Young Life Leader Learns the Gospel [VIDEO]

English: Boise State University Central CampusIf you haven’t seen this fascinating video, I highly recommend it.  I was both pained and blessed to watch what unfolded.

Here’s what happened:  Ken Cook of  CARM (Christian Research and Apologetics Ministry recently asked a young man named Mark about how to share the Gospel.  Mark is a Young Life leader on the campus of Boise State University, and unfortunately could not articulate what the Gospel is or why a dying person would need a Savior.

What followed was an amazing conversation during which Ken lovingly affirmed Mark and challenged him about how important it is to understand and share the truth in a world that so desperately needs His hope. Sadly, the conversation also served as evidence of a glaring deficiency in some Christian college campus ministries. But Ken’s approach is a beautiful and humble picture of that blend of truth and love that we want to uphold here at Stand Up For The Truth.

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One Response to Young Life Leader Learns the Gospel [VIDEO]

  1. Trave' says:

    That was awesome!! Absolutely pulled out nuggets to take with me!! Thank you for posting!


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