BREAKING: Boy Scouts delay decision on admitting homosexuals

2009 Boy Scouts of America Spring Camporee


IRVING, TX (AP) (February 6, 2013) – The Boy Scouts of America’s national executive board has delayed a decision on whether to lift its longstanding ban on “gay” scouts and leaders.

BSA said Wednesday the organization will take action on the resolution at its national meeting in May.

The organization said last week it was considering a shift of its policy, which has led officials to remove homosexual leaders and scouts. That announcement pushed years of debate over the policy to an even higher level.

President Barack Obama — Scouting’s honorary president — spoke in favor of letting homosexual scouts in. Others opposed a shift. Protesters on both sides rallied at BSA headquarters in Irving, outside Dallas.

Scout leaders across the country will now have to decide how to handle a very delicate issue.

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One Response to BREAKING: Boy Scouts delay decision on admitting homosexuals

  1. Mr Davis says:

    I have little hope for any institution, when we have institutions who claim and assert that their alligence is to Christ Jesus to allow their pulpits to marry people of the same sex or tolerate those that stand behind those pulpits and partake of such wickedness without correction and repentance praiseing themselves for their tolerance.

    I urge any who would dare, read and do what is directed in 1 Corinthians Chapter 5 and start addressing the sin in the camp. We must repent and no longer presume upon the Lord's mercy. The freedom we have is so we can do good not evil and so use our freedom to feed our lusts.

    Lord God open our eyes to our wretchedness.


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