Catholic Cardinal Says Adam and Eve Didn’t Exist

Not all Catholics will agree with this, obviously, but the following from  reveals that fundamental teachings are waning in every church. Where does yours stand?

Cardinal George Pell

In comments that may shock some staunch Catholics, Cardinal George Pell has described the biblical story of Adam and Eve as a myth.

He appeared alongside renowned evolutionary biologist and atheist, Professor Richard Dawkins, on the ABC’s Q&A program last night.

Cardinal Pell said the existence of Adam and Eve was not a matter of science but rather a mythological account.

“It’s a very sophisticated mythology to try to explain the evil and the suffering in the world,” he said.

“It’s a religious story told for religious purposes.”

According to Genesis, God created Adam and Eve as the first man and woman and all people are descended from them.

Cardinal Pell’s explosive comments came after he was questioned about evolution.

He said it was impossible to say when there was a first human.
It is widely accepted in the scientific community that life on Earth has evolved over about four billion years


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10 Responses to Catholic Cardinal Says Adam and Eve Didn’t Exist

  1. Larry says:

    Wow, that is a departure from tradition to be sure. The honest struggle of any old earth theory is dealing with original sin. But for me the fall of man and the fact that Adam is spoken of as a real person by Christ and Paul, whose sin caused all to be born away from God cannot be abridged to mean anything else than that Adam was the father of us all, and Eve the mother. I sometimes get pigeon-holed by young earth people because I say the Bible does not insist on a young earth, and from the original languages this is true. But the Bible does insist on original sin following upon the fall of mankind as a result of Adam's sin.

    I think the thing that is so hard for me is to watch the slow, methodical progression of the times. If there were any illusion of greasy grace, the Book of Revelation burns it to ash. The Lord is a terrible warrior, and an enemy that no sane being would engage. And this shows the utter deceitfulness of sin. As it says in Daniel, seventy sevens, …to seal up the testimony, and to bring in everlasting righteousness.


    • Lonemusketeer says:

      Make no mistake. The Vatican is the little horn as described in the Book of Daniel. Do not believe anything this misguided institution tells you Once a Catholic, I am now born again, a biblical Christian and am far happier that I know the truth. Catholic dogma/doctrine is unbelievably contrary to the Word of God.

      "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." — Revelation 18.4

      "My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD." — Jeremiah 51:45


  2. stephen says:

    This is not surprising at all that a religious person with a love for the world and not for Christ would say such a thing about God's word. It always gets me that people talk about what the science elite say about evolution but never talk about what true science actualy says. If anyone wants to BELEIVE in evolution they need alot more faith than a Christian, because true science doesnt give any actual proof for it. That goes for ths argument about the age of the earth, its not that old people.


  3. MARY says:



  4. Darrel says:

    "For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writtings, how will you believe My words?" John 5:46&47. Want to believe in evolution? Go right ahead. When you, Mr. Pell, stand before Him on the day of your judgment will you at that time be bold enough to call Him a liar as you are now? Not likely.


  5. Philip says:

    No wonder. Sorry to say but this just proved to us that catholic is a false church. True church cannot have false prophet or false messenger.


    • cecilia73 says:

      Of course it can. Do you think Satan would just leave the true church alone? No, he would attack it to undermine the faithful. But through all the heretics and even bad and evil popes, somehow the Catholic church has maintained unchanged moral doctrines, unwavering even in difficult matters such as divorce, remarriage, gay marriage, contraception, and abortion, standing firm against modernism where ALL other Christian churches have faltered. It can only be by divine intervention.


  6. Bradley says:

    Folks, Jesus said it best, false prophets will arise before the 2nd coming. The 2nd coming IS nearer than we think! For people do not keep the 7th day Sabbath as God commanded, knowledge is increasing, economy(s) are falling to end as it was before Jesus came, earthquakes in all types of places. Three angel's message is what we should be presenting to people.


  7. Elisa says:

    The cardinal said three things that were quoted.
    1. (The creation story) is a religious story told for religious purposes. This is true, I don't think anyone would argue with that. It's in the Bible and before that was Jewish scripture.

    2. The existence of Adam and Eve (and when they existed) is not a matter of science. It was not written to give us a geological record.

    3. It is a myth. This is the sticking point I think. Remember that myth in the classical definition doesn't mean it's not true. Myth means a story that is repeated and handed down through generations to communicate certain truths. Considering the catholic church's official teaching (which anyone can look up online for free) is that humanity descended from two first parents who actually existed, created in a state of sinlessness, then sinned and passed that original sin down to all human beings.


  8. Timothy says:

    What are faithful Catholics to do when science disproves an article of their faith? Monogenism (humanity descending from Adam and Eve) has been shown by empirical evidence to be impossible; this indisputable fact cannot be argued against. The Catholic Church claims that if one infallible dogma falls, the entire faith falls with it; therefore, what does the Vatican do?


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