Can we reclaim the Church?

These days it seems we are allowing politics and the culture wars to define who we as Christians are.  In fact, we seem to spend a lot of effort trying to reclaim these areas rather than proclaim Jesus.  Yes, we want to live in a nation where Christ is honored and decency is a value, but the truth is that Jesus told us to expect just the opposite.  For those of you old enough to remember, there was a time a few generations ago when the Church actually did influence our culture and values, but those days are long gone.  Could it be because the Body of Christ somehow veered off its true mission?

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Our guest today says YES, and he’s going to tell us how this happened and what – if anything – you and I can do about it. Chris Rosebrough has been studying trends and movements in the Church for many years.  Chris hosts a daily radio program, Fighting For The Faith, heard around the world on Pirate Christian Radio, a broadcast group he founded to help Christians discern God’s Word in a world where there is no shortage of Bible-twisting messages bombarding airwaves and pulpits.

Chris Recommends:

Modern Fascism: The Threat to the Judeo-Christian Worldview by Gene Edward Veith

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3 Responses to Can we reclaim the Church?

  1. Jackie Kalmon says:

    Wow. Great show, great guest (Chris Rosebrough)! Thank you! God Bless you, SUFT and Chris, and your ministries!


  2. Mr Davis says:

    I think as the Bride of Christ searches earnestly for her masters voice, the bride will hear Him and run to Him and follow Him. John 10.

    How does she recognize His voice, she has His Word and His voice will not contradict that. He will not speak as the world speaks nor pursue the things this world offers nor give as the world gives.

    Sometimes He sends His emissaries but they too speak according to His Word and will not contradict it and they will also act as He himself acted. They will claim a citizenship that is founded in Heaven whose author and perfector is Christ Jesus. Their focus is the Gospel and they themselves walk in obedience to its counsel so that it is said of them their lives line up with the masters words.

    They don't claim a title or seek one, they do not think themselves anything in reality consider themselves nothing and know nothing save Christ Jesus and Him crucified. They will have no faith in the Flesh, either of their own or of other men and therfore hold fast to Christ. They long for Christ's soon return, to see His sign in the heavens and are wearied with the wickedness of men in the world and are grieved in the spirit over their condition and contend with them to be reconciled to God through Christ Jesus. Who is the looked for Savior, the Mesiah, the Righteousness of God revealed from Heaven, who in these last days made a way for our Salvation through His flesh. And stood in our place having our sins laid upon Him by the Father and willingly received in Himself the due penalty for our sins and poured out His life unto death and so made His soul and offering for our sins and saticfy the Justice of God and made us Holy by His Blood. Those the master sends will claim He it is who quickens us by His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Promise, the Counselor, we who are dead in our trespasses and sins and raises us in newness of life that we may be found in Him. Hid in Him not even having our own identity, any longer but rather a member of Christ Body His true bride.

    Oh Lord Father, Who is God, may it be granted that this be found true of me.

    May God bless all who look earnestly for the soon coming of Christ and may they conduct themselves in such a way that on that great and dreadful day they will not be ashamed.


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