“Queen James Bible” Overwrites God’s Word

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In an effort to make Scriptures say something brand new, there is now a first-ever gay ‘interpretation” called The Queen James Bible. According to the Rev. J. Pearson, who put out the press release on the Queen James, this new gay-friendly version takes care of the sin problem, by re-writing all scriptures in which God says that homosexuality is a sin.  That way, he says, Christians can “prevent homophobic misinterpretation of key verses.”

The name “Queen James” comes from the accusation that the King James I (namesake of the King James Version), was actually gay himself:

Often surprising to most Christians, King James I was a well-known bisexual. Though he did marry a woman, his many gay relationships were so well known that amongst some of his friends and court, he was known as “Queen James.” “The Queen James Bible was named in tribute to King James, for what he did for the Bible, and for living openly in gay relationships.

Oh really?  Reverend, if the king were, in fact, gay, then why would he allow his translated Bible to point out that homosexuality is in fact a sin? (Just one of those problematic conundrums I’m throwing out there.) But even if that were true, God’s Word is God’s Word. “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16.)

And if you think the King James story is a shocker, wait until you see how these editors “clarified” what God really meant about homosexuality:

Homosexuality was first overtly mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this – only interpretations have been made. Anti-LGBT Bible references commonly cite only eight verses in the Bible that they interpret to mean homosexuality is a sin. The Queen James Bible addresses those controversial verses by editing them very slightly for interpretive clarity. The edits all confirm that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality, and therefore renders such interpretations impossible.

Nice try, but that statement is not true. Have these editors ever thought to do a comparative study using all of the Scriptures that talk about homosexuality in each well-researched, painstakingly-translated version from Greek and Hebrew?

The Reverend ends his press release by suggesting that the Queen James is the perfect bible for ceremony, study, sermon, gift giving, or displaying in your home or church. I would not be surprised to see more progressive churches doing exactly this. The Amazon Link has some very interesting comments as Christians are starting to take Pearson to task for blasphemy.

Says Pearson:

You can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus

Ah yes, but which one?


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9 Responses to “Queen James Bible” Overwrites God’s Word

  1. Dave Mosher says:

    Thanks for the info, Mike and Amy – it seems we always have to be on guard for increasingly worse Bible versions. BTW, I checked out some of the links and came across these editor's notes. They explain changes they made in creating this LGBT Bible version: http://queenjamesbible.com/gay-bible/


  2. Putt says:

    Instead of asking silly questions like why King James would allow for the KJV to be homophobic, it would do good to carry out some research, BUT 'Christians' have a culture of being spoon-fed, which is why the world is in the mess it is in. For King James the production of the KJV was more POLITICAL than it was Spiritual. Go and study the history of the Christian religion. However, if anyone cares to challenge the QJV, don't base your opposition on your already beliefs about gays, do so on the historical context and translation offered. Maybe then you will learn your own errors.


  3. Rollan McCleary says:

    You shouldn't be quite so sure truth is being overwritten. Ironically only eight verses have been changed in this QJV while untouched is even one of the most crucial texts which derives from the Sermon on the Mount which in plain sight but not realized due to distorting translation condemns homophobia in no uncertain terms. It is an error of conservative Christians and gay Christians alike to maintain Jesus had nothing to say about "homosexuality",(a word the Bible doesn't use). Jesus understood regarding it ahead of his times and ahead of prejudice. The truth is really quite surprising and needs some absorbing. I do speak with some qualification and I have recorded a talk to cover some of these matters at http://www.bit.ly/TIRE90
    If you tell me you don't need the information because St Paul knew all about homosexuality and condemned it, this talk will again provide you with some information no revisionist theologians have yet suggested and which may again surprise you.


  4. Darrel says:

    Putt & Rollan,
    As this nation and the world run faster and faster away from the true and only Living God, your comments and suggestions that Scripture is wrong, that God is wrong,and that Christians are wrong about the wickedness contained in the homosexual's life comes as no surprise to those who have walked away from their sins and turned to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness and salvation. Most of you [the homosexual] will continue to believe the lies that you tell each other, lies about the Savior, lies about the Bible, lies about the "love" you have for one another [it's not love, just pure, rank, dark & unholy lust]. There will be some who will confess their sins [homosexuality being one of them] and turn from them to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. After doing so they will enjoy freedom from the power of the sins that held them as slaves all of their lives–they will be set free from the power of the homosexual desires that have seeming free reign in too many lives today. They will be set free from hating the God that created them and later saved them, in fact, the One that they used to curse and malign is now the One that captures their heart and they have no desire to sin against Him any more, whether in a homosexual fashion or in any other way.

    You have believed a lie and now you promote it. You have created an idol god that suits your evil lusts and desires and it will do your bidding, it will change at your command and it will take you to hell when all is said and done. Continue to bow before this god of lust that you have created in your own mind and heart and you will suffer eternal damnation. Repent of all your wickedness and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy and salvation and spend eternity with Him, free from all sin and free to worship Him as He deserves. His command to all men everywhere is to repent and believe the Gospel. Will you bow your knees to Him and repent or will you continue to rebel against Him and suffer the eternal consequences in hell for your rebellion?


  5. Greg Haislip says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!! My bride and I are celebrating my SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY! SEVEN YEARS ago Jesus set me FREE from the sin of homosexuality, HALLELUJAH!!! Today my wife is also pregnant and we are so thankful to Jesus for this wonderful miracle. JESUS IS LORD!!! I used to be addicted to men, but 7 years ago Jesus set me FREE! (YouTube video)


  6. Lovethelord says:

    I feel that Darrel makes a very good point. I also feel that if you want to be a homosexual then fine but keep it in private. If you want to damn your own life then fine but you won't bring us down with you. It is definatley a sin to alter the bible in any way it says that in revalations. I feel that mankind is doomed if every person was a homosexual. How was we born if homosexual was good. Why attack Christian do you not realize that Jesus our savior was a Christian. I take that offensively so judging us would be like attacking Jesus. I don't judge but this is ridiculous. I hope that you will repent and accept Jesus but if you don't I know I will not turn away from our god.
    "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, god shall take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city, and from the things that are written in this book"
    Rev. 22:19
    Plain as day.


  7. Chick says:

    These so called ministers are not called from Jesus they report to the other kingdom and God will never ever acknowledge the marriage certificates in heaven. There are 3 end time spirits loosed on earth one 1- the spirit of Leviathon, 2- the spirit of offense, 3- the spirit of religion, there is no repentance because people make free will choices that infest themselves with demons and they drag the rest of society down the slimy slope with them. The whole world is crooked right now and we are ending the she metal year in Sept. As well as the last blood moon. We are in judgement right now we just haven't had the full judgement hit yet. Thank God for his blood, the Holy Spirit, his word and prayer. These people won't repent there will be beastiality next and even more tolerance for sin and rebellion. If you put all the kings of the earth together Jesus will still be the King over all of them. Stay in the blood, be quick to forgive/repent and ask God to cover you in PSALM 91/119. Continue to reach out to others but you are not dirt under their feet you are the head not the tail. 100 yrs. from now all that will matter for every person is where are you in eternity and what did you do with the gospel? Stand strong solider you are in a spiritual battle and we haven't even got going yet.


  8. Manny1962 says:

    There is a very stern and quite frankly scary warning at the end of Revelation. It's there for those that would presume to add or take anything from the words of scripture. This fake bible, not only takes it adds and twists God's Word……………. God will add the plagues written in Revelation to whomever decides they want to alter scripture. It's written very plainly.


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