How dare they?

Morality BreachVoters in Los Angeles sent a clear message on November 6th that they weren’t going to put up with the gross immorality that was threatening their community any longer. Although the vote wasn’t a landslide (56% vs. 44%), a majority of the city still agreed that enough was enough, with the end result being the enactment of a new law.

Porn stars must now wear condoms.

“Measure B,” which was sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, was lauded as “a major referendum on the subject of safer sex,” according to the Foundation’s President Michael Weinstein. Not everyone agrees with Mr. Weinstein, however.

The adult film industry complained that, “Our individual rights have been fading fast since the Patriot Act. Do-gooders such as New York Mayor Bloomberg seek to create a nanny state where our behavior is increasingly regulated for our own good.”

One porn actor went so far as to complain that they are “currently being persecuted.”

While initially amusing, the pornographer’s dissatisfaction with the election outcome does highlight the fallacy of the oftentimes heard assertion: “you can’t impose your morality on someone else.” Such thinking misunderstands, first, that every law has a moral basis to it in some form or fashion. Second, someone’s morality will always be imposed on others; it’s just a question of whose morality it will be.

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One Response to How dare they?

  1. Prudence says:

    maybe that church in MIchigan who had the porn star speak, can help them out


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