Bowing to pressure or standing strong?

Boy Scouts Rockets 2011The Boy Scouts of America were supposed to vote on whether to end its ban on openly gay Scout leaders. (See breaking news for delay announced a short time ago)

In the past week, the scouts have been getting pressure to change its longstanding position from corporations like Merck, threatening to pull its sizable financial support, all the way to the president of the United States. Yes, even Mr. Obama has called on the scouts to admit homosexuals — to expose them to what he says is “opportunities and leadership.”

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The larger issue: How do we as Christians stand up to pressure to evolve our positions on issues? How do we do this in truth in love, in a world growing increasingly hostile to God’s Word?

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11 Responses to Bowing to pressure or standing strong?

  1. Mary B. says:

    If it is possible to forward my comments to the Boy Scouts, please do so :

    Please Do Not deviate from the present policy on gays in the Scouts.


  2. Sharon Wood says:

    A Christian organization is one that should be Christ-centered.
    The Boy Scouts is not a Christ centered organization.
    It is secular and of the world. Moralism is not the same as Christianity.
    What God do they believe in?


  3. Troy says:

    Hi mike and amy, God gives us instruction of how to live within a box, those that step outside the box are sinners and the damned, through repentance you step back within the box, my point here is that the instructions are explicit, there is no room for “tolerance” or “acceptance” if it is a sin, well, that’s the end of it! Stay within the box and stop trying to say that because God loves everyone that he is also accepting of everyones life choices, because it is just not true!


  4. Marie says:

    I am in agreement with Sharon Wood. Boy Scouts indeed, is not a Christ centered organization, sharing the glorious Gospel with souls. It is secular as with most social programs orchestrated by man. In our community, the boy scout program is controlled mostly by the women with a few men sprinkled in here and there. If homosexuality is an issue, ie., morality, then we must encompass the whole sprectrum of the doctrines of morality here. In our local scout program, we have women and men in leadership who are divorced (some several times over), some are having extramarital affairs, some are engaging in pornography, the speech of some is unclean….swearing, cursing, cussing, dirty jokes, disgusting comments about female body parts, etc., some leaders are fornicators, and only God knows the lusting(Jesus says this is the same as committing adultry) that is going on in the thought process of the men and women that are carefully, and then we could go into other lifestyle issues… do these leaders listen to the music of the pop culture saturated with the most vile lyrics promoting sex and rebellion, some subscribe to unclean magazines filled with sex and the like, or what about the television habits of these leaders….hmmm.

    My point is this….so the boy scouts are making an issue out of homosexuality and yes, we know what God has to say about homosexuality as He is very clear on this issue. And the boy scouts, like any other ungodly organization can make their own rules and regulations and impose these mandates on others. I am fine with that as that is their perogative. And we must remember that boy scouts does not speak out against divorce, adultery, fornication, prostitution, pornography, lustful thoughts and desires apart from the marriage bed, etc……they have taken only a stand against homosexuality….all of which are sins. They have dusted off the coffee table, but underneath it lies a decaying rotting rat.

    And so the debate involving sexuality goes on, but as followers of Jesus Christ (the one of our Holy Scriptures), our cause lies in sharing His Gospel and pointing them to the Word of God. I was once engaged in sexual sin before marriage, a horrible monster to the self righteous, and after my conversion in the mid 90's, I too embarked on that road lined with self righteousness in mocking, castigating, critically condemning with a heart of PRETEND love, and engaging with my church peers how horrible homosexuals are….the hate church. So I have been there and done all of this….and have not led one homosexual to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and I have not heard anyone from my past conservative religious right friends leading any homosexual to JESUS. I was pathetic. Thankfully, God, the Holy Spirit, led me out of this systems plagues by pharisees and saducees and has shown me His truth through His Word.

    I was always led to believe by the church system of man, that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God because of their sexual sins. But here is what the Word of God has to say about this in Ezekiel 16:48-50 "As I live," says the LORD God, "neither your sister Sodom nor her daughters have done as you and your daughters have done. "Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: she and her daughter had PRIDE, FULLNESS OF FOOD, and ABUNDANCE OF IDLENESS, NEITHER DID SHE STRENGTHEN THE HAND OF THE POOR AND NEEDY. "AND THEY WERE HAUGHTY AND COMMITTED ABOMINATION BEFORE ME: THEREFORE I TOOK THEM AWAY AS I SAW FIT." (I capitalized these last verses to show that these cities were destroyed by our Holy God because of several abominations, not just homosexuality and we could easily draw these same parallels to all our lifestyles here in America.

    Are we not "full of pride?" Are we not "full of food?" Do we not have "an abundance of idleness……have you ever had "church" people try and destroy your marriage and your children's lives too because of idleness?" Do we "strenghten the hand of the poor and needy… we give out of our abundance in secret without praising ourselves to look righteouse and holy before men, instead of before a Holy God?" Are we "haughty" and have we "committed abominations before the LORD?"

    If we prayed and sought out the Lord through His Word, we would have to fall face down and cry before Him…"Yes LORD, we have done all of these, please forgive us and have mercy upon us, O Righteous God."

    So thank-you boy scouts for singling out this one sexual issue and making that your pillar platform….but, what about all of the other abominations? May our LORD have mercy on all of us.


