Studio surprise? Rick Warren pops in on Pastor’s Perspective

Twenty minutes into their live Pastor’s Perspective program on Wednesday, host Don Stewart and Calvary Pastor Chuck Smith seemed surprised when Rick Warren walked into the studio and took a seat:

Don Stewart: Uh, Chuck, we’ve got someone sitting in your left, and perhaps the TV cameras catch him, do you want to introduce him to our studio audience out there?

Chuck:  Yes, I noticed he just came and uh, what a thrill, and a blessing to see him here today, a uh, co-pastor as far as the church of God is concerned…and down in the south part of the county and we’ve watched from the time they’ve opened their doors, and God is using them to reach the world in a very wonderful way, and its just a blessing to have to have Rick Warren in the studio today.

Here is the link to the program.

Don Stewart:  So you’re just in the neighborhood?

Rick Warren:  We’re just coming through, and I wanted to stop by and see Pappa Chuck here and tell him how much I love him and let him know I’m praying for his health.

(Pastor Chuck’s lung cancer is in remission)

As you can see by the above Instagram photo and his tweets, Rick Warren has been making it known that this fellowship is a strong bond:

warren tweet

Some listeners have been bothered by Rick Warren’s appearance, as Lighthouse Trails reports. And questions to Pastor’s Perspective have gone unanswered.


But I’m told Calvary Church will soon put out a statement to answer those concerns, which we will share.

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13 Responses to Studio surprise? Rick Warren pops in on Pastor’s Perspective

  1. Having written two books exposing Rick Warren, published by Southwest Radio Church, it could not be more timely in light of Rick Warren major secular media blitz with the re-release of his 10th Anniversary Purpose-Driven Life and Global Peace Plan, I invite you to be alerted to the following report.

    Rick Warren touts that his book is the best selling non-fiction hardback in history. This is patently false. Here is the proof:

    Also, he says it is non-fiction. But the book is riddled with fiction.

    Here is proof of that:

    Part II has even more proof:


    • Rose Vosburgh says:

      Thank you, Mr. Sundquist, for all the research you have done to expose the problems with Purpose Driven. I wish more people would take the time to read your books and watch your videos…Chuck Smith in particular.

      I am disgusted at Chuck Smith's gushing over Warren like that. Seems like so many once solid trusted teachers and preachers are falling all over themselves now to have their names mentioned in association with his. Only God knows Warren's heart and spiritual condition… whether or not he is a true believer. But, one thing is sure. He has done great harm to the Church and the cause of Christ, here and around the world, with his watered down, seeker sensitive gospel message. His Purpose Driven model is not the one laid down for the Church by Paul and the Apostles. Not at all! Warren's way of 'doing church' is totally man centered and is leading many to a false sense of security, believing they are saved when they are really not. We need to pray that God will open Warren's eyes to the harm that he is doing and that the Church would get back to the business of preaching the FULL GOSPEL of Jesus Christ to a world that is so quickly descending into darkness. His book may have sold 30 million copies, but what positive impact has it really had on our American culture? None…and possibly it has even accelerated our moral downfall. We will know them by their fruit. The fruit of Purpose Driven is chaos in the Christian church, a harvest of false converts, and many true believers now left without a church home because PD stole their churches (even whole denominations) out from under them.


  2. Judy L-mn Haught says:

    This is something that needs to be prayed over.
    My husband and I were given the book PDL by
    our Church few years ago. It did not change us.
    We no longer attend that Church. It is my prayer
    the Church has not taken the people on into the
    PDC. This is first I have heard of the 101, 102 and
    103, courses. Nor did I know he is getting his info
    from Yung..
    I did know, however, he is a part of the NWO along
    with the Pres. of U.S.
    I am thinking, he obviously has to brainwash people
    to help the movement into accepting the antichrist.
    This all is unbelievable and thank you for sharing.
    Sadly, I have family member who does not believe
    R. Warren is in error. All I can do is pray for them
    as well others who are following the pied piper. God
    have mercy and deliver all the deceived. Amen


  3. Paula says:

    Nice of Rick to put them on the spot hey? The Calvary Chapel movement is so divided over so many things, not the least of which is Purpose Driven. However, if the church wasn't already squishy on doctrine, PDL/PDC wouldn't be able to make such headway.

