Rick Warren fasts and prays for Rome conclave

This morning Saddleback’s pastor Rick Warren asked his Twitter fans to follow him as he fasts and prays for the cardinals who will select the new pope.


Will he pray for the truth of God’s breathed-out Word to be proclaimed to Catholics everywhere? Will he ask God to convict these leaders to repent of false teaching and ask forgiveness for pointing these sheep away from the Bible and toward Mary as a co-redeemer with Jesus?

RW instagram


Certainly God is in control and knows who the next pope will be. He even knows how this pope will influence and perhaps orchestrate the events that God will use to reveal Himself in His coming as He promised. Time is growing shorter, and we have a huge opportunity to reach the lost with the message of repentance and forgiveness, and proclaim Christ crucified for our sins once and for all.



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3 Responses to Rick Warren fasts and prays for Rome conclave

  1. J says:

    God's will for the Catholics and everyone is to follow God and not man.


  2. Darrel says:

    Rick Warren for pope


  3. Mr Davis says:



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