Direct revelation?

Today we’re covering several topics on our program. In our second half, we’re beginning our discussion about what the Bible says about direct revelation from God. There’s been a lot of buzz in Christian news recently about teachers who claim that God gave them a word for all of us. How do we discern whether God is speaking to us through teachers, preachers, book authors and others who are sure they heard God’s voice?

I stand with Planned ParenthoodIn our first segment, we’re talking about some interesting developments in the news. First, Planned Parenthood has released its annual report, setting a new record high for the number of abortions performed in fiscal 2011 and 2012, and how much it cost taxpayers. This organization performed 333,964 abortions; 1 murder every 94 seconds. That’s an increase of 5,000 more murders than it performed in 2010. No word on how many deaths for 2012.


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Joining us in this first segment is political writer Robert Meyer, a writer for Renew America. You can check out his articles here.

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8 Responses to Direct revelation?

  1. Larry says:

    Of the 334,000 innocent killings,how many did they eat, the damned demonic murderers.


  2. Mr Davis says:

    When will we learn to test the spirits? How is it we don't recognize them even though they are speaking as the word speaks and are against the very fabric of the whole counsel of God as delivered to us through the apostles and prophets.

    And if they themselves are prophets how is it they do not affirm what has been written already. Why do they not affirm Christ Jesus died according to the Scriptures, was Buried according to the Scriptures and on the Third Day was resurrected according to the Scriptures. Proving He IS LORD and God has exhalted Him over all and All authority has been given to Him to either aquit by His own righteousness or to Judge them with eternal Damnation. Those who are His He will lose none and they will hear His voice and they will follow Him and foresake the things of this world for His name sake. There will be no boasting in them except of the Cross of Christ where He himself poured out His blood for us and died. They will not boast because they were bought with the blood of the Lamb.

    But because those who claim to have heard from God site scripture, they must be right. But think, did not Satan do this with the Son of God? Did that make Satan right? Would have Jesus been right to do as Satan bid to prove what was written about the Son of God in the Scriptures was so.

    Help us Lord to be following in Christ's example and defeat the enemy with the Lord's counsel and by His Spirit. May we be broken over the deception that is happening and cry out to those walking in darkness and point them to the true light that is in Christ.

    May God break our hearts for the lost.


  3. Marie says:

    As a personal testimony to anyone involved in the "direct revelation from God movement," I want to issue strong warning. I used to belong to this type of religion and it is dangerous to your soul….for your faith then depends on those who perceive themselves to have greater spiritual understanding than you do….and they will demand your time, talents, and worship for themselves rather than our LORD Jesus Christ. They will speak of their visions of their loved ones in heaven, they will tell you of the love letters channeled to them from god (our God has already spoken His complete Canon to us via the Scriptures), they will speak of wild experiences with Jesus from their own vain imaginations, they will tell you that God spoke to them with a word just for you and no one else, they will fall down on the floor and laugh exceedingly, they will bark like a dog, roar like a lion, and slither like a serpent on the floor and call this a move of the Holy Spirit (it's a spirit alright, but not God, the Holy Spirit)…..and when you begin questioning all of these teachings and practices, they will come at you with slander, accusations of having a "Jezebel spirit" (that is a favorite accusation amongst the false preachers of our day), with a clergy over laity system (I have been told that they have been Christians longer than myself, so they are more in the know), and they will hate you……all because you desire to follow Jesus and not the ways of this "strange fire" movement. I have been so terribly hurt by these "church" people and I want to help others who have been controlled and manipulated by these wolves in sheep's clothing.

    Thankfully, God has delievered out of this, but it has come with a price. Those who defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and not the gospel of TBN, or any other man will suffer a soft persecution for now by the very minds and hearts of those who claim to know the Bible. Perhaps satan's teachings of this false Jesus are more exciting and lucrative than those teachings of Christ Himself?


  4. Rose Vosburgh says:

    Very good comments, Marie. Praise God, He brought you brought out of it and I pray that others reading your post will have their eyes opened as well. This teaching is so deceptive and dangerous. It is a cancer growing in the evangelicalism today and appears to be growing stronger as an all-out effort is being made to steal our youth…leading them into heresy.Makes me heartsick that even once solid Bible teachers not only are not warning about it, but some are even participating in it.