    • Ray says:

      Marie, obviously you have never been involved in Scouting. The choice of what to defend was not made by the Scouting leaders, it was made by someone trying to force them to change their program. Believe me when I say Scouting teaches all kinds of high standards. All of what you said has been taught to be wrong & no one is being holier than thou in so doing. If someone applies to be a member (crew) of a local Mcdonalds do they not know the standards & rules for dress & action before they hire in? If someone has problems with the stance the Boy Scouts hold up then they should not even ask to be part of the organization. Start their on club with their own values. We are all saved by the atoneing (sp) blood of Jesus Christ, however, the Holy Spirit is given to help us come out of our sins. One cannot remain in their sins & truly be a follower of Christ. Not sure what you believe but even though I was a sinner as great as their ever was, when Jesus delivered me from that lifestyle of sin I was living in I press toward that higher mark of His calling. Homosexual, adulterer, murderer, luster, all can be saved but they WILL change if they are truly filled with the Holy Spirit or they will be eternally damned. Not my word, but God's.


      • Marie says:

        Greetings Ray,

        I have Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts visit my home in selling their goods and they are adorable, as any child is regardless of which organization they are representing.

        During our visits, not one child, nor the parents in attendance have ever mentioned the name of Jesus Christ….and I was waiting……

        Not one scout ever shared the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ……and I was waiting……

        One parent proudly showed me their child's "religion" badge….she was a boy scout leader (not a girl scout leader), is divorced and full to over flowing with self righteousness as is most of the western religious system.

        If indeed the boy scout organization is a "Christian" sect, then why aren't the scouts sharing the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ…..for I have not heard the name of Jesus resonate from the lips of any scout leader nor member.

        I am saddened by what we call 'Christian" nowdays as it does grieve God, the Holy Spirit.


  5. The Boy Scout Oath and the Scout Law define the core values and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. It is these values and standards that guide the character development of these boys. All Boy Scouts are called to embrace these values and standards. If they refuse to affirm the Scout Oath and Law and they promote other opposing values and standards, then they belong somewhere else. The same holds for Boy Scout leaders. The same should hold for the Board of Directors for the Boy Scouts. A board member who does not embrace and affirm the Boy Scout Oath and Law has no right accepting the position. Those board members who are promoting values and standards in direct opposition to what the Boy Scouts stand for should be removed from the Board of Directors.

    What we are seeing here is the same as in our government where "leaders" place their hand on a Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States" and then proceed to ignore and trash it. The message to these Boy Scout board members should be to stand up for the Scout Oath and Law or become a board member in some other organization.


  6. Joan says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes, I know your point of view but dare to differ. Yes, other countries have
    taken the Boy Scout's and modified it to fit their agenda. But here in the US,
    it has remained true to its original intent. Because of this, many, including my
    Hubby, were exposed to Christian ideals and the Church. Yes, it is not to
    replace the Church or the salvation message, but the Lord can certainly use it
    as a stepping stone and a way to plant a seed. God knows we certainly need
    organizations like these in this day…especially since there is no moral code
    in schools, homes and government. I will stand behind these organizations until
    they defiantly go against God's will and laws…such as ommitting God from the
    oath (like the Girl Scouts) or allowing Homosexuals into the ranks. I pray that
    they do stand strong.
    Yours in Christ,


  7. Mr Davis says:

    What was the origen of the Boy Scouts, at its inception it was alot like ROTC look at those old manuals. Skills: rope work, riffle shooting, archery, tracking, land navigation, stealth, character building and team building through tasking and submission and discipline.

    Where is the Church in this? Where are the elders and deacons who are supposed to about training believing fathers to be biblical fathers? Where are they when single women have boys that need to be disciplined and hardened and so put away childish notions and imaginings that I am the center of the universe. So that they may become men in their own rights, who know they are not to live for themselves but for each other and if they take a wife, to lay down his life for her sake and take responsibility for the direction of his home and not just its provision. A man who knows he must be true to his word and so walk as Christ walked who came before him. God of very God laying down His life to ransome ours and so purchase a people onto Himself by His own blood. A man who is desperate for the Holy Spirit's power for he knows he has not the strength of will nor flesh to walk a righteous and Holy life. A man who admits his weakness and calls on the Creator of the Universe the One True God for aid because there is no other. Christ alone is the Amen! and he knows it!

    But this is what Satan wants to destroy and because the church flipped over on it's responsibilities and that at the hand of those who claim the titles of Elder and Deacon, a door was afforded for Satan to establish a man centered institution to indoctrinate our children into a morality apart from Christ. There is no such thing: self righteousness and pride are an abomination to God.

    But how do we get back what we lost so long ago. Are we willing to obey Christ and do the hard work and be men? Oh that God would grant us to repent, that we would be men, the called, and that not for ourselves, our own sake, but for His Great Glory and His Unfathomable Holiness, His Great Name! That we would live in such a way there would be no need to ask where are the christians! See overthere the ones proclaiming Christ Jesus in word and deed, those are they called christians.


  8. Ray says:

    Mr. Davis, the Scouting program delivers many Christian attitudes in the U.S. however not all Scouts are Christians as we identify them. Scouting has the God & Country programs that each boy can earn by doing certain things through their Church. This program equips young men with many skills that can be used throughout their life. It is not meant to replace the Church but can very effectively be used by the Church to reach young men & train them up in the way they should go if led by men who have the leading of God in doing so. I know many mighty men of God who have been in Scouting & been Scout leaders. Many Scout troop & packs are Church sponsored & reach many boys through this program. If the elders & deacons do their job properly they would be leading these young men & not trying to condemn them.


  9. Rose says:

    Scouting affords Christians an opportunity to get involved in their communities… be a light and witness to non-Christians and to have an impact on young lives. Many Christian people do become scout pack leaders for that very reason…an outreach ministry. My neigbhor is such a person who has led a boy scout pack for many years. I wonder if she will continue though if the Scouts begin to tolerate and eventually even promote homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle.I also worry about young boys who could be exposed to and exploited by pedophiles who could become scout leaders for very wrong reasons. Children could be victimized. Why take a chance on even one child being molested?


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