Rick Warren creates “The Bible”-Driven sermons, small groups

Jesus“Lord, what are we going to do?” asks a disciple.

“Change the world,” Jesus answers, in a slightly British accent.

Here is the movie trailer from the History Channel’s new The Bible series set to debut March 3rd – Easter Sunday:


Will The Bible remain true to Scripture, or will its producers, Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel“), and her husband Mark Burnett (creator of reality TV shows “Celebrity Apprentice,” “Shark Tank,” “Survivor” and “The Voice”), change things? We won’t know until we see it, but already The Bible is getting huge accolades and even a smartphone app. Downey plays Jesus’ mother Mary in the series.

Rick Warren

And when America’s Pastor, Rick Warren ties his name and his Saddleback church to the project, well, many of you are probably wondering about the wisdom in joining in any church-sponsored small group studies around this movie.

Warren plans to give an exclusive preview and behind-the-scenes look at the production in a  90-minute simulcast that will feature an overview of the series with Burnett and Downey, according to Pastors.com, Warren’s website for Christian leaders and pastors.

Warren will incorporate the History Channel TV series during the next five weekend sermons. His Sunday evening services will feature a viewing of the series on big screens. He is encouraging other churches to do the same. Will your church tie into the Saddleback series?

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8 Responses to Rick Warren creates “The Bible”-Driven sermons, small groups

  1. Deb says:

    Probably will be entertaining but as to accuracy I would take it with a huge "grain of salt" especially if Rick Warren endorses it.


  2. William Coes says:

    I expect it to have a Roman Catholic spin, seeing as Downey and Burnett are of that faith. Burnett also claims that he experienced Jesus physically hugging him. This series is being promoted by many seeker sensitive churches like Willowcreek, Lifechurchtv; people like T.D. Jakes, Mormons, etc. I expect a "Mel Gibson" experience in that it will be visually spectacular, but will examine its content like a good Berean.


  3. Sharon W. says:

    Interesting comment that William C. made……I knew there were some things about this trailer that were bothering me??? One being – It shows the mark where the spikes were driven in the "metacarpals"/ the palm VS. the "radius at the wrist".


  4. James Beadle says:

    Where in his hands he is pierced seems less to me a concern than the theology that will exist behind the dialogue and events the movie will portray. I have long wished that Hollywood could commit to an accurate portrayal of the greatest story on earth, but accompanying this wish has been my immense misgivings about the treatment the bible would receive by such a production. Hollywood has an abysmal track record in this regard. Endorsement by Rick Warren doesn't mean that the series is an automatic fail, however it doesn't help it much. More alarming is the terrible theology taught in programs the History Channel has aired in the past. It might be good entertainment, I do not hope for it to be good theology. I would be happy to be surprised.


  5. Romayne says:

    Oh dear gosh – for me this is more like a disaster movie than an epic one IF it wants to in any way hold true to scripture. The casting is all wrong – way too many British, English, American, Western actors trying to play Arab, Jewish, Middle Eastern figures for me to watch more than a minute of it. And the actor who plays Jesus is the worst IMHO, both in looks & voice. Scripture states that Jesus was not an attractive figure Isaiah 53:2 – “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.” yet film makers constantly insist their "leading man" has to look at least half decent for people to relate to him.

    To add insult to injury the script then calls for people to say things they never said as today's emergent values are layered on top of flimsy bilbical texts taken out of context, to have the entire film say what God would certainly not intend for it to say (if He was ever allowed to have any input to it!!).

    For me, while I have a few similar complaints about this one too, I'll nonetheless be watching The Visual Bible's Matthew series, over Easter, as at least it holds totally to scripture for its script, & every inch of film was produced through prayer and a hunger to ensure everything was biblically accurate. And while some of the actors are again Western (incl Jesus) many others were pulled from the Middle East (even a couple of Jews!), so it has a much more authentic feel to it. Bruce Marchiano who played Jesus is currently finishing off the (again biblical) script for his own new film on the Gospel of John (http://www.newjesusmovie.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/newjesusmovie?ref=stream… and I for one can't wait to see IT!!


  6. Mack Hall says:

    Oh, please, this season's you-must-show-this-at-your-church soup will date as badly as that Mel Gibson thing. A beautiful Irish accent is not the magisterium.


  7. Caleb Dale Olson says:

    Mike and Amy I think you need to lighten up on The Bible series. Nothing will get it perfect about scripture; especially a secular channel it is better than it teaching about the Islam and Palistian.


  8. Joshua Olson says:

    Caleb, I think that maybe you should lighten up abit because all of the producers care well known like Rick Warren, he is the pastor for one of the most mega church in the US.


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