    The same can be said, sadly, for most denominations in this world today. There's definitely a great delusion and a famine of the Word.

    My husband was reading an article today that lamented that most people join a church (our particular denomination, but I think it could be applicable to any) because of church polity these days rather than doctrine. As a result you have people who have no strong sense of what they believe but just how things should be run. A recipe for disaster, frankly. Even if the church stays together it has no coherent way to understand the Scriptures to pass on to the next generation of new converts. So pretty much every church ends up as 'non denominational' with nothing more than a certain kind of church organizational structure to hold them together.


  4. Andy says:

    Rick was not invited on the show. It was a total shock. No one knows why Rick Warren would do something so odd like this. Doesn't make him look good. Here is Pastor David Hawking talking about the incident at a Prophecy Conference. Starts around minute 18.


  5. Cindy says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. People can all blame Rick Warren for his rude entrance, but he was in no way rejected by Don or Chuck. They gushed over him and accepted him as a brother. If I did not know the background of Warren I would have thought him to be the better biblical scholar and would have checked out more of his teachings. Either they stand with him in his beliefs or were hypocritical in welcoming him. Just my two cents of steam.


    • Bambi says:

      I agree with this wholeheartedly. I have many friends within CC churches and respect many of the pastors on CSN radio, but have to admit I am sick of everybody defending Papa Chuck's actions. He is a man that loves the Lord, but he also needs to be told when he is wrong. It is almost like Chuck sits on a throne (pope-like) and they all bow before him. He has given horrible advice about abortions, Mormons being Christians, etc. It is sad, because he wouldn't have done this 10 years ago.


  6. Al Angelone says:

    Well, yesterday, Oct. 3,2013. Pastor Chuck moved on. Sadly people continue to judge and are without all the facts and are in add hominem. A false premise equals a wrong conclusion. Pastor Chuck had posted his stance in 2006 and is not in agreement with Rick Warren. In hindsight, Don Stewart should have gone to a commercial and had the uninvited Rick Warren removed from the studio. People that know Chuck personally have said that Chuck's medication disables him from not being polite and loving. Rick had inside information about this which enabled this "bold" move. When you see Chuck in his new body you can ask him.


  7. Joseph says:

    I am aghast after reading that Chuck and Don accepted into the studio; unannounced mind you, Rick Warren popping in for a quick visit with "Papa Chuck" as he puts it. I have been trying for some time to learn and discern whether Calvary Chapel is slowly becoming ecumenical, or, if the apparent pleasantries towards Rick Warren are respectful gestures in keeping with the Love Commandment of God. I came to know God through Calvary ministries. I went through Bible School at Calvary Golden Springs. Presently I attend a Calvary Chapel where I live; yet, something doesn't seem right. I would like to ask if anyone has concrete proof; now that Pastor Chuck has gone home to be with The Lord, if Calvary Costa Mesa, et. al have aligned themselves with the Ecumenical Purpose Driven Lie? I do not want to cause any division or problems. I ask so that I can be aware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing which is secretly creeping in unawares. Attempts to garner any information from Don Stewart has met with silence. Please help.


    • standupwi says:

      I can't tell you what went on in the studio that day. But a wonderful opportunity to lovingly challenge Warren was missed. We try to put ourselves in that situation, and there definitely would have been some distinctives made and some questions asked!


  8. tonibrown64 says:

    Hi Joseph-

    I took note of the following comment from your post:

    "I do not want to cause any division or problems". This was exactly how I felt about an unbiblical, market driven new church that I was involved in- I prayed for months and decided not to have a knee jerk reaction to the situation. I took notes in church, comparing everything I heard to scripture while also researching the author and teacher that the pastor called his hero and mentor and was constantly quoting (Tim Keller) and once I knew that what I was encountering was very dangerous false teaching I met with the leadership. My concerns were immediately dismissed and we left the church. Your situation may be different but do not be too quick to dismiss your concerns- but do pray, seek scripture and research on what you hear there.

    Remember our Lord's warning from Matthew 10:
    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but division.


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