The movement that will split the Church

The Corner of Church and Gay

More than any other hot-button topic we cover on this program, it is the homosexual agenda being pushed from the highest office in the land that will – and in some cases already has – split the Body of Christ.  From pastors, who proclaim that On homosexuality, many Christians get the Bible wrong, to President Obama Formally Asking the Supreme Court To Strike Down Gay Marriage Ban.  When gay marriage does become a federally-protected right and any biblical opposition becomes ruled as hate speech, where will your church stand? Will you be able to weather the storms of the inevitable compromises and church splits that will come as a result?

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In our first segment, our excellent guest is William J. Murray, a strong advocate who speaks out against the persecution of Christianity in America and around the world as chairman of theReligious Freedom Coalition, a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C., and is active on issues related to aiding Christians in Islamic and Communist nations and founded His mother was the founder of American Atheists was Madeline Murray O’Hair. You may remember that she also won the landmark lawsuit on behalf of her son William that effectively banned prayer in public schools. Thankfully William did not follow her path, and works to fight religious persecution around the world. (Check out his Capitol Hill Updates blog.)

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3 Responses to The movement that will split the Church

  1. Darrel says:

    I hope you read this before air-time. There is nothing that will "split the Body of Christ." False believers and apostates have always been around and claimed to speak for Christ when they do not and cannot speak for Him. They are descibed in the Word as "goats", "tares", "wolves", "false brethren", etc. and are never refered to as part of the Body of Christ. Please be very careful how you characterize the Body of Christ which is also known as the Bride of Christ.


  2. Larry says:

    If it does go to the place where outspoken opposition to homosexuality is a crime be certain the eyes and ears of the left will be keen to notice the slightest offense. At that point Christianity as the Bible defines it becomes a crime. That does not mean there won't be anymore Christians but the cost of openly proclaiming the gospel will get a lot higher, and already 95% of Christians never share the gospel. It could slow boil for a while from there but I doubt it.


  3. Mr Davis says:

    I have to agree at least partly with Darrels comment. But I do have to say what passes for church here in America more closely resembles goat pens with a Goat at the helm than a body of Christ or bride of Christ with Christ at the helm. That being said sheep that find themselves in goat pens will be butted around until they leave or are put out from the body of goats. If the goats are persecuting the sheep the world will love them for it.

    But where does a sheep go then. This takes lots of prayer and dependance upon the Holy Ghost and who knows maybe your are called to the goat pen and this so that you may speak as the Lamb of God speaks and warn the goats of the coming judgement and to repent of their rebellion against God, against Christ and to consider for just a moment they may be worshiping the God who holds our very breath in His hands in vain and be horrified at the prospect.

    May God bless you all who name Christ and follow Him but woe to those who call on Christ yet do not do what He says, for this persons faith is vain good for nothing.


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