  5. sheila clark says:

    Marie, thank you for sharing this, i've lived in this for many years. My husband divorced me because i wouldn't follow this heresy. I am realizing how many people are being affected by this, and how they are attacked for believing the Truth of God's Word. I was told I was full of demons and a Jezebel for not believing this stuff. Again, thank you for your post and may the Lord bless you for your help in exposing this false system of belief.


    • Marie says:

      Dear Sheila,

      I Praise Jesus for drawing you out of a system full of abuse and am praying that our Father will protect and bless you according to His will. He is always faithful through our struggles and triumphs and I believe you already know this; I just wanted to encourage you in your faith in our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ and His Word. We all need this encouragement especially when we experience the effects of behavior from those who profess to know Christ.

      One of the last sermons ou the pastor of the church I used to belong to mentioned the "Jezebl spirit" as he glared at me sitting in the back of the church. He had that arrogant smile on his face as though he was "telling me." A family member shared with him a couple of years before in a private visit that I did not believe in the "slain or drunk in the spirit" doctrine. This pastor (and mind you, I still have a difficult time calling him this as I believe he was not a true shepherd) then ignored me and showed signs of disfavor towards me after this….of which I was thankful as he was accused of making sexual comment during his "counseling sessions" with a few women in our community. A couple of Sundays following his Jezebel sermon, he was asked to step down from his Nicolation (conqueror of the people in Greek) position for he was caught in the act of pursuing a married woman from our congregation; she was another one of his counselees.

      I researched the "jezebel spirits" doctrine and have learned that several of the signs of having one include control, manipulation, and sexual sins…. all of which were being manifested in his life. Since then, I have asked the LORD to reveal to me what constitutes a cult and the spiritual abusive practices that go with it….and have discoverd that I was a part of a charismatic cult. In fact, a magazine by that name is held in higher regard than our Scriptures….and I have researched this magazine as well and have found it to be full of gnosticism, mysticism, and the twisting of Scriptures to apease their doctrines of man.

      Healing for my soul is still taking place only through the Word of God. No man could ever help heal the pain and devastation that I have experienced from that religious system of man……my wounds have scars now, but through God's mercy and grace I will keep warning the sheep from this lying signs and wonders movement.

      Stay strong in the LORD sister Sheila!


      • sheila clark says:

        Thank you Marie…I've loved the Truth of God's Word and believed it more than what any man or book has to say for as long as i've been a Christian. My first Pastor was the best teacher of scripture, he drilled into his sheep, read the Word, test the spirits, know Him in whom you have believed. He actually taught from the Word. So hard to find nowadays. Always been suspect of the crazy stuff. When I would hold it up to the light of scripture, it never fit. Jesus Christ and His apostles warned of this deception. My ex-husband hated that I didn't go along with him. He would tell me just believe it, don't question everything, but i could never could do that. There is such a devastation in lives across the land. It is heartbreaking. I pray these kind of ministries get louder and louder as the day draws near..but I do understand, we are living in the last days. We were warned time and again, but for some reason, it wasn't taken to heart.


  6. Mr Davis says:

    Marie the scriptures behind your testimony are many and you have spoken well here and I do not wish to leave this untended. This is from Ecclesiastes 5 and there are not many pastors who take this to heart who seem bent on telling us what they think they know rather than what the scriptures themselves speak of.

    Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools: for they consider not that they do evil. 2 Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few. 3 For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words.

    4 When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed. 5 Better is it that thou shouldest not vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay. 6 Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin; neither say thou before the angel, that it was an error: wherefore should God be angry at thy voice, and destroy the work of thine hands?

    7 For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also divers vanities: but fear thou God.

    8 If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

    1 Corinthians 14: Pointing back at Ecclesiates 5

    29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge. 30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace. 31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted. 32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. 33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

    37 If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.

    40 KJV Let all things be done decently and in order.


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