people think they can barge the gay agenda into the Kingdom of God, they'll find themselves falling down into the dark abyss right away.

    Humans are not animals and we shouldn't be reducing ourselves to the baser levels of most animals. We are not monkeys flinging poops at other people or wantonly rape male or female monkeys just because we feel like to anytime. The gay agenda activists are relying a lot on bad science, deceit, sexual propaganda, over-the-top erotic literature, and hatred of the Bible to advance the gay agenda. Matthew Vines is clearly an agent engaging in falsehood and exchanging God's truth for a lie.


    • Tom says:

      Sorry to dominate the feedback, but I must respond to this. Rob, I agree with various elements of your comment, but there are other elements of your comment that seem incorrect and unjustified. I disagree with the middle 3 sentences of your first paragraph. What grounds do you have to claim that the whole point of homosexuality is to have sex without thought of the consequences? If that were the case, homosexual sex would never include the use of condoms. But it sometimes does. What grounds do you have for the claim that homosexual sex includes no romantic considerations for others? It sometimes does. What grounds do you have for the claim that it's solely for the penetration or sodomising of others? It involves other acts too. What grounds do you have to characterise it as being about having sex with willing or unwilling persons? I doubt that homosexual rape is any more common that heterosexual rape. I dont want to be an apologist for gay sex, but unless the discussion is rational and accurate, the discussion is not beneficial.


      • Rob says:

        That's your opinion, Tom.

        I said this and I say it again, with emphasis in capital letters:

        "The key point is SELF-FULFILMENT in homosexuality – one seeking to sate own desires and thoughts by having sex with willing or unwilling persons of the same sex, regardless of risks."

        There are a number of websites that cater to people of both sexes looking for other people to have sex. Plenty more in the same sex categories than the heterosexual-only categories.

        Worse, we are seeing increasing cases of STDs in young people. Worse, the likelihood the scientists getting closer to a cure for AIDS, the more likely people would abandon condoms or contraceptives and goes "bare" with others inevitably.

        My questions are these: is having sex with others casually or randomly that more important in our lives than following the Bible? Are we really throwing away our moral and healthy safeguards for some kinky or risky self-fulfilment?

        And most importantly, are our children – the future of mankind – going to see all the normalization of homosexuality in their lives to the point that they would be willing to abandon God's truth for a lie?


      • Tom says:

        Rob you raise a number of valid points. But at the time, my contrasting comments were not simply an opinion.

        Your claim that "The whole point of homosexuality is to have sex with anyone – male or female of the same sex – without shame or thought of consequences for oneself and for other persons", is testable. Your claim that "It is all about reducing people to animalistic behaviors, no intelligent, romantic, or moral consideration for others, solely to penetrate and/or sodomize others for self-fulfilment" is also testable. And so is your claim that "The key point is self-fulfilment in homosexuality – one seeking to sate own desires and thoughts by having sex with willing or unwilling persons of the same sex, regardless of risks." Its not an opinion, to argue that these claims are not entirely true. Rather it's a fact, EG based on the reality that sometimes, they do give thought to consequences, eg by using condoms. It's indisputable that sometimes romance is involved. Opinion relates to things that cant be proven. But your claims are sufficiently measurable that they can be proven or disproven.

        There are various criticisms that can be made of the sin of homosexual sex. But if you make false claims about people, it becomes a case of bearing false witness. Just because a given group of people are sinners, doesnt mean that it's no longer sinful to be sloppy with facts when talking about them.


  5. D says:

    I want to encourage my brethren to begin praying earnestly for the Church and their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ; prepare and equip yourself, for I believe we are seeing the beginning of open-persecution upon Christians and enter the heat of the great falling away.


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